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L'Oréal Paris La Vie En Glow Highlighting Palette

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L'Oréal Paris La Vie En Glow Highlighting Palette is a highlighting palette featuring four shades. The powders are a fine, velvety texture and are infused with coconut oil. The highlighting powders can be easily layered to create the desired level of colour intensity and can be applied to the cheeks and high points of the face to highlight features. The lightest shade can also be used to highlight the inner corner of the eye and the darkest shade works well as a luminescent eyeshadow.

Available in two shades.


L'Oréal Paris La Vie En Glow Highlighting Palette


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This is a brilliant kit! It has everything you need in one glamorous hit - bronzer, blush and highlighters! The kit looks stylish, with the four powders and a touch of rose gold on the casing. The price is on point and good value as you get the four powders at a reasonable price.  I find the powder is very pigmented and gives the skin a gorgeous glow that can last through the night. Sometimes the blush and bronzer is a little dark for my naturally fair skin but when I have an event and am wearing bronzer it compliments my skin well. Any other time, I tend to use it sparingly or use the highlighters with my regular blush shade.  As a bonus, I find the colours are also perfect to use as a lovely eyeshadow! 
What's better than one highlighting powder? How about four of them! The L'Oreal la vie en glow highlighting palette is filled with four gorgeous shades of highlighter to suit all of your highlighting needs! My makeup look isn't complete without a bit of highlighter to accentuate my cheekbones and give my face a beautiful glow.  The palette comes in four different shades with three of them being a variation of a golden/bronze shade and one of them being a light purple shade. Each of the colours have a bit of shimmer to them without having actual chunks or glitter so the shimmer is nice yet subtle.  With highlighter you want that wow factor that gives your face a nice glow without looking like a disco ball and I find that all four of these highlighters are perfect.  They come in a powder form but I find them to be a lot creamier than regular powder.  I've used the highlighter both with a highlighting brush and with my fingers and I found the texture to be incredibly soft and smooth.  Most powders will feel really dry and flake off but these were hydrating and a bit creamy as it is infused with coconut oil so not only does it give your skin a bit of hydration but it goes on so easily.  It's incredibly light and glides onto your skin effortlessly.  It stays put so when you put it on, it stays on! None of if comes off or transfers which is great for when you're partying or going out as you do not want your makeup to be moving around!  You can use the highlighting shades individually or you can mix or layer them together for a customisable look that adds more shine.  I apply the highlighting powder to the high points of my cheekbones and on the bridge of my nose.  You want to put highlighter where the sun would naturally shine on your face. I like to put a little bit of the highlighter on my skin before I put foundation for some very subtle shimmer and then if I like amping up the volume I'll put more on top of my foundation for a gorgeous glow.  As my skin is a light medium colour I find that the highlighter compliments my warm toned complexion and doesn't make me look washed out.  As with most makeup products, you can use it for more than what it's intended for.  I like to use the highlighting powders as eyeshadow as well.  The shimmery colours make it a gorgeous nighttime look that's elegant.  I also like to use a bit in the corner of my eyes and I've even used a little bit on my body (shoulders, décolletage).  The price is also quite affordable.  When you break it down it comes down to $7.5 for each highlighting shade which is a good deal.  I would recommend it to everyone, from those who are beginners and have never used highlighter to those who are highlighting fiends and can't live without it! It will last you a long time and the colours are beautiful!  Pros: -Smooth and creamy -Blend really easily -Four shades that range from light to dark -Has great longevity  -Can be used as eyeshadow  -Affordable  -The colours are pigmented and buildable 
This is a perfect little highlighting palette from LOreal paris its a slim compact product it goes on smooth easy to blend it also comes with picture instructions which is great in all this is the perfect highlighting product for everyone from beginners to pros i would deffinetly recommend this product
This palette is everything!!! At first glance the four shades appear very glittery, like a disco ball, and not suited for day wear. But I was pleasantly surprised how well all four shades blended into the skin and were able to be built on each other. This product is versatile in that it can be used purely as a highlighter on cheekbones, individual or together,  as well as an eyeshadow for both day and night. Highly recommend this palette
I love this palette and use this daily. It's quite a diverse product too, I not only used it as a highlighter but also as an eyeshadow. The pigmentation was amazing and the highlighter would last all night. For a more intense look I would recommend putting a bit of liquid highlighter first and then spraying a bit of make-up spray on your brush prior to applying the highlighter
Such a good little highlighter palette! Four gorgeous shades, that aren't glittery, the formula is super smooth and buttery and the compact is small and compact. With the range of shades, I'm sorted for highlighter all year round. Highly recommend if you want a good range of shades without spending too much but still getting a decent formula.
Such a good little highlighting palette! Its small package makes it easy to travel with and easy to just put in my handbag for those little touch up's during the day! I love the different shades in it and It is now one of my go to palettes! 10/10 would recommend to my friends and family.
