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L'Oréal Paris Infallible Nudist Lip Paint

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L'Oréal Paris Infallible Lip Paint is a nude liquid lip colour that leaves lips coated and comfortable, without drying them out. The formula lasts for up to eight hours and delivers a velvety matte finish to lips.

Available in 14 shades.


L'Oréal Paris Infallible Nudist Lip Paint


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Creamy, velvety matte

I found a few unopened L’Oreal Paris Infallible Lip Paints in my stash of beauty products while having a clean out so I’ve been wearing them over the past few weeks. I use a lip moisturiser and a lip liner before applying the lip paint. I find that this lip paint is quite pigmented and the colour applies evenly. I like that the matte finish isn’t a dry matte but more of a creamy, velvety matte. The formula is comfortable to wear and once the colour wears down (I seem to eat my lipsticks) I am left with a stained lip which is fine with me because at least there is still a bit of colour. So, not the best in staying power but then again I’m yet to find a lipstick that stays on my lips. What I also like about liquid lipsticks is the teardrop applicators used to apply the lip paint. I find these quite easy to use because of the shape and I can apply as little or as much of the paint as I wish to. In the case of these lip paints, I find less is better for me otherwise the result looks too harsh.
I purchased this recently in shade 101 Gone With The Nude & find myself using it on a very regular basis.  The colour really suits my warm complexion and I really enjoy the liquid lipstick format. I was delighted to find the perfect shade of nude so easily in the L'Oreal shade options. The lipstick feels creamy and very comfortable when applied on my lips, and it lasts quite well too. It doesn't stain my lips per se, like some liquid lipsticks do, but lasts pretty well. It's so comfortable when freshly applied that I don't mind regular touchups across the day anyway. It's a generous 8mls size, so I see my tube lasting through months of regular use. Excellent value for money. I will definitely be buying more of these fabulous lipsticks and highly recommend them. Fabulous product!
love love love this lip paint. The pigment is so gorgeous and such high quality I found the colour lasted for hours. I used a lip liner with this product for even better results. I adore loreal paris, a brand that always delivers high quality and this this paint is no exception. Ilove the matte shades and the fact that they feel really nice and light to wear and the lacquer shades dont feel sticky. Easy to use, just unscrew the lid and use the handy applicator. The packaging is pretty and I find them good value for money. I particularly love the colour gone with the nude and have had compliments when wearing this, overall a great product that I would highly recommend
This is a great product which is long lasting and feels nice to wear all day long. It does not dry out your lips and does not smudge easily, so it is great for everyday wear. It is available in a range of colours, which are nice to wear and would suit many people. I definitely prefer the lacquer more then the matte, but both are still very good. The lip liners are also great and go very well with the lip paint's. They are smooth, easy to use and draw a precise straight line which helps to keep your lipstick looking good all day long. Overall, this is a great product which i would definitely recommend to a friend and would repurchase!
I was not a fan of this product. While the colour was nice I didn't like the following things 1. It took too long to dry and not be stick, even with lighter coats 2. It was hard to apply in thin layers. 3. It didnt ladt very long even with the liner underneath. 4. The applicator like many other applicators held too much product or not enough. Over all I wouldn't personally buy this for myself.
Really liked these! I found the applicator easy to use and the formula was quite smooth and creamy and didn't feel heavy or dry. Lasted several hours on my lips without the need to reapply, however, I found a lighter layer was much more flattering as a heavy layer looked a little clumpy and emphasised texture.The colors were very flattering on my skin tone also.
This product has awesome potential, it smells incredible and has an awesome colour selection (all have a matching liner shade which I love!) but the product itself could use some improvements. I tried out the velvet finish one and the more glossier finish one.  The velvet finish one I found did not dry down completely matte and when applied it remained a little bit streaky- but for a velvet finish product I found that it did not dry my lips out! The gloss finish one was nice and super hydrating! The major problem is that it claims to last up to 8 hours, i had a glass of water a substantial amount of time after applying the velvet product and I found that it mostly all transferred off my lips and onto the glass. I would love to try more of the colours out though!
I wasn't a big fan of the Lip Paint sets. I found them really heavy and clumpy on my lips and was always really aware that I was wearing it - definitely not what you want! The colours were nice but I couldn't get past how they felt! Probably wouldn't recommend as I think there are several very similar products which are far nicer!
If you want a long lasting lipstick unfortunately this lipstick might not be the one. The colours and texture is really nice but the colour probably lasts maybe two hours before coming off especially after eating or drinking. There is a great range and my favourite is the matte range as I don’t often like a glossy look.
If I could leave this at 3.5 stars, I would. These are good! Not great, but good. The matte definitely did not leave a matte finish, and lasted more like 4 hours rather than the 8, but the pigmentation was really nice. The lacquer made my lips feel nice, not super sticky like other brands. However, for the price point, I think there are better products out there. Unless these go onto a buy one get one half off sale, I probably would not purchase.
This lip product is amazing. I love the colour and how smooth it goes on. It’s great for a day look and a evening look paired with a Smokey eye. The packaging is chic and pretty. It’s great to pop in your purse to top up throughout the day.
