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L’Oréal Paris Lash Architect 4D Mascara

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L’Oréal Paris Lash Architect 4D Mascara is a mascara that adds volume, length, texture and curl to lashes. The angled brush features regularly spaced bristles that coat each lash evenly while the mascara formula features 4mm nylon fibres that wrap around lashes for a smooth coating with no clumps. 

Available in three shades and a waterproof formula.


L’Oréal Paris Lash Architect 4D Mascara


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I just bought this a week ago for the first time, and wow, colour me obsessed!!!  Love it love it love it!!!  Longer lashes from the very first stroke, which only become more volumised, plumpy and lengthy with just a couple more applications!  A little goes a long way and this will ALWAYS be in make makeup collection from now on.
A great day mascara! It goes on really smooth. I also find it seperates and coats my lashes making them look thick and luscious. It lasts all day and goes a long way and comes off easily enough at the end of the day with a my light makeup remover.
Recently tried out this product and fell in love with it straight away. Love the shape of the brush which awesome to use for upper and lower lashes. The formula is unbelieveably awesome with excellent volume, lengthen my lashes and looks super natural. Most importantly, the price is highly affordable.
I see where this mascara gets its name, the brush itself is genius in design, so much so it looks like an architect designed it. It delivers just the right amount of product and the high quality brush lengthens, seperate and curls lashes perfectly. I was drawn to the package Ng I must admit, so classy and luxe looking and I'm not disappointed. It's priced well for the results it delivers, I actually get compliments wearing this mascara and get asked what it is I'm wearing. Gorgeous black silky pigment that doesn't clump and great staying power with no smudging, what's not to love. Highly recommend this product, love it.
I have this in the Waterproof Black version and I just love it!  Loreal does dramatic lash mascara better than anyone else and their formulas are consistently reliable.  This particular one comes in a triangular-shaped turquoise blue tube and is made in Italy.  I love love LOVE the shape of the tapered brush, it is pure genius!  Small enough so you can easily reach all your inner and outer lashes and such a unique shape that grabs and hugs your lashes evenly coating them in product from root to tip.  The waterproof version is perfect for me as I wear sunglasses for hours a day and the formula holds up well in the heat and humidity wearing glasses creates.  It stays put all day, does not flake, smudge or go soft.  It gives superb definition, length and volume without being clumpy, truly a wonderful product and I hope it is never discontinued.
This is a mascara that looks like an architect created it. The tube looks futuristic and the mascara performs like it's out of this world. I love the narrowed tapered brush which allows me to apply the mascara to even my shortest lashes and especially on my lower lashes. The unique shaped brush also gives more coverage to all my lashes, including my smaller inner lashes. The wand is easy to hold especially because of the gradient sides which give me more grip on the tube. The mascara doesn't clump or flake off and lasts the entire day. It's easily removed by soaking a cotton pad with eye makeup remover. Once applied, my lashes look natural with volume and definition. This mascara looks so good that some days I don't wear anything else on my eyes and this is enough. Pros: -easy to hold and apply, dries fast, doesn't clump, gives my lashes a good curl, removes easily Cons: -none, it's very good!  Tip: -To give your lashes even more intensity, apply along the full length of your lashes. Curl your lashes first with an eyelash curler and then apply this mascara foe even more volume and thickness  Recommend: -This is a great everyday mascara suitable for all ages and it gives natural looking lashes with full volume and intensity. 
I love this mascara! Hugely long, thick, curled lashes with others asking me if they are fake. Can't get any better than this! Lasts all day & night and doesn't clump!