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L’Oréal Paris Infallible Sexy Balm

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L’Oréal Paris Infallible Sexy Balm is a gel lip balm that moisturises lips for up to 12 hours while leaving them vibrantly coloured.

Available in 12 shades.


L’Oréal Paris Infallible Sexy Balm


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First of all, id like to give it five stars if there was a better colour range. The choice was too bold for my liking but I managed to grab two colours that were neutral enough for me. This couldnt have come out at a better time, I was realising I was getting sick of the liquid lipstick and was wanting something that was a balm/lipstick but not a gloss or cream. Only becasue I was spending so much time on the rest of my face in the morning and having to spend that extra 10 minutes on my lips to make sure they are perfect. I saw the product in my local Chemist Warehouse and thought id give it a try just by the name - Sexy Balm. When I swatched in the shop, I knew this will be a time saver for my morning routine. But Was surprised at how little the product lasted over a cup of coffee. Yes it wears off as soon as the lips are touched but the balm keeps your lips hydrated and 'dare i say' sexy the whole time. I actually felt an improvement in the texture and plumpness of my lips when I wore the balm. Which brings me to say, I wish there were more sublte colours to choose from as the colours on offer are quite extreme. The pigment is really good. And for the price, I would buy again and again (more colour options!!)
L'oreal Sexy Balm is a staple in my make up routine and also a time and face saver. I do like a full on lip look but to have a perfect red pout one needs time. And there are days that I want to look good but with no effort. I reached for Sexy Balms as I adore L'oreal lip products and I do think they are the best value for money on the market. Sexy Balm looks like a big crayon, it is black with a colourful top. Mine is pink as I have it in Sheer 106 Clueless,which is a rather medium pink with a slightly metallic finish. The formula spreads like butter, it smells lovely too. I like Sexy Balm as it is very easy to apply, with my shade no mirror is needed for touch ups, it gives a beautiful subtle colour and shine to my lips. Moreover, the lips feel comfortable as the balm is hydrating, it makes the lips feel soft too. The effect is really pretty and natural. A perfect product on the go. It might not be the most long lasting lip product on the market, but since it is classed as a lip balm, I can't complain. I think this product would be perfect for teenage girls who want to wear make up but are not allowed to play with the dark colours yet. Also, perfect for work, as the sheer finish is not too loud, it just looks elegant and makes our lips look healthy and hydrated.
These are super cute and give a sheer, healthy wash of colour over the lips for a sexy, youthful pout. These tinted balms are perfect for school or work. They're super chubby but the stick is pretty short. I liked the sheer red one the most. They kinda smell like Coke Vanilla lip smackers - very pleasant. It lasts about 3 hours on me, which is standard for a tinted balm, and don't have a noticeable taste.
I am in love with L'Oreal's Infallible Sexy Balms! They are a mix between a lipstick and a lip balm with great colour pay off, great pigment and wonderful moisturising properties. I bought shade Gossip.  It was very comfortable to wear and didn't leave an unsightly ring around my lips! The packaging is great. I like the sleek black tube and being able to wind up the product as needed. I like the scent of the balm. It's not too overpowering but it's definitely there. The price point is pretty good considering there is quite a bit of product in the tube. All in all, an awesome lip product that I really enjoyed using. I don't wear too much lipstick because it can be a hassle to keep it looking perfect - but these balms are the perfect balance of colour, pigment and comfortability.
I love this balm! I have it in 101 'we wear pink' which is a sheer shade with just a touch of pink, it is definiately a shade that will suit most people. It makes my lips nice and shiny, moisturised and looking refreshed. I love the tube wind up design of the balm, and the ease of the packaging. I can't wait to try this balm in more shades, will repurchase and definiately recommend.
I love this balm! I have it in two shades, Clueless, a sheer, slightly metallic pink, and Break the Rules, a sheer brick red colour. These balms are softening and moisturising, and feel soothing on my lips. The shades are conveniently packaged in a slim black plastic case, and the colour crayons are fun and easy to use. They feel smooth and buttery on application, but like many balms, they don't have good staying power and will need to be reapplied after eating and drinking. One quick slick for soft and glossy lips!