The best thing about the lip paints for me was the packaging and the doe foot applicator. Personally I found the colours were quite strange and did not suit my skin tone. However, the lacquer applied well and lasted a good couple of hours without leaving the lips feeling dry. Unfortunately I found the matte version to be patchy and more of a creamier finish than a matte and definitely did not have the lasting power expected of a matte lipstick. I would definitely recommend the lacquer for someone looking for a nice, quality sheer finish at drug store prices! 
I love these products! They are great for everyday and leave the lips beautifully stained once the shines has gone away. They are incredibly easy to apply as the applicator is perfectly sized. Would recommend 101 "gone with the nude" to anyone who wants an everyday nude colour. When paired with the matching colour lip liner in the line the colour lasts all day and only requires touch ups when eating/ drinking. Very impressed for the price
The pigmentation on these were amazing and i loved the texture of them however they were not exactly matte! I would call this more a velvet matte application. Very smooth and creamy and i was expecting to go matte after a while but it didn't which resulted in the lip paint not lasting too long! Overall, it is a good lip stick and i love the smell and texture once applied. Would definitely use this all the time.
The lip paints were nothing short of amazing! My lips often dry out and I stay away from “matte” lipsticks for this reason, but these lip paints were velvety and kept my lips feeling relatively moisturised. The idea that these are long wear is probably not the best description as I felt the need to reapply, but with that being said, the fact they did not “crack” or dry my lips out was more of a positive and overshadowed this. Price range is great, too!
I love the lacquer lip paint. The colour was beautiful and it was easy to use, it matched with anything! It's a nice sheer finish to any lip colour/lip liner. This product is used in conjunction with the lip liner as creates a nice definition to your lips. I highly recommend it.
I tried Lacquer colour 101 (Gone with the nude) and Matte colour 201 (Hollywood beige) and the corresponding lip liners. I found colour 101 too brown for my (fairly pale) skin tone, and felt unsure about how shiny it was; but loved colour 201, which had a peachy undertone. Both the Lacquer and Matte paints were easy to apply, felt light on my lips (the Lacquer wasn't sticky like some other brands), and matched the corresponding lip liner colours well. I especially liked the Matte colour once I had blotted it with a tissue. I found that although they only lasted for a few hours, they were very easy to touch up as needed. The only pitfall was that I couldn't (and still can't) figure out how to wind the liner pencil and am therefore nearly out of liner!
As far as lip paints go, these are a good middle product - maybe a nice entry product for your little sister who has just started wearing makeup. The scent is super strong and saccharine, which is why I think it's better suited to a preteen/teen demographic. The colours are better lasting when paired with their matching lip pencils, but even then, there's not too much staying power. Both the matte and lacquer version have a velvety mousse feel when applying, but I found the lacquer version has far better pigmentation (the one I tried was 101 Gone with the Nude). The matte was more a mousse than a true matte liquid lipstick. The matte colour I tried was 201 Hollywood Beige, and I LOVED both the colours. Both colours pop on light beige to medium tan skin types, I just wish they stayed on for longer. The saving grace of this product was by far the brush. Honestly, it's the best lip applicator for a liquid lipstick that I've ever used. Worth simply buying just for the applicator. TL;DR Pros: Great colours, good entry-level price point and FANTASTIC lip applicator. Cons: Not very long lasting, requires frequent reapplication, strong overly sweet smell, and not a true matte finish.
So I received the lacquer lip paint in gone with the nude and the matte lip paint in Hollywood beige.  Neither of the colours are something I’d usually wear the Hollywood beige was very coral like and light it kind of reminded me of a lipstick colour a nan would wear but it was nice it just wasn’t my kinda colour.  The Gone With The Nude lacquer was quite brown but I liked the colour it was also more heavy feeling which I’m not used to because I just wear normal lipsticks but you get used to it quickly.  They don’t  stay on for as long as they say and it the matte one doesn’t dry down completely it’s more of a matte cream so when you eat or drink it will come off.  I found that they lasted a bit longer if you fill your lips in completely with the matching lip pencil rather then just outlining them.  And I didn’t think there seemed to be much product in the tube.  They smell so good though, if you’re after a liquid lipstick that dries down completely and is smudge proof this isn’t for you, if you want a product that’s matte, has good colour pay off and doesn’t dry out your lips (defining all the cracks) and smells great then I highly recommend these lip paints :)
I received both the Matte & Lacquer Loreal lip paints., the first impression of the product was great packaging as it displays the colour on the outside so you know what colour you are receiving. The applicator of the lip paint is quite practical as the wand allows you to have an even amount of coverage, however I would recommend to scrape off the excess product so there is not too much wastage of lip paint. The smell of the lip paints are quite nice and not too overwhelming on the nose.  Matte Lip Paint - 201 Hollywood Beige   I found the colour of this lip paint quite nice, the application of the this went on quite smoothly however it doesn't dry as a matte finish. I would definitely recommend using a lip scrub and a thin layer of lip balm before applying this, so it doesn't cling onto dry skin, I probably won't be buy the matte version of the lip paint.  Lacquer Lip Paint - 101 Gone With The Nude This was really a good match of nude for me, I love the particular nude colour that Loreal has for this range. The application of the Lacquer is a creamy consistency and has a gloss like finish. I would also recommend using a scrub and chuck on a layer of lip balm before putting on the lip paint.  Overall my hands down favourite of the two finishes is the Lacquer lip paint!