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L’Oréal Paris Elvive Extraordinary Clay Re-Balancing Shampoo

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L’Oréal Paris Elvive Extraordinary Clay Re-Balancing Shampoo is a shampoo that contains a combination of green, blue and white clay to clean and purify hair. The formula helps to revitalise hair by combating both oily roots and dry ends. 


L’Oréal Paris Elvive Extraordinary Clay Re-Balancing Shampoo


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I have been trying to find a product that takes the oiliness way from my roots & hydrates my tips at the same time and thought this would be great when it came out but I was not sold. Since using this shampoo I haven't noticed much of a difference at all- I still wash my hair every second day as I was doing before. Normally I would notice a difference the next day and think yep I could go without a wash today with but I can't say I have been able to notice a drastic difference. My hair would start to be oily towards early afternoon, now it is a little later after noon a so to me that is not much of a difference if it is only a few hours I was expecting at least the next day to not need to wash. As for hydrating the tips that I have noticed as they don't seem as dry and fly away as they used to be but the is the only difference I have noticed.
I have oily scalp and dry hair so a re-balancing shampoo sounded like just the thing I needed. While conceptually it sounds right, this shampoo didn't quite meet the expectations.  This shampoo smelled great with refreshing fruity notes but was a let down in terms of look and consistency - didn't feel like there was any clay in it, at least not in enough quantity to make it's presence known. It was easy to apply, lathered up nicely and was equally easy to wash off. My hair and scalp felt clean after the wash but also bit dry. The conditioner took care of dry hair but I feel like the scalp started producing even more oil because of the dryness and by the next day it was feeling oily enough to wash again. Quite disappointed honestly as most other Elvive shampoos I tried did work for me. Anyway, I still like the concept of clay shampoo and hope that they can tweak around to get the formula right and relaunch. 
I use the full L'Oreal Paris Elvive Extraordinary Clay - which consists of the shampoo, conditioner and the pre-shampoo treatment. Like the rest of this range, the shampoo comes in a beautiful turquoise colour bottle. I particularly like the slim design of the bottle and I think it looks great in the bathroom without taking up much space at all! The shampoo itself is a thin lotion that is off-white in colour. It has a hint of the "clay" smell but it is very freshly fragrant. I use only a small amount (a 10 cent coin size) for my shoulder length hair. It lathers up beautifully and I feel that my hair is thoroughly cleansed. The shampoo is easy to rinse off without leaving behind an unpleasant residue. Because my hair is dry, damaged and coloured, I feel the absolute need to use a conditioner afterwards. Even though I wash my hair everyday, I feel that my roots are more lifted compared to using other shampoos, but without overly drying on the ends of my hair. I usually use this shampoo with the pre-shampoo clay mask from the same range, although on some days I would use without the mask because of the lack of time. Even without the mask, I feel that my scalp is made fresh and non-oily (but with the mask the root lift is significant). This shampoo is really good for my dry hair and I would recommend those with oily roots to use the pre-shampoo mask, shampoo and conditioner from this range.
I bought this shampoo just because i am having oily hairs. And after every wash, i found my hairs more oily at the same day. I am regrettig on my replacement and i won't buy it again. The only good thing about this shampoo is that it smells good.
I love the scent of this shampoo and the best thing is that it is silicone free. I used this after rinsing out the clay pre-shampoo mask. The shampoo lathers well and didn't dry out my hair like most shampoos do. I did notice however, that it claims fresh and lightweight roots for 72 hours but I still washed my hair every 48 hours unless I used dry shampoo in between washes. The shampoo didn't weigh my hair down and it does live up to its statement that it hydrates ends. I can't confirm if this was the shampoos doing or the conditioner I used after. This is because I never shampoo without using conditioner. It comes in a stand up bottle with flip top lid. You don't need much product and it's a good size that doesn't take up too much room in your shower. I would repurchase after finishing this.
Elvive Extraordinary Clay is silicone free so there will be less build up on my hair!! The consistency is thick and it is easy to control the amount of shampoo that is discharged, resulting in less wastage. I LOVE THE SMELL, sooo fruity and fresh. I always shampoo twice so I prefer my shampoo not to lather up too much so the foaming agents were a little excessive for me. I can understand why it is so foamy because it has to remove the leftover residue from the mask and give root lift. My hair smells beautiful and loads of volume (a bit too much on my wavy hair). The clay has worked hard to cleanse my scalp and hair. My scalp really does feel squeaky-clean after shampooing. I can honestly say that I get an extra day or two before washing when I use the Elvive Extraordinary Clay range. Pros: It smells beautiful Silicone free Generous size Low cost Cons: Very foamy  I would recommend Elvive Extraordinary Clay to anyone wanting to last extra days in between washing.  
