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L’Oréal Paris Elvive Extraordinary Hair Oil Extra Rich

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L’Oréal Paris Elvive Extraordinary Hair Oil Ultra-Rich is a nourishing treatment for dry and damaged hair. It helps protect hair from daily aggressions including brushing, straightening, pollution and UV light. It contains a combination of six flower oils that penetrate deep into the hair fibre to deliver nutrients, shine, hydration and softness to hair.


L’Oréal Paris Elvive Extraordinary Hair Oil Extra Rich


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L'Oreal Paris Extraordinary Oil Extra-Rich is an intense treatment for dry and/or damaged hair types. It is a multi-purpose hair oil which can be used as a pre-washing treatment, as a leave-in treatment post-washing, as a sun-protectant and as a finisher on straightened/curled hair.  This magnificent hair oil significantly reduces frizz and softens the hair shaft for overall smoothness and shine. My hair looks so much healthier after only a couple of uses of this hair oil. Being a treatment for dry and damaged hair types, I was surprised at how lightweight the oil was. My hair never felt weighed down nor did it look oily. I have dry ends so this is where I focused the treatment on and after one week, my ends look a lot better. I use this oil mainly as a leave-in treatment after washing my hair and apply it to the mid-length and ends of my hair. My hair is much easier to comb and I don't get as many tangles. I also us this oil as a serum after straightening my hair which smooths it out and leaves it looking shiny and de-frizzed. $19.95 is a suitable price point for this quality oil, considering only a small amount needs to be used each time.
If you have thick, fly away, disobedient hair like I do, try this! I'm always trying to tame my hair from frizz to 'the biz'. I can't do it alone .... so L’Oréal Paris Elvive Extraordinary Hair Oil Ultra-Rich helps me out big time. It's well priced and economical because you really don't need much. Sometimes I apply it on my wet conditioned hair but mostly when it is dry. It's a moisturising product but also a styling product for me because it brings everything back in order, adding shine, reducing the bulk, eliminating frizz and getting me 'hair ready' for the day ahead. Awesome!
So this is a very interesting product. I rated this quite highly because it does quite a bit at a reasonable price. This hair oil is available at supermarkets and chemists and can be found on special on a regular basis. This hair oil can be used as a pre-shampoo treatment (which is excellent for those who have very damaged / very dry / very frizzy hair), can be applied immediately after washing as a post-wash treatment and prior to blow-drying, and again after styling to help smooth those fly-aways, give your hair a bit of gloss and shine and again, give some moisture. There is a fragrance to it that is not unpleasant but is not what I would choose for myself. That said, it does fade after a while. This particular oil is thick, but a little goes a long way depending upon your hair structure. I personally think it's a great investment however there are three different types of oil products to suit various hair types. I've tried two and I think they are equally good. Excellent product and perfect for a dry environment and very dry hair. This is a winter-time product. Buy it!
Hiieee Peeps ! I absolutely adore this product ! I must say i''m very impressed with this product because it helps my hair grow longer, thicker & stronger. I'd apply this product to my hair 1-3 times a day for some shine, nourishment & to protect my hair from breakages and damage. It helps to defrizz my hair as well as making it silky and smooth. I would apply 2-3 pumps in my palms, warm up product by rubbing my palms together and applying it to my hair evenly, ensuring all my hair is coated. The smell is more citrissy to me which is a good advantage because i do look for fragrance in products, the scent isn't a strong scent, more of a light scent. I would definately recommend this product for those who are into hair products, who wants to nourish, protect and grow their hair as well as strengthening it. 
I've repurchased this product several times and absolutely love it. I use it on the ends of my hair after washing. It smells amazing and leaves my hair soft and shiny, and a little goes a long way so it takes ages to go through the bottle. I won't live without it.
I was lucky enough to be gifted the entire Elvive Extraordinary Oil range a few months back. I have really fine hair which needs constant washing yet is still quite dry at the ends. I use this as a pre-treatment before shampooing if I am feeling luxurious or if I am feeling lazy, I simply shampoo and will use a little through my wet hair once I get out of the shower. It is a wonder product. The product smells absolutely gorgeous yet slightly different from the rest of the range - like musk candy. I have quite long hair and only need a small amount so a little bit definitely goes a long way! It leaves your hair so gorgeous and soft!
I use this on my ends prior to heat styling and it just absorbs right in! Bye bye dry ends.
This is a rich and nourishing oil that my dry just seems to soak right up.  If you haven't used hair oils before I highly recommend you start because it will transform the texture and overall appearance of your hair.  My dry, frizzy locks have tried lots of products but nothing compares to the performance of the ELVIVE hair oil.  Just a pump of the hair oil and I immediately get this light, floral scent. Immediately my hair just drinks it up. It's like a tall glass of water for my hair.  It protects the hair from damage, softens the ends and gives your mane an enviable shine. Oh and don't worry about running out. I have over a third left even after months and months of usage.  As for the price, it's a total bargain. You don't have to shell out lots of dough for high quality hair products and this baby proves it.
Elvive Extraordinary Hair Oil is an amazing product. This extra nourishing treatment is something my hair was crying out for. I have very long hair that is dry on the ends and prone to damage. I need a good hydrating product to keep it in check. I use this oil on damp hair before blow drying. Two pumps is all I need per treatment. It has a rich, silky texture and makes my hair smooth, soft and shiny. It is made with a blend of six different flower oils which smell divine. My hair smells like fresh flowers, it's really lovely.  I have had my bottle almost 6 months and I'm not even half way through it so this really is a good value product at $19.95. I will definitely be buying it again!
Hair oils have become my new favourite thing and I can't get enough of them. The L'oreal Extra Rich Hair Oil comes in a glass pump which dispenses the oil very steadily.  I initially start with several drops, warm it up in the palm of my hands and glide it through my hair, particularly the ends.  The oil feels light yet very nourishing.  It contains six different flower oils which have a wonderful aroma, providing your strands with hydration, shine and protection.  The great thing about this oil is that it can be used in many different ways. I use it as a pre heat treatment to prevent split ends, as a finishing touch to my blow out by giving my hair a nice glossy shine and reducing frizz.  I also like to use it as an overnight mask as well when my hair could use some serious TLC.  I apply the oil to my hair, avoiding the roots, putting on a shower cap and sleeping with it.  In the morning I rinse it off and my hair is instantly renewed and brought back to life! I have received so many compliments on how shiny and healthy my hair looked. And who doesn't want that?