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L’Oréal Paris Infallible Total Cover Concealer Palette is a long-wearing, full coverage colour correcting concealer palette that features five cream shades to cover redness, dark circles, acne and imperfections without leaving a cakey and uncomfortable finish.

Creamy correcting shades and high-coverage concealers in one handy palette? Genius!
Carli Alman
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L’Oréal Paris Infallible Total Cover Concealer Palette


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This is a really handy palate to have in your makeup collection.  It has different flesh toned shades alongside colour correctors that you can use to disguise almost every kind of imperfection - from dark circles and pimples to veins and red patches.  I mostly find myself reaching for this palate on days when I am not intending to use foundation but just need to mask some tear trough discolouration and/or mask my undereye bags by concealing the “shadow”.  It sticks to the skin really well and has a neutral (not matte not shiny) finish so is fantastic for hiding blemishes - green to neutralise the redness and flesh tone blends to fully conceal.  Pop the purple on your eyelids then a little of the flesh tone concealer to hide those pesky veins we all seem to get as we get older.  Great multi-use palate.  I grabbed it when it was half price and it’s often on sale so keep an eye out!
I absolutely love this product, it is in my daily makeup routine. The formula is excellent, not greasy and doesn't dry out the skin, and it helps camouflage all my imperfections (acne scarring, redness and black circles).  After applying it you only need a small amount of foundation to cover your whole face. It easily glides on the skin and it makes your skin look flawless. It is pricey for a drugstore product but I think it's worth the price tag.
I totally love L'Oréal products and this handy little concealer palette is genius. I love its colour correcting properties, I always use the green to conceal redness and it works a treat. This is a handy little palette for my makeup bag to use for touch ups during the day. I often use this to hide the odd blemish and conceal pigmentation for a gorgeous canvas for my foundation. I like that it feels light on skin and did not go cakey, some concealer scan be quite drying but this was not. This product is easy to use, just blend with fingers, I sometimes use a quality brush with mine. This is a really creamy product that looks quite natural on which I love and gives a flawless finish, it even disguises those dark circles that are inevitable after a late night. It comes at a great price and lasts for ages so is great value for money, less than $30 is a lot better than a lot of brands, it's simple and effective and I highly recommend it
This is my first concealer palette and I have to say I was quite impressed! The selection of concealer shades was fantastic and I was able to mix shades together to get the perfect colour for me.  I use this this palette primarily to spot conceal blemishes as I find the product becomes a little cakey as an undereye concealer. But as a blemish concealer, it does the job very well. I start with the green concealer to reduce redness then go over with a mix of the lghter shades to conceal. I get a smooth result that stays put for most of the day. My only suggestion for improvement would be to make the formula a little more creamier so that it could work as an under eye concealer as well.
For me concealer was just the standard light coloured cream based makeup that would help cover my dark circles, add brightness as well as covering up blemishes and pigmentation.  Makeup has definitely come a long way and now concealer comes in many different colours to solve lots of different beauty problems.  I had been on the hunt for an affordable concealer palette and came across the one from L'Oreal.  The concealer contains five different shades with a very light skin tone coloured concealer, a medium coloured and a dark coloured concealer.  The last two are a light lavender/purple and a light mint green.  The purple concealer is to help with dull skin and the green was to counteract any redness.  Concealer definitely makes a huge difference in my beauty routine so I consider it just as important as wearing foundation.  I would start off by putting a bit of the purple underneath my eyes to give the area some brightness.  I loved how creamy the concealer was and it was easy to blend. I just used my concealer brush to put it on and then I used my beauty blender to dab it in.  Then I used the light coloured concealer on top to help cover up the dark circles and add brightness.  It was one shade lighter than my actual skin colour which was perfect.  I normally prefer creamy concealers as I find that the consistency works best for my skin.  The concealer went on nicely but after about several minutes it did start to look a bit dry, accentuating the lines and wrinkles underneath my eyes.  For that I just decided to set it with a bit of powder to keep the concealer from moving.  It helped a bit but unfortunately that was one of the issues I had with the concealer.  I also found the green concealer to really come in handy.  I used them on top of my blemishes as they are always very red and noticeable.  Sometimes I'll get rosacea and I'll use it on those specific areas like my chin, cheeks and forehead.  The green isn't too pigmented so when you blend it it won't show through your foundation.  The only one I couldn't use for concealing was the dark colour but I ended up just using that for contouring instead.  I thought the coverage of the concealer was pretty good.  It didn't move around much and you could add more of it without making your face looking caked with makeup.  For a beginner and those that don't want to shell out too much money I think this is a good investment.  With five different colours that are pigmented and easy to blend, it's a palette to have on hand so when you put your foundation on top your skin looks even better.   Tip: Use a bit of the concealer on your eyelid to neutralise and even out the colour
This concealer was super easy to use and I love the fact that it comes with instructions - meant I got a really good result. The only thing I would recommend is that they include a brush to help with application when not at home. Overall its a great product that I would happily recommend to friends!
