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L’Oréal Paris Elvive Fibralogy Thickening Conditioner

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L’Oréal Paris Elvive Fibralogy Thickening Conditioner is a thickening conditioner. It is formulated with filloxane that penetrates the hair fibre to help thicken it from within. The conditioner nourishes and hydrates, and adds volume to each strand helping hair look thicker after each wash.

Price above is for 250mL. Also available in 700mL.


L’Oréal Paris Elvive Fibralogy Thickening Conditioner


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Fantastic for thickening

I bought this on sale along with the shampoo & serum, as I always like to try volumizing products and I was pretty impressed with the range. I noticed the difference right away after rinsing it, my hair didn't feel as fine as it normally does and I felt it had a lot more volume. I used it in conjunction with the Fibralogy Thickness Booster and shampoo you definitely do feel your hair thicker when using it all together.
I was super excited to use this product as I have thin hair. It's just like your standard shampoo for usage and it smells really nice, however unfortunately I didn't quite see the results I wanted. I also used the shampoo and thickening serum. I guess it was a little bit more coarse but also felt a little dry. I'll definitely try it again and hopefully see better results as it is a good price.
I liked using this product very much!  This conditioner is quite thick and smells delicious/expensive. I have very thin and flat hair and noticed volume, thickness and an all over fuller feeling - especially my ends. It made my hair smell amazing and look shiny all day. I brushed my hair while in the shower with the conditioner on and noticed a lot less tangles during the day. I recommend this to all out there with thin and flat hair.
An impressive drugstore conditioner! I combine this conditioner with Loreal's thickening shampoo and unexpectedly achieved great results.  I adore the bright colours of this set, which stands out vividly in my shower.  The packaging is slim and is not flimsy, making the product easily accessible. Texture is quite runny, so a small dollop of product usually does it for my hair.  The smell is pleasant and divine, I absolutely love the scent.  After a week's use, I noticed improvement in the appearance of my hair, it was thicker and lifted.  It felt as if this product was stimulating hair growth, because my hair looked fuller and voluminous. Surprisingly, I noticed quicker hair growth when I was using this product.  My only criticism is that the product isn't moisturising enough. It leaves my hair dry and tangled, so I follow up with a serum to nourish my hair.  Other than that, I noticed shiner and thicker hair in a month of using this product.  I would recommend this range to those who desire a thicker and voluminous appearance to their fine hair. 
A truly outstanding conditioner for fine hair. I received this from L'oreal a couple of years ago to trial and review,along with the matching Shampoo & Double Serum. As I read the booklet they sent me, I noticed that they had spent almost 20 years getting the 'hero ingredient' Filloxane to the consumer - so I expected excellent results. I was not disappointed. Within 2 weeks of regular use of the shampoo, conditioner & serum, I was noticing that my hair felt healthier, was definitely thicker, had more volume from root to tip, and that some hair loss issues I'd been experiencing almost had disappeared altogether. The conditioner is white in colour,has a modestly thick texture, and is delightfully fragranced. I found I didn't need to use much either,even on long hair. It left my hair untangled, soft, shiny & looking fabulous and very healthy. My hair had more bounce and movement too. It also didn't weigh down my fine hair in the slightest. I have been delighted with the results from this range - I feel L'oreal have really looked at what fine hair needs ie volume, thicker strands, and products that don't weigh down hair, and delivered the perfect products with this range. Very highly recommended
Product works used in conjunction with shampoo. I have long hair, and am pretty impressed by a supermarket product. Doesn't leave hair fluffy. Comes in litre bottles saving you more money. A top notch conditioner, like the one that is Loreal's hair colour. My favourite conditioner for everyday.
It’s such an exciting feeling when L’Oreal gives you the opportunity to trial hair care products especially from Elvive, not only for the fact that they are affordable post-trial but for the fact that so much technology and innovation goes into them (I love science). On the packaging alone – truly the ‘wow” factor with the deep turquoise and fuchsia hues (even on my weekly grocery shop Fibralogy stands out from the rest from a consumers point-of-view). All the instructions and information about the product are onthe back of the flip-top bottle.  Fibralogy is for fine or thin hair and eventhough my strands of hair are fine I do have lots of hair, so that makes this perfect for me to achieve overall substance to my strands. My hair is getting long now and I have a balayage colour so the more weight it has the more boring my hair looks, but since using Fibralogy my hair has more thickness, more excitement to my balayage; super cool effect for those with hair like mine, as your hair is nearly dry put it in a braid from the very front all the way downto nearly the tip and by morning you will have the most incredible boho waves to make that balayage look amazing! So really it’s a double whammy for your hair –protection from damage while sleeping and a truly amazing hairstyle for the day! And you can achieve this with each wash! The scent of the conditioner is floral but a little muskier than the shampoo and the creaminess is so addictive but only a little bit is all that is needed from mid lengths to tips. Hair is so silky after rinsing but even better when you use the Double Serum Thickening Treatment afterwards. Youwill truly benefit by using the complete Fibralogy range to get the best results so use the Shampoo, Conditioner and Double Serum Thickening Treatmentas a trilogy. Fine or thin hair, you are going to love this!
We have been using this conditioner in conjunction with its matching shampoo in our house for a long while now. It has a pleasant scent, a lovely creamy consistency and does a fantastic job of conditioning my hair without leaving it feeling weighed down or oily. My hair is quite fine and needs daily washing just to keep up to a clean standard and therefore has very little volume and I find that this range does a fantastic job of making my hair look really soft, nourished and voluminous. I will definitely continue using this range.
I've always have really thin straight hair which makes my hair looks flat on my head which i really hate. This shampoo and conditioner pair actually helps to thicken my hair by a bit and it gives my hair volume too.
I bought this in a set with the shampoo and the double serum. At the price point I was favourably impressed. The scent is pleasant and not overpowering, the texture is a medium thickness which disperses well. And over time I did think my hair (on which I generally use thickening type products) maintained good texture. I have shoulder length fine hair and would buy this again.
I have very long fine hair that is very prone to tangling.   I was excited when I discovered the Fibralogy Thickening range and although very doubtful I decided to give it a try as this is a very economical product and if it didnt work then no real harm done. I of course used the Fibralogy Shampoo and once rinsed out of my hair I did as my hairdresser daughter is always telling me to do, I towel dried my hair with a handtowel so that when I applied the conditioner it would adhere to the hair rather then slide off with the excess water.  The Conditioner smells wonderful and I found that I didnt need much at all.  Tangles in my hair after washing can be a nightmare but this conditioner made sure that I did not have to deal with a single tangle which for me was blissful.  Once dried my hair certainly did have more lift and I have found that with each wash the look and feel of more thickness is becoming more apparent.   I love the packaging and the fact that the lovely blue bottles are transparent so that I can clearly see when im getting low on product and the lids are flat so that the bottles can stand on their ends making the last of the product easy to access. The Shampoo and Conditioner in this range are so wonderfully priced that if you are hungering for thicker hair then you need to try them.
This is a great conditioner! I already have thick hair but what kept me using this product is how lovely it leaves your hair conditioned and definitely its amazing smell. So fresh and almost lightly perfumed which leaves your hair smelling so nice! It's helped me ends feel a lot more fuller than it usually is.