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L’Oréal Paris False Lash X-Fiber Mascara is a two-step formula that works to volumise and lengthen lashes. The first step, the primer, has been formulated to volumise lashes by thickening each lash from root to tip, while the second step is adding the formula that contains fibres, which work to lengthen lashes to mimic a false lash look.

"The perfect beauty kit staple for when you want that false lash look, without the hassle of actually applying false lashes."
Carli Alman
Beauty Crew

L’Oréal Paris False Lash X-Fiber Mascara


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This mascara really does work! The primer and mascara duo are perfect to make your lashes long with lots of volume! I was a bit skeptical at first and thought applying two types of mascara would make my lashes too wet and clumpy but that did not happen at all. The primer was a drier formula which I really enjoyed and when applying the second coat my lashes transformed! Definitely worth trying this mascara if you have short and straight lashes!
Having a mascara that can achieve a false lashes look - without needing a steady hand, having to fiddle with glue, tweezers etc - does seem like a great bonus, so I was keen to give this X-Fiber Mascara from L'Oreal a go when it came to hand. I have never been very successful with applying false lashes, and really could never be bothered working at it. So this seemed like a good idea.  I have been reasonably happy with the overall effect, especially the second step wand. This has the generous curved brush and longish bristles that are so necessary to effortlessly separate and lengthen lashes, but of course it also has the multiple extra little fibres to enhance length and create the false lash look. These fibres work well and certainly don't create a mess, or reappear under your eyes as some fibre-enhancing mascaras do. One application of each coat is all it takes to create an impresssive length, but it needs the 3-5 coats that L'Oreal recommends, to really achieve the super false lash look.  I'm not quite as impressed by the primer coat and Step One wand. This wand, with smaller bristles, is meant to add volume to your lashes and prime them to hold and bind the little fibres from Step Two. I found this wand to be an odd shape that made gluggy product collect at the end which I had to keep wiping off. It seemed to be harder to reach all my lashes with this wand. This two-step mascara does take a little longer to use, so not for use in a real hurry, but you can get a good natural result with just one coat of each. Of course to achieve the false lash look with it's 3 + coats is a bit of an investment in time, so this is more suited to an evening out. It still beats applying false lashes! The formula is also completely non-irritating which is another huge plus. I like the striking purple, black and silver of the pack, and the fattened end that is easier to hold. It is a pretty good price, so although not my favourite, it is one I could buy again.
I particularly like the primer of this tube and its brush. It gives my lashes a good base and separates them so the actual mascara layer doesn't clump lashes together.  I then experiment this primer with different mascara and I no longer have under-eye mascara smudge. That's a bonus. 
I have never used a mascara like this before and bought it based on beauty crew reviews, I was intrigued. I actually loved the 2 step system. The black primer gives a great base and the actual mascara did not clump or flake and gave me super long, lush lashes. The pigment was really rich and the double lash wand was easy to use and mascara easy to apply. After the second coat my lashes did have a 'false' look. it is a little more time consuming to use, so not great for rushed work days but does give a nice dramatic night time look. I would buy this again just for night, and would recommend this product
I had read some mixed reviews about this mascara. But when I saw it 1/2 PRICE.. I thought seriously why not! So I really did like the two step process and I found it worked well for me. It did provide some great length to my lashes without it looking over the top fake. Only downside - the lashes hit my glasses lol. They came off well and I am happy to report I have found a new favourite mascara.
I'm not sure how many reviews I've done on Loreal Paris hair care skin care and makeup products on beautycrew now, but it's got to be a great many. Why? Simple, because I like be their products so much. They are affordable, effective, efficient and brilliant and they work, from the first use to the very long term use, it really is as simple as that. This false lash effect mascara is another genius product innovation and I would like to hug and thank whoever came up with it, because now that I have it, I've used it every day for the week I've owned it and I will buy it again when it's finished and I don't know how to be without it now in my makeup bag, it's quickly becoming one of my special, cult makeup items, which is a group of select makeup and skin care products that have a big place in my heart and life. So anyway, after I do my usual morning routine of double cleanse, serum, moisturiser and primer, I style my brows with benefit cosmetics brow primer, give me brow brush on fibres and highlighting pencil under the brow bone, and then it's time for mascara, always before foundation in case I make any mistakes so I don't smudge it. I brush on the black primer followed immediately by the colour on each eye. Doing both coats while still wet gives a much better result. It takes just two minutes for each eye and my eyelashes are all black, glossy, full and fanned out and super long and curled, just like I'm wearing false lashes but without all the mess and time and fussing about. I'm not sure whether I'm biased here, as I love Loreal Paris so much but it really is the best mascara I've ever used hands down. I love the big purple tube, the black black formula, the ease of application and the end results every time. I definitely love proper false lashes and the drama they add to your entire look but I also love this mascara that gives you the full effect of false lashes in two minutes even on the sleepiest of mornings. Even if you are wearing trackies, a hoodie and a messy pony or topknot, wear this mascara and see just how much it will transform your whole makeup look in minutes. You will feel totally worth it.