I absolutely love this gel balm from loreal. I love their products anyways and this is so gorgoeus. The balm is super smooth and hydrating and moisturises lips, the gel quality is really nice and glides on beautifully leaving lips super hydrated like a protecting balm would. It feels so lovely and lightweight to wear and lasts really well without bleeding or feathering. The 12 vibrant colours are just gorgeous and full of pigment and at a great price of $14.95 I can afford to buy a few colours. I love the sheen this gel balm gives off, its really flattering and I think its a great makeup bag staple. I would recommend this product
I rarely repurchase beauty items as I'm one of those customers that love to try new items each time! The Loreal Paris Infalliable Sexy Balm is one of the exceptions! The title description states that it is a gel balm which I find could be misleading for some as gel = watery in my opinion. This balm has a light creamy consistency and glides on the lips like a lip butter. The scent is pleasant, almost a little fruity, but not over the top. The shade I repurchased is called 'As if' and is a dark nudey pink. So flattering! This lip product gives off a beauty natural shine and is non sticky. It is incredibly hydrating and doesn't leave your lips thirsty once it wears off. So handy that it is applied like a wind up crayon type so its so easy and convenient to apply on the go. I will keep repurchasing this product as it has now become my everyday makeup staple!
I love hydrating lip products for my dry, sensitive lips. The Loreal Paris Infallible Sexy Balm comes in a twist up pen packaging that is easy to use. The black casing and silver writings look simple but sleek. They also come encased in different colored caps so it is easy to tell which one you are reaching for when you have multiple of the products. I bought one in sheer and one in bold and they are both lovely products to use. The sheer one glides onto the lips smoothly to provide enough pigment, yet remains slightly sheer so your natural lip color peaks through. The formula is moisturising and does not dry my lips out. It also fades off nicely without being patchy. The bold formula is more vibrant and pigmented but still creamy. I usually prefer to use this in the center of the lips for a gradient look. They have a range of colors to choose from. They do not accentuate my lip lines or cling to dry patches so I really like it. Even though they are creamy and balmy, they did not slip and slide on the lips or out of the lip lines. I would definitely recommend to try them out, especially if you like your lips to have a sheen or glossy finish. They are not very long wearing, as you expect when the formula is more moisturising. They do leave a faint stain on the lips, however, you can easily throw them into your purses and carry them around to touch up easily. The sheer formulas can be applied without using a mirror, I probably would not recommend the same for the bold formulas.
I really enjoy L'Oreal lip products and think they are comparable to higher end products. This balm is really comfortable, somewhat moisturising, rich in pigment and leaves a pretty stain after the product has worn off. Shade 210 is one of my favourites, as I love deep colours but don't always feel like wearing a satin or matte finish lipstick. This product keeps it fun and polished all at the same time. The shape is convenient and it's easy to quickly touch up. I would repurchase this and recommend it to a friend.
A ravishing gel lip balm packed with pulsating colour and ideal hydration that improves the moisture levels in my dry lips when worn on. The L’Oreal Paris Infallible Sexy Balm is available in two exceeding bold and sheer formulas along with 12 delectable shades. The variety of eye provocative colours are encrypted on the gel balm lids helping you choose your true desirable shades. All the lip gel balms contain those special sensual colours and my most favourable and striking shade is "Never Stop".                                    I have an infatuation with wearing this cutting-edge gel lip balm that encompasses a feathery light weightlessness. This is a beautiful vibrant tinted gel lip balm that offers long lasting superior colour and 12 hours of ongoing lip hydration. So many strong features included, I really appreciate the defining tip that is specifically designed to allow for precise control and perfected application every use.  They all contain a vibrant sensuous smell and is comfortable to wear on and always attentive to my lips. I'm pleased that gel balm stays on the lips and never leaves that embarrassing ring around the outer edge.   Distinct and modern packaging, I'm stuck on the style of the original black tube that is simple to wind up or down that comes with a secure lid always keeping it longer lasting and fresher. Ultimately it's a stunning fit for all bags plus the car so you can use it anytime and anywhere. I found this gel balm to have a fantastic combination between a colour and lip care that adds a magnitude of pout, giving me those bigger size lips I wish for.   After using this product on my lips for some months I can highly recommend the L'Oreal Paris Infallible Sexy Balm that is effortless to apply, keeping your lips delicately soft and extremely enticing.