I love this shampoo I bought it after trying the clay mask from a sample in a magazine, the mask worked so well I decided to buy the product along with the matching shampoo and conditioner as the clay mask delivered such amazing results. This shampoo is amazing on dirty hair or oily roots and leaves hair super clean, soft, manageable and shiny, super hydrated.  this shampoo does what it says and re-balances and purifies hair and comes at a great price point so an added bonus.It also smells really nice. I recommend using it with the matching conditioner and trying the clay mask. I highly recommend this product
I bought this shampoo only for two reasons: a huge bottle was on special and I simply trust the Elvive ( or Elseve as they have it in Europe) brand so I knew I wouldn't be disappointed. What a clever idea to incorporate good old clay into the haircare? We all know clay works so why wouldn't it work on our hair? And it does. The shampoo rocks a pleasant smell and a rich, creamy formula. It lathers extremely well so a little goes a long way. The shampoo cleanses the scalp very well , I need to admit that I have been looking for a shampoo with such amazing cleansing properties for ages. It might be too harsh for those with very brittle and dry hair, so I wouldn't recommend it to them, but from time to time everbody would appreciate a good cleanse. This shampoo is great if you suffer from oily roots and need to wash your hair every day so it feels fresh. This shampoo does keep my hair fresh for longer. I also exercise every day and therefore should wash my hair every day, but when I feel lazy I use this shampoo and I can skip one wash if I want to, because my hair looks good, light and fresh. The clay shampoo doesn't seem to dry out the ends too much but I must say I use the hair oil daily. Big thumbs up from me for the big bottle, sensible price and fresh and light looking hair for longer.
This is a rich, nice smelling shampoo that leaves hair bouncing and smooth.  It’s highly concentrated so you only need a small amount and the fresh fruity smell lingers.  I found it really needed the conditioner as well or it did leave my hair a bit dry on the ends, but taken together it makes for a reasonably priced shampoo that leaves hair clean for a day or two longer than most shampoos.
My hair felt nice and smooth when I used this with the re-balancing shampoo, It creates a nice lather that makes your hair feel really clean and smells lovely too. My hair did still become oily around the same time but still a good product I will continue to use, the packaging is sleek and easy to use.
I loved this product - excellent for my oily roots! My hair felt better and had more body and bounce giving it fuller look that i really enjoyed doing different hairstyle with. My hair felt cleaner fresher for a longer period of time than my usual conditioner. I used to have to wash my hair every second day to combate the oily roots, this product has saved me lots of time and my hair looks better. I highly recommend this product.
I enjoyed the smell of this shampoo and how easily it lathered in the shower. After washing and blow drying, my hair feels smooth, bouncy and looks shiny. My hair has stayed oil free for a number of days which has been so much easier for me not having to wash!
Great Shampoo! Best I've used in a very long time.... It lathered up beautifully and was great on my hair!.... Also tried it on my kids hair ages 14,11,9 and it worked great on theirs too.  Has great ingredients and works so well highly recommend it AMAZING
I Loved the smell of the L'Oreal Paris Elvive Extraordinary Clay Rebalancing Shampoo! Beautiful Sleak Packaging, Soft on the hair,  found it very easy and effective to use. Found it cleaned my hair well without drying it out. I did find that my roots were not quite as oily as they usually would be and found myself not needing to rush to wash it after the usual amount of time. 
Loved how the shampoo lathered up and gave my scalp a good clean removing oil and product build up on my thick long hair. I went for three days without washing it and my scalp wasn't as greasy as usual! The scent is also lovely! Would definitely repurchase again!
Loved this shampoo! I have very oily roots and need to wash my hair every second night. When using this shampoo I only had to wash my hair every 4th night, it reduced the oiliness greatly. This shampoo is a godsend! I would recommend it to anyone with oily roots.
I felt like this shampoo did leave my hair bouncy and feeling light, but also very dry at the ends. I also wasn't keen on the scent at all, the clay smell is very strong and not particularly appealing. I didn't find my hair stayed oil free for longer.
I was lucky enough to trial the L'Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Clay range. I quite liked this shampoo. My hair felt so nice and soft after using it and no oily roots so far! The packaging is really nice, I love the colour! I would recommend this product. It has a nice scent too.
For a person with unruly, dry and oily hair, I have trouble finding a suitable shampoo that works well with my hair. But this shampoo did wonders to my hair, made it more manageable, less dry, less oily, along with shiny and soft. I will tell my family and friends about this product and suggest they use it.
I really liked this shampoo when I trialled it, my hair felt clean and shining after washing it. It smells really nice and it's easy to use.  I would recommend this to people with oily hair as it helps to absorb excess oil.  I will keep using this shampoo and would buy it again.