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L’Oréal Paris Infallible Eyeshadow

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L’Oréal Paris Infallible Eyeshadow is a waterproof single colour shimmery eyeshadow powder that uses colour reveal technology to created an intense colour eye look. A special adhesive polymer network and high concentration of binders within the eyeshadow help the powder stay all day without creasing. 

Available in nine shades.


L’Oréal Paris Infallible Eyeshadow


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I have the L’Oreal Paris Infallible Eye shadow in Iced Latte and I love this eye shadow as it’s a great all over the eye colour for everyday day.   To me the iced latte shade is a champagne colour, and I think it will suit all eye colours. I don’t find the colour to be too glittery, it’s just a lovely shimmery champagne shade that suits most occasions.   The eye shadow has a texture that likes wet loose powder but it’s packed down tightly and compressed. It comes in a glass jar, with a stopper that used to pack down the powder and keep it compressed. It’s like a pigment but not if that makes sense. It’s not as much, much easier to apply and the results are so lovely.   I found this eye shadow really lightweight and easy to apply, I just use my fingers instead of a brush to apply this one. It applies so softly and smoothly.    The lasting power is fantastic! When you apply it, it stays put all day/night even if you have oily skin or get a bit sweaty. This shadow does not budge, crease or smudge or fade, and for that I love it. Its great knowing I can apply this to my eyes and not have to worry about it fading off, so my makeup looks fairly put together even after a day 10 hour day.   I have also used this eye shadow as a highlighter for nights out, so the product has great versatility.   I use this eye shadow all the time, and one of these eye shadows will last for ages so its really great value.   Overall,for me it’s just a fantastic all round eye shadow. I love how smooth it is to apply, and how it looks just as good at the end of the day, as when I first applied it in the morning.   Pros: -         superpigmented -         easyto blend -         longlasting -         affordable -         can be used as a highlighter   Cons - none, but I only have the Iced Latte shade.  
Can we just take a minute to admire this eyeshadow?? Truth be told I'm a matte kind of girl but this is the holy grail of beautifully pigmented eyeshadows for the most reasonable price. I actually saw this eyeshadow on Pinterest being dubbed as the eyeshadow that makes any eye color pop- so I needed to take that challenge. Well, I'm not sure if that's true but holy Jesus is it beautiful. I prefer to apply prior to foundation/concealer but that's just a personal preference, I find it holds better that way. When you apply it I promise the hallelujah chorus will happen and you will feel like a shimmering diva. 24hr? Ehhh maybe if you primed the daylights out of your eyes and used a ton of setting spray. 8-10hr day? Yes, most definitely. Absolutely worth every single cent!
This is such a gorgeous pigmented eye shadow, a little pot of magic, I adore it. I love L'Oréal and these user friendly eyeshadow pots are some of the best I have tried. The consistency of the powder is pressed, so no mess, a massive bonus for me, however it is not hard packed like some pressed shadows which means it's easier to use, to actually remove from the container. I use this with a quality eyeshadow brush and it blends really well and does not cake or crease. It has a really smooth soft consistency and feels light to wear. I love the pretty shimmer in this shadow and the fact it adheres to the lid perfectly, staying put all day. The gorgeous silver container is classy and looks luxe. It lasts for ages so is great value for money. The vibrant colour is a big winner for me. I love this and highly recommend it. Pros Great colour pigmentation Great value Adheres to lids perfectly and stays put Great texture User friendly Gorgeous shimmer Cons I just wish this came in more shades, especially lots of complementary natural tones, it's such a lovely shadow there should be loads of shades to choose from.
A Better Version of a Pigment. Do you love loose pigments but hate the mess of accidentally pouring it down your beautiful cream carpet (I've done this trust me its painful)? The you will LOVE LOVE LOVE this eye shadow. It is the second BEST thing to a pigment eye shadow.  The consistency of this eye shadow is more like a loose pigment but it is kind of loosely packed therefore there is no mess. The container is too cute that holds the shadow very nicely. The pigmentation of this eye shadow is the best , highly pigmented that with just one swipe you can achieve full coverage. I love the fact that there is no fallout with this shadow and it blends effortlessly . It can be used as an allover eyeshadow but at times I have also used it as a liner and it has worked brilliantly. The shadow lasts so long. I often wear them to work and even at the end of the day my eyes look perfect. The shadow is as smooth as butter and challenges some of the shadows I have which have been much more expensive. I recently de-cluttered all my single eye shadows because I use palletes more but kept these little pots of Gold because I love them and cant think of parting with them.
I have tried countless eyeshadows from high end to budget beauty finds. This is my favourite budget drugstore eyeshadow formulation of all time. It definitely gives the higher end eyeshadows (like Urban Decay!) a real run for money. I have used these for years!  What makes these eyeshadows a standout is the formulation. The consistency is hard to describe, it is a powder shadow that feels soft to touch, like it has a bit more moisture. It’s not quite a loose shadow, but not quite a compact pressed powder. The spectrum of shades is a bit limited, however there are some stunning shimmer shades suitable for every day and this product is exceptionally great value given the high quality. It is long wearing and lasts 12+ hours on me without creasing. I have quite oily lids and can get away without using a primer (although I do prefer to prime my lids). I also haven’t experienced any problems with fallout, despite it being similar to a loose eyeshadow.  