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L’Oréal Paris False Lash Superstar Mascara

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L’Oréal Paris False Lash Superstar Mascara is a mascara that created volumised, longer lashes in two steps with a white super-sizing primer on one end and a black fibre-rich formula on the other. The corseted brush captures, lifts and coats every lash for a false lash effect.


L’Oréal Paris False Lash Superstar Mascara


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This is my new favourite mascara.  I have used ones with a primer before but they didn't make much difference to my lashes, but this one does.  It's easy to apply and makes my lashes look thicker and longer.  Doesn't smudge and is easy to take off with remover.  I find I don't need to top it up once applied.  It's also good to use it without the primer for normal, every day use but when I am wanting that little bit extra, I add the primer first.
My lashes look amazing with this!  You have to do both steps and not skip though (lashes look quite dull without the step 1 primer on).  You also need to work quickly.  Step 2 needs to be applied when the primer is still fresh and not dry otherwise they look very clumpy.  But love this product.  Especially on a big night out because it doesn't smudge if I wipe my eyes.