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L’Oréal Paris Lumi Magique Concealer

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L’Oréal Paris Lumi Magique Concealer is an illuminating concealer. It helps erase and illuminate shadowy areas of the face including dark circles and other signs of fatigue. Use the pen applicator to highlight, sculpt, draw and correct the complexion for a brighter-looking, luminous look.


L’Oréal Paris Lumi Magique Concealer


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I love using this as an under eye concealer, to brighten, lift and get rid of dark circles! It is my go-to "drug store" under eye highlight, and it is pretty much one of the only ones I've found that has a shade lighter than my skin tone! I find it doesn't offer quite as much coverage as my fave 'high end' concealer (Tarte Shape Tape) but it definitely gets the job done! It is light reflective, without being chunky, or obviously glittery (which is the worst) and once I set it with powder, it stays in play all day!
Highlighting....accenting one's best features by using light to bring forth those parts that we love,has been a beauty industry buzzword for ages now,and to be honest,i haven't really been a massive devotee.For a start,doing it without having the end result looking like you have evolved into a shiny disco ball,visible from the international space station (especially during daylight hours) has been a virtual "Mission Impossible" for me,but i don't hate a little luminosity every now and again. Enter the world of luminising pens...a world i DO love,thanks to both my (and the world's if you believe the stats) addiction to the item that started it all....YSL's Touche Éclat,BUT,that item is not something everyone can shell out for,so a more accessible version was something i wanted to try...so perhaps another well known / loved French brand..L’Oréal Paris,could help me, with this new Lumi Magique Concealer. To begin with,as with the other pen i mentioned,one thing you need made very clear about this product is that,despite the name,it is absolutely NOT a concealer....it is a highlighting pen,with light reflecting particles that disguise darkness under the eyes and lift the complexion by illuminating it,so if dark circles,imperfections or little eruptions on your skin are what you are trying to conceal...FORGET IT - this isn't for that purpose,BUT,to accentuate the high points of the face - so tops of cheekbones,bridge of the nose,browbone and cupid's bow,this is a subtle,easy to use way to do it. There’s three colours on offer within the Lumi Magique line....all have a lovely,subtly pleasant scent and a gorgeous rose - gold hued applicator,that is definitely show off worthy (and very portable).I bought the lightest colour...1 Light,which is rather pink undertoned ivory shade...not really my shade,as i am a rarer "golden" undertoned fair hue,so this shade took some working with to look like i at least had some blood flow.Also,i am putting it out there...this product is more "glitter" striking than "candlelight" soft focus,so that,it must be said,killed it for me.I am not,by any means,a glitter type of girl,and i really think that the point of a highlighter is to add a softness,a gentle glow,a "lit from  within"  gleam that whispers "romance",rather than screaming "showgirl",and this is much more the later. I also felt that the formula was rather drying on the skin...not really what most of us are after for around the eye area,so that also came out as a negative for me.Now,onto the packaging and all important brush applicator...I have to mention that the packaging for this concealer isn’t the greatest..it feels a little flimsy and hard to work with.Once you twist the end of the ‘pen’ and product is released into the brush, product will start to get onto the inside of the cap etc,and the brush quickly becomes splayed....leading to total lack of control and definition for fine work (like your cupid's bow). So,dear reader,you may be able to guess that i am NOT a huge fan of this offering from L’Oréal at all...but that shouldn't stop you from at least trying it.I have been spoiled forever by my YSL,and am willing to spend (on sale) that bit more on that to get the results i love.
Lovely highlighting pen, the closest dupe I found for YSL Touche Eclat so far. Almost a HG product for me but for once before I start with the pros let me start with the only con for this product. The concealer/highlighting pen is no Bang for your Buck. On a daily use the concealer only last up to a month!, it has only 1.5ml(!) in it. A high end concealer would cost you much less and will last longer even the original YSL. But I'm still involve with this product, although I have the Touch Eclat I think I like this concealer a bit better. The colour in this one is great, it has kind of a pink-neutral base which is perfect for highlighting, it covers my dark circles and makes me look more awakens. Feels very lightweight on your face(you can barely notice its even there) and I always get tons of complements on my skin when Im wearing it. The packaging is also lovely, the brush is absolutely fabulous and so much fun to apply with, I didn't notice any strong fragrance and it didn't make my dry skin any drier. I adore this concealer but its definitely more of a splurge than a saving, so you do you ladies and decide which one do you prefer buying the splurge or the saving?
I have a confession - on really bad skin days I try to use this product on my entire face as a foundation, I love it that much, even though I know it seems like a waste of product! Most days I actually mix a few drops of the concealer in with my foundation to add a dewy & brightening glow to my foundation while improving the coverage aspect of it as well, I found the texture of the product to be very hydrating for a concealer and my skin feels softer & fresher during the day. The packaging is lovely, a very chic golden tube/pen that's easy to carry around in your bag for emergency touch ups :) The brush-pen aspect is quite easy to use & allows you to regulate the amount of product you use, you simply twist the base & can use the little brush to apply your concealer directly or dab it onto the top of your hand to mix in with other products & apply however you prefer! I'd definitely recommend trying this product, try to resist using it purely as a foundation!
I love using this for my under-eye concealer, it's less shimmery than YSL Touch Eclat, and I think it is on the same level of coverage as Clinique Airbrish Concealer (which is a staple of mine). This is perfect for concealing shadowy areas under the eyes, around the nose and other areas that need lifting. Don't use it on blemishes as it only serves to highlight them. It is a light to medium coverage and may not be enough to conceal really dark circles. I am lucky that the light shade suits me but I think darker skin tones will have trouble finding a shade that suits. This can also be used as a subtle highlight as it blends very well. PROS: Light to medium coverage Brightening but not shimmery Blends easily Easy to apply, functional packaging. Affordable CONS: Limited shade range May not be enough coverage for darker areas
I think  I have found one of my favourite under eye concealers in this product. It seems to be very close to the cult YSL Touche Eclat, but better- because it is cheaper. The packaging is so pretty, a rose gold pencil. Very classy. The product inside is quite impressive too- it is a lovely highlighter for the face, blends effortlessly, and cooperates with all the foundations. What is more, it actually can be used as a concealer. It covers dark under eye circles, reflects the light slightly, making the eye area look fresh and radiant. It feels very light too.  It won’t settle in the fine wrinkles and looks beautiful all day long ( especially with Chanel Vitalumiere powder they are invincible). Pity it finishes so quickly. Otherwise, a lovely, lovely product.