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L'Oréal Paris Infallible Nudist Lip Liner

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L'Oréal Paris Infallible Nudist Lip Liner is a lip liner that can be used to define and contour the lips for an intense or subtle look. It provides long-lasting colour that won’t bleed or smudge.

Available in 14 shades.


L'Oréal Paris Infallible Nudist Lip Liner


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Creamy formula

I purchased a L'Oréal Paris Infallible Nudist Lip Liner because I like L'Oréal products and I use a lip liner nearly every day. This particular lip liner has a lovely creamy formula which glides over my lips effortlessly leaving a nicely pigmented finish but not too pigmented that it stands out from my lipstick. I'm able to outline my lips without any evident bleeding and fill in my lips to create a base for my lipstick. I sometimes just wear this lip liner as a lip colour if I just want a touch of colour rather than a full lipstick. This lip liner is non-drying and long wearing.

It doesn't twist.

It doesn't twist. The product it self does not give instructions and L'Oreéal's website does not explain either. Some reviews say you sharpen, some say it's a mechanical pencil. I've looked all over mine. The only way is sharpen, which I am very disappointed with. I brought plastic with the expectation that I wouldn't have to sharpen it. When you sharpen this product there is alot of mess. The colour snaps and stick to everything. And there is then the pointy plastic bit to navigate your lips around.
I must say I am a bit disappointed with these lipliners. As far as the shades and application goes, they are terrific, but I hoped they would be even more long lasting. And the factor that confuses me the most is that I have no idea whether the liners are twist on or whether I have to sharpen them. I did opt for the second option, but the sharpening seems like it is wasting a lot og the product. The liner itself is very creamy and applies easily ( especially when you compare it to MAC lip liners) and works as a independent lip product I guess. I wear the Infallible lip liners as lip crayons. They do not smudge in general, but I have experienced some bleeding. Other than that, worth trying. I would consider picking a shade when L'oreal goes on sale.
L'Oréal Paris Infallible Nudist Lip Liner has a beautifully creamy texture, long-lasting and doesn't feather or bleed on the edges of your lips. Great for lining and/or filling, it's the perfect foundation for a matte lipstick and works wonderfully to blend with the lipstick if you want a "non-lined" lip result. Great value for money
I truly loved this lip liner, I found it super creamy with really intense long lasting colour. I used hollywood beige, gorgeous colour. This liner didi not bleed or smudge and lasted hours and hours. The pencil is easy to use and glides on beautifully without dragging or drying lips. You do have to sharpen this, it doesnt wind but it only takes a second and is worth it for the results. I love a great nude lip liner and at $17.00 this one is another winner from loreal and I highly recommend it
I stole this lip liner from my Mum recently, and I have to say, I was super impressed! FORMULA: I really like the formula of these lip pencils, I find them to be very nice and creamy- but not creamy so you can still get a nice, precise line without it smudging everywhere. They are also very highly pigmented so I've found that it looks really nice just wearing the lip liner alone, without any lipstick (it also looks really lovely with a clear gloss on top if you're into a glossy lip). I found that the pencil itself held it's shape well, and didn't snap off as some mechanical pencil tend to do. LONGEVITY: Due to the formula of these lipsticks, I find that they are very longwearing. Not quite as longwearing as a MAC liner if you've ever tried one, but they tend to be quite drying whereas the Rimmel formula does not sit in fine lines or dry out your lips. I would say, wearing the liner alone, I get around 3-4 hours wear out of it (longer if you don't eat/drink oiler foods!) and worn with a lipstick, it helps to increase the longevity of the lipstick. SCENT: The lip pencil does not have a really distinguishable scent, it smells vaguely sweet but nothing strong if you are sensitive to scents. PACKAGING: I really like the mechanical pencil packaging (means you don't have to worry about sharpening a pencil!) and I find that this pencil is quite thin so it is very easy to get a precise line. COLOUR: I have a nice colour called Hollywood beige, which is a nice corally pink. However, it is quite light as I have naturally quite red lips so works best when I wear a lipstick to hide my natural lip colour completely.
I loved the lip liner when I first tried it. It makes any nude lipsticks last longer and gives a precise application, once on they are very creamy in texture and feel nice on the lips. I am very light handed when applying lip pencils however on my third use the product in the pencil snapped. It was disappointing as you are unable to sharpen/ wind up the product. If you are someone who would only wear the liners on occasions instead of everyday I would 100% recommend because before it ran out I thoroughly enjoyed it.
I really loved this lip liner!! The color is very pigmented and goes on smoothly! I could use this on its own without even applying the lip paint on top! I would definitely use this color as an everyday application as well. It is long lasting and can be used with other lipsticks as it is a very natural/nude color.