I normally carry around two different concealers with me, so I was eager to try out this sleek palette - who doesn't love a good multitasker? I really liked that the palette came with instructions on how to use each of the colours - I've used green based concealers before, but I wasn't familiar with purple based ones, so it was good to have some guidance! The packaging on this is super sleek - much larger than I thought it'd be (more product - woot!) though it still fits easily in my handbag. The palette is also sturdy enough that I don't have to worry about it accidentally bursting open in my bag - a problem I've had with several eyeshadow palettes! The texture of the concealers is super creamy and despite the full coverage it definitely didn't feel heavy, nor did it sit visibly on my skin. It was great to have a choice of the three nude coloured concealer shades - meant I could use the lightest shade around my eyes to give it a little more brightness, and the medium shade everywhere else. To my great surprise, I must say the standout shade on this palette is the purple! I was a bit reluctant to pop purple coloured concealer under my eyes, but after blending it in it really does correct the dark circles! The only reason this isn't getting 5 stars has nothing to do with the product itself (it's fab!) - I just wish the palette came with a little brush! I love having this in my bag for quick applications/touchups, but I despise having to apply makeup with my fingers. Overall, a fabulous palette from L'Oreal - I don't think there's anything like this on the market! The Total Cover Concealer Palette removes the need for multiple concealers, is super versatile, and travel friendly. It's never been easier to get flawless looking skin :)
Totally love the packaging! Have always been using one concealer for everything that needs to be covered (dark circles, blemishes) so I am loving this palette! It gives the right amount of coverage i feel and works well on my skin, i.e. doesn't get cakey. Would have been perfect if it comes with brush! Would definitely repurchase once this one runs out.
This concealer palette is good, it does what it is meant to do but I still prefer liquid concealer but that being said this is very good for everyday wear and casual wear. Certainly saw results when applied and went amazing with the L’Oréal Paris Infallible Total Cover Foundation :)
I trialled the L’Oréal Paris Infallible Total Cover Concealer Palette recently along with the infallible total cover (foundation) and found that these two products complemented each other. On it's own, the concealer was a nifty palette with 5 shades to cover blemishes, dark circles and all round imperfections. The colours could also be mixed for contouring purposes as the concealer was highly pigmented and applied by the finger although a brush would do the job too. I found that instantly,  the concealer provided great coverage and was not too thick. In combination with the Loreal infallible total cover foundation, my skin had great tone and felt 'light' as I didn't need to apply a lot of product to attain good results. The make up lasted the day, with only touch ups necessary before a night out. Highly recommend!
I love the packaging of this palette. The concealers are quite lightweight so coupled with the infallible foundation it isnt too cakey. Found application a bit difficult due to lack of applicator.
I really like this concealer palette. I was quite sceptical about the format as I normally use stick or wand concealer. I did my research and used the colour correcting for my under eye circles and for redness. I was surprised at how well I liked this. I used the real techniques  concealer brush and it worked well. I didn't really like how the palette got a bit grubby. That is really just a personal thing though as cream products in a palette will do this. I used this product under the new foundation and it was a good combination. I will definitely have this in my collection as a staple.