Well who doesn’t love to glow, and with this pallette you’ll do just that, GLOww, it’s such a beautiful pallette, the colours are perfect to suit a range of different skin types, the colours you can use for more than one purpose, it can be used on all the high points of the face, as an eyeshadow, inner eye highlight and either brushed over the collar bone to really enhance that glow.. the colours were very pigmented and creamy. And if you really wanted to pop add a little fix plus to your brush and then pick the product up to intensify it on the face.  I did think it was great that on the back of the pallette it came with a face map on where to put the colours, great for a first Users  Would definitely recommend and buy again!
I really liked the slim size of the palette as it fits easily in my makeup bag or my handbag. I have a very light complexion and found it a little bit dark for a daytime look. I would use it at night when I wear more makeup. I liked the variety of colours in the palette though and they brushed on really smoothly. I used the darker shades as eyeshadows and they lasted really well without smudging and fading.
One of my favourite highlighting pallets! It is a perfect subtle glow on your cheeks that is perfect for every day wear! If your looking for a night out look it is also quite easy to get a more full look just by applying more product to the brush. Over all I would definitely say it’s one of the best on the market and in my opinion for $29.95 how could you go wrong??
What a great little highlighter palette! It comes with 4 different shades which are totally interchangeable for cheeks, eyes and cupids bow etc. These highlighters are a powder formula which are super soft and blendable. Lovely pigment with alot of shimmer without being too glittery. This palette is suitable for everyone, I only wish the back of the packaging was a bit brighter and easier to see.
I absolutely adore this beautiful highlight palette, such divine colours. The palette blends really well with complimentary colours which give a nice healthy looking golden glow. I love the palette on cheeks and also use it as an eyeshadow, so dual purpose is a bonus. It’s light and non greasy to wear. It’s lovely ng lasting and compact to take with me and I love that there are four shades so I can go light or darker depending on the season.  The colour is buildable and gives a nice shimmer. I also found it quite economical as I never need to use a lot. Overall a great product I highly recommend
I think this is a gorgeous highlighting palette. So far the nicest from the drug store. Not too harsh, but subtle, nice highlight and easy to work with. I am not big on highlight so i use this mainly as an eyeshadow, but it is perfect for that as well as its original urpose
L'Oréal Paris La Vie En Glow highlighting pallet contains 4 shades,I used sundust the lightest shade the most out of the pallet as I have very fair skin. It created a lovely glow on the top of my cheek bones and near the eye area. The darker shades were great for bronzer on my cheeks creating a contoured look, The range of shades was great for creating numerous looks and would be suitable for many skin shades. This is a very versatile pallet, with smooth bleandable colours.
This palette had plenty of beautiful options that have just the right amount of shimmer. I loved being able to play with different shades in the same look, and the colour was buildable enough to use a colour lightly as a highlighter and thicker for an eyeshadow. The consistency is lovely and smooth, not chalky at all. Highly recommended!
I wasn't sure how much of this palette I could use as a very pale person, however I was pleasantly surprised. The first three shades work well as a highlight for me, I use the lightest for a brow bone highlight as well because it can be subtle or intense depending how much you use. The two on the right both work well as eyeshadows as well, just to give an all over glow.  The formula is lovely as well, you don't have to be heavy handed to get a nice glow and the actual product is nice and smooth, no chunky gritty bits and no in your face glitter. Definitely a product worth having, I use it for brow bone, inner eye, cupids bow and cheekbone highlight plus eyeshadow. A great one to keep to suit many skin tones.
This palette literally gives me life. It is sooooooooo good! I was using Nars Orgasm blush but it ran out and I can't afford to buy another one, and this is a super cheap / versatile alternative! It has a super light share which is perfect as a standalone highlighter, a beige shade which blends really well with the pink shade to dupe the Nars Orgasm blush, and then a bronzer to contour / add depth. I've been using the palette as a blush / highlighter THEN also using it on my eyelids to up the glow factor - literally the best palette of all time, it's my new go-to (and perfect for travelling!
La Vie en glow highlighting powder palette by L’Oréal is a beautifully pigmented powder palette designed to do exactly as it says, highlight and give the skin a beautiful glow. The palette contains 4 shades - sundust, blazing gold, after love and bronze kiss. For me personally I would only use the first 3 to highlight my super fair skin. Any of the first 3 shades work beautifully to illuminate cheek bones, Cupid’s bow, brow bone and inner corner of the eye. The 4th shade is too bronzey and orange for me to use as a highlighter but as the description suggests works well as an eyeshadow, in fact the whole palette works lovely if you are after a gorgeous glowy eye for the day or night.  As mentioned the powders are super finely milled, highly pigmented, shimmery without any chunks of glitter. Overall a very nice product and I would recommend, especially when your local store has a makeup sale making this little palette super affordable especially since the pigment levels match that of higher end brands such as Urban Decay and Napoleon Perdis. 
Loved this pallette! So pigmented! Loved the options this pallette has .. I use this on my eyes as well It has nice shades that will look good on all skin tones Plus point is that it lasts all day long and my skin looks all glowy and healthy I generally mix all the shades and apply on my cheek bones
This palette was super pigmented! Just a little goes a long way and gives you such a gorgeous glow. Love the sleek packaging that makes it easy to travel with (and you get 4-in-1!) and it's affordable! The shades are versatile, could be worn day and night, and could double up as eyeshadow for a glamorous night out!