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L'Oréal Paris Life’s a Peach Skin Awakening Blush

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L'Oréal Paris Life’s a Peach Skin Awakening Blush is a universally-flattering peach-coloured blush that helps brighten the complexion. The blush is infused with peach butter and a fresh peach scent. The blush can be easily layered to achieve the desired level of colour intensity.


L'Oréal Paris Life’s a Peach Skin Awakening Blush


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Beautiful Subtle Blush

I liked this blush as it gave my cheeks a hint of colour which looked very natural. I am all about a natural look and prefer blushes that are a little less pigmented and this one worked really well for me. I also liked the peachy shade which suited my warm skin tone a lot. It is the blush I reach out to on a daily basis as it stays on for long and suits me too. It certainly is heavily fragranced but its not a con for me as I love fragrance in the products that I use. Overall, I think it is a great blush for someone who has neutral - warm skin tone and prefer a subtle hint of colour.
Another amazingly generous gift from a great friend, what stunned me about this blush is the gorgeous scent that comes out of the product! The colour is also lovely however the colour payoff is not as strong or as intense as I would have preferred. I think it would be better when I have my winter skin going on rather than my summer tones (I'm a bit too tanned at the moment). That said, you get a lovely natural flush and this blush suits yellow skin tones (only). If you are fair and pink skinned, this one is not for you. I also found the colour did not last as long as I would have liked. I had to re-apply. Shame.
As with the bronzer, I loved the luxe compact and cute brush but not so much the peachy fragrance of the blush, I'm not a fan of fragranced makeup.  What I did love about this product was that a little but went a long way and it elevated the 'no makeup look' for winter but not sure if I would wear it in summer.
This has such a nice scent, I'm a sucker for scented products. Super easy to blend out (I don't usually even wear blush). I would recommend using a regular blush brush though. The mirror is super handy to have too. L'Oreal is really stepping up their game.
I am obsessed with the formula of this blush. It's smooth and buttery, pigmented without being too pigmented, it's buildable so you can't go over the top. It has a strong peachy scent, which I love but would be off-putting for some people. The colour isn't one I wear every day but this is my go to when I'm wanting a peachy blush.
This blush was the perfect blush to give that healthy glow that I look for in a blush. The scent of the product was very nice and a welcomed added touch. The product was so easy to apply and went on smoothly with each application. Now one of my everyday go to blushes!
First notice of this blush is the packaging, which i personally really like. It also has an apricot kinda smell, which is cute, however i am not a fan of fragrance in facial products.  First i was not that impressed with this blush, the colour pay off was not as fgreat as other L’Oreal blushes. However, when i switched to a bit denser brush, and used that for spplying, it gave me a beautiful, glowy colour on my cheeks. Now i use it almost every day. I would recommend it for more warm toned ladies.
This product from LOreal Paris was well packaged compact and come with a brush and mirror good handbag size it smelt lovely but the colour didnt really sit well with my shade off skin I felt like crusty the clown but I really had to blend it and I didnt have to use  a stack load which was good.
I really loved the peach scent of this blush but found it a bit too dark for me. I have a very light complexion and this blush stood out a bit too much for me. I'd use it as an eyeshadow for a special look only. Saying that, it was very smooth and easy to blend.
The L’Oréal Paris ‘life’s a peach’ skin awakening blush is a beautifully pigmented, universal shade of blush. It has a strong but lovely peachy/apricot type scent. The packaging feels luxe with rose gold accents, a compact mirror and a super soft application brush. While the brush is great for travel I preferred to use my own blush. The shade blended perfectly onto my skin and only a tiny bit was needed, meaning this product will last a long time. I am so impressed with this blush that I am actually replacing my old one with it. Never underestimate the power of a good blush to elevate your ‘no makeup’ look! This is my fav product from the whole L’Oréal Paris wake up and glow range.
Oh! I love this blush!! This has the perfect coral shade which compliments my skin tone. I was wanting to get a coral blush since a very long time and I am glad that I got this. It gives my skin a nice flush of colour that makes it look fresh and awake. I love that its not too pigmented which helps it from over doing .
The colour scared me a bit at first but it's actually soooooo nice, and smells great too! Really easy to apply, love that it comes with its own brush (so convenient!) and nice buildable colour that stops you from looking like a clown. Definitely recommend this blush for any beginner or 'no fuss' makeup users (like me!)
I have really enjoyed using this blush. The first thing I noticed once I put the brush near my face was the smell. This blush actually smells like peaches and it is lovely. Not like fake peaches either, fresh and delicious peaches. It's also very pigmented, I wasn't expecting it to be as pigmented as it is so don't go heavy handed with it or you'll have to really work it in. The colour is great as well, gives a nice glow to the skin. Definitely been my only used blush in the last two weeks. Highly recommend.
I was so excited to be given an opportunity to try new L'Oreal Glow range and just can't get enough of it!  The smell is very nice and I just loved the size of the package which fits perfect in my bag so i can use it during the day. As I have a combination skin  i felt like it faded away a little bit so I had to re-apply it during the day.  I didn't quite like the brush that goes with it so I preferred to use my own professional blush brush but mirrow that comes in the package is very handy which is  a nice addition.  It is quite pigmented product so you need to use a small amount to achieve natural look. I got a very nice colour   that willl probably suit  most skin colours . Will recommend this product as it is easy to use on the go  and good price!   
First thing I noticed was the smell - peachy and fruity, love it! This blush added a beautiful flush to the cheeks. It's not too powdery and is easy to blend out. Also, buildable for night time wear. The compact is sturdy, making it easy to travel with, and it's definitely affordable!
I was so excited to be given the opportunity to try this blush and it definitely didn’t disappoint.  I cannot express how much I love this blush, the shade is perfect, it blends perfectly and complemented my fair skin tone so well. Using just a small amount it gave me a subtle wash of colour that worked so well for daytime wear but was so easy to build upon and create a stronger colour that worked well for a night out.  Overall I’m very pleased and highly recommend to everyone. I will also definitely be purchasing when the time comes. 
Just like with the L'Oréal Paris Back to Bronze Matte Bronzer, this product is really amazing. I'd recommend using a fluffier brush to apply it than the compact one that comes with it but the compact is still fine for quick touch ups. Can I also just say this blush smells sooo delicious!! I couldn't stop sniffing it at first! Great, universal shade and excellent formula although staying power could be a touch better.
I just can't get enough of this new range! The L'Oreal 'Wake Up and Glow' Collection has blown my mind. The design and quality of all products received are good quality, extremely pretty and provide an excellent addition to my boring make up routine! I would definitely recommend this L'Oréal Paris Life’s a Peach Skin Awakening Blush. It is so soft and easy to blend. The colour is stunning. The addition of a compact mirror and mini brush is an A+!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!
Great size for a colour that looks like its 'too peach'. Im normally a rose user but this colour suited my fair skin tone quite well. Just like the bronzer, it isnt pigmented which allows the product to be buildable. Leaves a matte finish and doesnt move all day. Works perfect with the L'Oréal Paris La Vie En Glow Highlighting Palette if you want the extra Glow. I believe this shade is suited to all skin colours, just be gradual when applying. Also a great shade to swipe over the eyelids when creating a quick 'no makeup-makeup' look.
This is such a pretty blush, i thought it would be way too strong for me but just a little gives a really nice peachy flush. The formula is so smooth and silky which blends amazingly, and it lasts all day without fading. It also builds well so it will work for many skin tones. It has an amazing peachy, summery scent without being overpowering. The packaging is a bit bulky like most Ioreal blushes and I don't like the brush it comes with but its nice it comes with one and a decent mirror.