The quality of these eyeshadows is amazing – they are gorgeous finely milled and shimmery. It is not the chunky kind of shimmer but a very buttery shimmer with a lot of sheen.  I apply with my fingers and they are soft and silky, and easy to blend without ever looking blotchy or leaving harsh edges. It is equally as easy to pick up the product using a brush as with your fingertips. They are pigmented, buildable and can be used wet or dry depending on the intensity that you are after. For an extra boost of luster, I spray an eyeshadow brush with MAC Fix plus which really brings out an intense shimmery finish.  The packaging is also well designed and very practical, the colour is visible from the outside and the plastic stopper keeps the powder compact so it doesn’t get too messy.   PROS - Great value for money given the exceptional quality - Unique formula (very pigmented, blendable, long lasting) everything you want in an eyeshadow! - Beautiful shimmery finish, can be worn dry or wet for a more intense finish   CONS - I can’t really think of any cons, except that I wish there were more matte shades in the range.
I have two of these in shades Blinged and Brilliant, plus Flashback Silver, and really enjoy using them. Both are shimmery eyeshadows. I love the container these eyeshadows come in - the powder is firmly compressed, not loose in the slightest and has a little stopper that prevents the powder breaking or spilling. Big thumbs up for this clever design! The powder is finely milled and goes on very smoothly and evenly when applied with a brush. I have never noticed a fallout issue or had the need to tidy up loose powder on my face or elsewhere. I find the eyeshadow blends beautifully and lasts and lasts, without the need to use an eyelid primer.. I've actually tried them with an eyeshadow primer & minus one, and have had excellent long lasting colour either way. My eye makeup looks as fresh late at night as it did at 8am. I can see why these are named Infallible - my eye makeup lasts until I am ready to take it off, and it does remove quite easily with a good eye makeup remover. I wish L'oreal would produce some neutral / matte shades in this range, but if you're after a shimmery, well-priced eyeshadow, they don't come any better than this range. I'll definitely be buying more shades and highly recommend this range!
When I first encountered those eyeshadows and swatched then on my hand I thought they were the most beautiful thing on this planet. I found them ground breaking at the time they were introduced as I had never seen anything like that before. The eyeshadows, each in a separate jar, were as if loose pigments, but also creamy in a way, the formula reminded me of a wet sand (finely milled). The pigmentation is incredible, still impresses me today. Then, I didn't have any UD or Too Faced palettes, to me it was a miracle in the jar. The first shade I bought was Purple Obsession, and after that one I collected 10 more. I adore each and every one of them. Hourglass beige is one of my favourite shadows of all the time. In my collection I have got all the shimmery shades, they are just amazing. The shimmer is multidimensional, sparkles in the light in the most elegant and fashionable way. What I love about those shadows is the fact that one colour is enough to create the most flattering eye make up. Of course they can be blended together too, but when in a hurry, just one eyeshadow can make all that impact! What I noticed about them, they look best when applied with fingers as the brush takes away a fair bit of that lovely shimmer and shine. Infallible shadows are also extremely long lasting and will stay put on the lid as long as we want to wear them, without creasing. There is one more thing.... a total bonus- they work perfectly well as eyeliners too. A beautiful product.
Great quality for a great price The L'Oreal infallible eye shadows are one of those items in my collection that I just marvel at, I find this is very comparable to much, much more expensive rivals such as the Giorgio Armani Eyes to kill range.These shadows are smooth and buttery, with excellent colour payoff that just looks like you have worked really hard on your eye makeup. These shadows are in a pressed pigment format, but I do not seem to have any issues with fall out or mess. Amber Rush would have to be my favourite shade, it is just stunning against my dark eyes, though I think it would suit all eye shades and skin tones. Amber Rush Infallible shadow appears on the eye like a molten, liquid rose gold, so metallic, yet adult and not glittery. You can amp up this effect by spraying your flat shader brush with some setting spray before applying the shadow, this really gives the wow factor. I recommend these shadows to anyone who enjoys easy to apply shadows that give the wow factor and appear very glamorous, you won't be disappointed.
A dear friend of mine was kind enough to give me one of these Eye Shadows as a gift and it seems that the shade I have is not available here in Australia.  I have 036 Naughty Strawberry which is vibrant pink and a shade that I adore. The little pots of colour are fantastic, they are very sturdy and have a screw on lid.  Inside is a little inner lid that makes sure that the powder is secure.  You get 3.5 g of product that is so super easy to blend in, and applies like a cross between a cream and a powder.  I find that I like to apply a color tattoo and then apply the Infallible eyeshadow over the top.  It doesn't crease at all and the vibrant colour lasts all day.  These products are waterproof, but I have not tested that side of things yet. I love colour so this range is perfect for me and I will have to make sure to add many more of the colours to my stash.
I have been using this eye-shadow for over 4 years now, since my red earth eye-shadow got discontinued and i wanted something as equally pigmented! I've bought the blue and gold shades but my favourite is the 'purple obsession' one. It's my everyday eye-shadow and i wear it over the top of black eyeliner for extra staying power. It lasts me all day with a bit of smudging by the end of the night, I work long hours and move around a lot but it stays put really well. It has great staying power by itself but is best when worn over the top of an eyeliner. It's very deeply and richly pigmented, the vibrant colour doesn't loose lustre or sparkle and it's a great eye-shadow if you want to add a subtle bit of sparkle without looking too glittery.