After watching lots of youtube tutorials on colour correcting and concealer products I realised I needed one that would help me achieve the best beauty look without breaking the bank.  The L'Oreal palette had exactly what I was looking for.  I suffer from mild rosacea as well as some occasional breakouts and normal products would never cancel out the redness from my face, making me look like Rudolph with my red nose.  The dark circles under my eyes would always come through as well so this palette was just what I had needed.  All the colours that I needed, all in one place without having to buy separate products for each.  It contained five different colours.  The first three were skin tone shades, each of them being a bit darker than the other.  You could blend the colours together to create the perfect match for your skin.  The last two were a purple and green colour.  It does look a bit intimidating.  You think, what am I going to do with a bright purple and green colour on my face without looking totally weird? The box had instructions to tell you what each colour was for and how to use them which made the whole process less daunting and confusing.  For the redness around my nose, chin and cheeks, I applied the green concealer with my brush.  The consistency was creamy and blended really nicely.  It was a bit thin but the great part about it was that you could always add more without making your face look cakey.  Next, to combat the dark circles under my eyes, I used the purple and applied it in an upside down triangle for full coverage.  I blended it all with my facial sponge and then went over it with the second concealer option in the palette.  Once I put my foundation on and finished the rest of my makeup look, I realised what a huge improvement it had made to my overall look.  Normally the redness would still show through but the green helped neutralise the redness, making it virtually undetectable.  My dark circles weren't as prominent and my face looked uniform and even in colour.  The palette is very versatile, works well for most skin types (both cool and warm toned), easy to use and add into your beauty routine!  Tip: To prevent creasing when using under the eyes, set with a powder on top
Good concealer palette. Am using it everyday for work and I mix the two lighter shades together. Very creamy and blendible and covers my circles well.
I love this simple, effective concealer palette. Being new to contouring, I wanted to try a product with a little bit of everything, and the Infallible Total Cover palette gives you the ability to cover every type of blemish.  All the colours have a smooth consistency and are easy to blend and layer with my foundation. The concealer is really richly pigmented, so a little goes a long way! I only use a small amount each time, but it gives my skin a more flawless complexion, without looking over the top or unnatural. It lasts throughout the day, especially if I apply a powder lightly over the top.  As crazy as it sounds, my favourite shades in the palette are the green and purple! The green shade neutralises red, so I use it to cover any pimples, or inflamed areas on my skin. I use the purple shade to cover up dark eye circles, and I use the beige (my skin tone suits the second colour) to cover other blemishes and freckles.  I have tried applying the concealer using brushes, but have found using my fingers to apply and then a beauty blender to smooth it out is the best way. The concealer becomes creamier and blends better when it is warmed between my fingers and skin, and I don't end up losing too much product like I would on a brush.  The packaging is really sleek and convenient. Each colour is separated into its own pot with a big space in between the colours, so you never have to worry about mixing colours, or fallout because it's a cream. It's also small enough to carry around for touch ups during the day or when travelling.  The best thing is how easy it is to use. Once you get to know what each colour is designed for, it is a really quick step to add in my makeup routine and it makes a huge difference. The colour range is great, and can be used to suit both warm and cool skin tones. It's also really affordable for such a great product with five different colours. I would definitely recommend it, especially to people wanting to try something new! 
Once again in the packaging stakes, L'Oreal have done it again with this concealer palette. The slim line, light weight design makes it perfect for throwing into your handbag for on the go touch ups. I'm not apposed to using a concealer to retouch instead of a foundation, as long as it's not too thick. I was pleasantly surprised by the texture of the concealers and found the easiest method of application was with my fingers,especially around the eye area. I find finger tip application mold's better to the skin. Or even a beauty blender will work. As I'm not without a little bump here and there I need something that's going to last the distance and not move while i apply powder. This is definitely a long lasting, great coverage mix of concealers. Would recommend this for anyone who wants all color concealers in one convenient easy to use palette.
I don't normally use concealer but found enjoyed using this palette. I found it easy to apply with a brush and thought there was good coverage. The different colours were great for different blemishes.
Great little concealer package. Cute packaging that is perfect for on the go.  I was spectical about green and purple concealer but was left pleasantly surprised. The green really did work I get an annoyingly red nose during the day and it defiantly had a subbtle improvement. I don't tend to get dark circles but the purple was used on the odd occasion after a heavy or restless night - another way to avoid those baggy eyes. Thanks L'Oréal - nifty little product 
The concealer palette was perfect for people starting out and learning to colour correct, whilst the texture may be slightly sheerer than a normal, liquid or stick concealer, it did an excellent job of concealing under eye bags and small blemishes. The texture is very smooth and easily blendable, would definitely recommend
I do enjoy this product, it goes on very easily and blends well under my foundation. The concealer colours were perfect when i have fake tan on (using a slightly darker foundation) but naturally i am quite pale so they would be too dark to use. I do find i need a thicker concealer for under my eyes and these were quite thin so it disappeared within the hour.  The purple shade was great to reduce my dark circles though. I also found that it clung to any dry skin (mostly on and around my nose where i apply the green shade as my nose does get quite red) so a regular routine of exfoliating would be needed to use this.