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L’Oréal Paris La Manicure Flash Remover

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L’Oréal Paris La Manicure Flash Remover is an easy way to remove nail polish instantly. The small bottle contains a sponge soaked in nail polish remover solution where you can dip in your finger. The formula is acetone-free and contains avocado oil to help care for and protect nails, cuticles and skin.


L’Oréal Paris La Manicure Flash Remover


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This is a fantastic, time-saving product. Gone are the days where you need to use so many cotton balls soaked in acetone to remove your nail polish. The L’Oreal Paris La Manicure Flash Remover is an all in one nail polish remover and super easy to use.  It comes with a tub and sponge soaked in an acetone-free formula and you simply dip your nail into the sponge, twist it around a couple of times, and voilà! The polish is removed swiflty and effortlessly and only takes a couple of minutes to do all your digits.  The scent isn't too overpowering and does the job well and is quite inexpensive. It is gentle too and doesn't dry out my nails like regular acetone based formulas. All in all, a great nifty product at a very affordable price point and simple to use. Highly recommended!
This is heaven in a convenient,leak proof,travel safe pot of gold. One of the hardest things when painting your nails (apart from having to paint your opposite hand) is needing to take nail polish off of one finger without ruining your other nails. Hands up whose got a cotton balls fluff stuck to a different nail and then just taken it all off in a slight tantrum a two year old would be proud of. This takes all the stress out of painting nails and then wanting to change the colour after it starts to chip.  Super handy
This is the holy grail remover for any nail polish junkie who loves to change colours often. So easy to use, just dip your finger in the bottle, rub a couple of times against the little sponge and voila, polish is gone as if by magic, no mess, no fuss. I adore L'Oréal, the French brand always delivers high quality products and this remover is awesome, it even smells great. I love that it is acetone free so is gentle on my nails and not drying and the addition of avocado oil means it actually leaves my nails hydrated and nourished. I canno see a downside to this product, I absolutely love it, it's a real winner for me and I highly recommend it.
As I tend to change my nail polish at least twice a week I decided to purchase the L’Oreal Paris La Manicure Flash Remover as an easier way to remove my nail polish and I found it to be amazingly quick and nifty. It is incredibly easy to use, you just dip your nail in and twist and the polish is gone. With heavier polishes you may need to twist a couple of times for the sponge to fully remove it. The sponge inside is soft and doesn’t damage your nails. The liquid isn’t oily and is acetone free. This product lasts for about a month and is relatively inexpensive. I recommend it to anyone who wants an easy and time saving way of removing your nail polish. The