A product I recommend highly! The creamy texture kept my lips feeling nice, rather than dried out or “flaky”. Both liners were extremely easy to apply and very highly pigmented in the colour was in depth, very much how I like my lip liners! Not sure if anyone else’s had the same problem - but both my lip liner lids did not fit properly and kept falling off.
I found the L'Oréal Paris Infallible Nudist Lip Liner really easy to apply. I tried colours 101 (Gone with the nude) and 201 (Hollywood Beige), and personally loved the coral colour of 201 against my lightly olive-toned skin. They both match their corresponding lip paints well, apply smoothly with a creamy consistency, and are long-lasting. It is also easy to wipe any smudges/mistakes away with just your finger or a cotton bud.  I am quite confused however, as I cannot figure out whether the products twist or need to be sharpened - as they are in plastic and are so creamy, it doesn't seem like sharpening them would be feasible. This is the only thing that stops me from giving the products a 4 or 5 star-rating.
I absolutely love this lip liners. I would definitely use this product alone as well. The formula and colours and beautiful. The lip liner glides so easily and smoothly onto the lips and defines them nicely. You can sharpen it and it'll work perfectly. The only issue would be how fast it runs out before having to sharpen again, but I guess that's normal and especially if you're using the lip liner as a lipstick too.
The Loreal Lip Liner first impression was simple in design and also lightweight so it definitely super easy to place in your handbag for a go to lip touch up or just to add some colour.  I also found the formula to be very creamy and the pencil firm enough that it doesn't break if I had placed to much pressure. I received 2 colours to trial out and they were very pigmented in colour.  Overall I like the lip liner but I don't think it's smudgeproof but it definitely doesn't bleed which is good. 
I always say lip liners are the true MVPs and these ones are no different. I tried these lip pencils in 101 Gone With the Nude, and 201 Hollywood Beige. Both colours really suit light beige to medium tan skin tones. Both colours match their lip paints perfectly, and made the colours really pop. Much more longlasting than the lip paints themselves, these pencils can be worn alone with a little bit of lip balm. Though it feels velvety when applying, I found they were slightly drying, but the pigmentation was very good and true to the packaging, so I let it slide. Would recommend as a standalone product and not just as a pairing to the lip paints. If you're looking for a matte finish anyway, I would just stick to the pencil as it works fine enough on its own.
The lip  Liners match the lip paints and were easy to apply. The colour was highly pigmented and the formula was long-lasting. The lip liners applied smoothly but would be beneficial if the applicator was a twist up or a pencil for easier usage. Overall, I would recommend this product.
These lip liners are so creamy and smooth/easy to apply I actually really liked them.  But because they’re so creamy you use more quite quickly (not really a negative though, I’m just letting you know that you will go through it a little quicker but they’re worth it)  And they aren’t twist ups (I tried and failed hahah) you need to sharpen them, again not a bad thing I just like ones that you twist up.  There’s nothing bad about this product at all I love it and will definitely buy some in the future. :)
These are out of this world amazing, so far. They are extremely easy for outlining your lips, not so much filling them in completely just because they are so creamy and doing so uses a lot of product but I find doing a thick line then smacking my lips together does basically the samething. The also last a long time considering their creamy texture. I do find however that I end up sharpening them often which is a pain when you are as lazy as I am, regardless I recommend trying to pick up one.
These lip liners by L’Oréal are extremely creamy and easy to apply. The formula allows the pencil to smoothly glide over your lips without any dragging. These are great for using under any lipstick as they don’t dry out your lips either, which I find some cheaper/drugstore liners can tend to do. Overall, would definitely recommend these for anyone looking for an easy-to-use and affordable lip liner.
This Loreal Lip Liner is one of the creamiest, smoothest and most comfortable lip liners I've ever used. It's really pigmented and easy to outline even overdraw your lip shape. I find it paired with the Lip Paints they are gorgeous and long lasting. I would definitely repurchase!
I really love using lip liners for a subtle, daytime looks and I was really happy with the pigment intensity and softness of this L'Oreal one! It didn't blunt really easily — something I hate in lipliners — and loved the fact I didn't have to sharpen it. During the trial, I often applied it to the outside of my lips and smudged it with my finger to fill it and soften the colour. Only thing that was slightly annoying was the fact that for such a long pencil, there wasn't much product — you couldn't twist it to get more.
These lip liners are so smooth and easy to apply, i would happily wear one of these alone! i find it hard to find drugstore lip liners which are creamy and comfortable enough to wear without a lipstick but these do just the trick. The colour is also opaque and looks lovely on the lips, without drying them out.