This mascara wasn't really worth it for me. I have been using it for a few weeks now and prefer my cheaper maybelline falsies mascara. This mascara for me doesn't mak my lashes look much different to previous mascaras I have used and leaves black smudges underneath my eyebrow and need to get my friend to check if I have mascara on my brow bone during school. This mascara does take more time to apply but it doesn't have clumps and is very black which is a plus but I wouldn't recommend this at all.
L'0real False Lash X Fibre Mascara is great product that delivers the result I want.  The black primer is an advantage and it wore well throughout the day.  My eyelashes looked fuller, thicker and longer.  The two in one, is practical.  I would definitely recommend this product to others.
I have used L'Oreal products most of my life and love them . But I don't  think I would purchase the X-fiber Mascara . For the extra time it took me in the morning  I couldn't see any difference between my usual mascara and the X-Fiber. I've never used a two step mascara before and maybe with practise the result would be different.
I loved the new LÓreal 2 in 1 mascara, i found it was easy to apply, it didn't clump like other ones i've tried. My lashes are visibly longer and thicker and it stays on all day without smudging under my eyes. This is now my favourite.
I liked how this mascara was very black. It was great at adding volume and thickness but didn't increase the length as much as I would have liked. I found the brush a little difficult to use as it was hard to manoeuvre into the inside lashes. I wear contact lenses and need a mascara that doesn't flake, unfortunately this mascara was slightly flaky.
I found the mascara to be very good in terms of its application, coating and overall wear. The wand separated all my lashes giving them an even and thick coat without clumping them together (which almost always happens with all my previous mascaras). The coat was thick and even, i loved the deep black colour which made my eyes pop. The overall wear was great, as throughout the day the mascara did not smudge (even after rubbing my eyes) or flake off. I did find it hard to remove at the end of the day, but i guess that is to be expected from a durable mascara. I would definitely recommend this product to my friends and buy it again.
I really wanted to love this product but found I had mixed feelings.  Step one by itself was great for a daytime, work look, but the product would be too expensive to not use the second part.  I found part two a bit tricky, but it did give a good result after a few attempts.  I did get a small amount of fallout and think it is because I wear glasses and the lashes were hitting the lenses when I blinked.  Because of the fallout I didn't want to attempt wearing it with contact lenses in, as my eyes are already irritated when I wear these.  I think with practice it may be a great product for special occasions and I will persevere with using this as I like the idea of two mascaras better than using falsies and eyelash glue.
I loved the new LÓreal 2 in 1 mascara, easy to apply, no clumps, stays on all day, this is now my go-to mascara everyday, wearing it knowing my lashes will look fierce all day long, from morning to night. Each time I used this new mascara the more I loved my lashes against my eye makeup, it gave great length and volume, it was the perfect finish to my look. This product is definitely one of my new favorites in my make up bag.
I didn't like this mascara. The idea was great in theory however when you go to apply coat 2 to your lashes, the lashes have already dried from coat 1 and therefore it is hard to apply another coat. The formula also became very claggy after a weeks use and large clumps of mascara appeared on my lashes. Coat 1 did lengthen the lashes however i feel the issues lie with coat 2. I wont be purchasing this mascara.
I absolutely love the convenience of this 2in1 mascara and primer, by L'Oreal. The primer is great, it really gives something to build on, or could be worn on it's own, being that it is black. I did find applying more than one coat of the mascara made it become a little clumpy, so I used 2 coats of primer instead which eliminated the problem. This mascara gave me lots of length and volume, didn't smudge or flake and lasted all day. in all, well worth buying and giving a try for anyone wanting the false look.
What a refreshing new mascara on the market.  Its silky non-clumping formula was easy to apply.  It promised to add length and volume and it did not disappoint!  Non-smudging and an ease to remove with micellar water, this product is a must try for your next mascara buy.  Do yourself a favour and invest in  the new L'OREAL PARIS FALSE LASH X-FIBER MASCARA.
I was hoping to really like this product. I waa impressed with the primer as it thickened my lashes as promised but I had to be really careful they didn't appear clumpy. When I applied the second coat I found it didn't really add any oomph and was diffixult to apply on top of the primer. I feel my regular mascara does a better job and takes less time to apply.
I loved this mascara! I had people ask were I got my lash extensions done (I should add I don't have any extensions in)! I'm a time poor mum and the two step process was quick and I loved the volume it gave my lashes. I think the fullness and added length opened up my eyes (which is a bonus when you are sleep deprived). The brushes on both ends of the mascara are a great size and texture and easy to hold. The product also washes off well. I have used two step mascaras before and didn't like them (mainly because of the white primer), but I would definitely recommend and continue to use this mascara (it's also a great price for the results)!
I have used L'Oreal telescopic mascaras for 2 decades, so I was really interested to test the False Lash X-Fiber product. I liked the primer consistency and the fact that its black! I found the wand on step 1 to be a little long for my eye shape, but still workable. I liked the curved wand on the step number 2 end, but the formula was slightly dry, giving a bit of a clumpy effect which took time to even out and separate the lashes. Once I had done that, the mascara did give a nice effect, but lacked in length and curl which is what I would expect from a false lash look branded mascara. I also found the wand to be on the bulky side - which I'm not keen on. Whilst I'm happy to keep using the mascara, for the price point - I feel there are better mascaras out there (including telescopic!), so it's unlikely I'd purchase a replacement.