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L’Oréal Paris Lumi Magique Light Concentrated Primer

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L’Oréal Paris Lumi Magique Light Concentrated Primer is an illuminating primer that preps skin for makeup. It illuminates and masks uneven tones with light technology, while pure water keeps skin hydrated. Apply before makeup or use alone to help create a silky, soft complexion.


L’Oréal Paris Lumi Magique Light Concentrated Primer


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The hype over this primer was short-lived but 3 re-purchases later I am still in love with it. Having dry and sensitive skin this primer gives the effect of having hydrated and plump skin. It looks beautiful under my foundation (liquid semi-matte) and I often get compliments on how nice my skin looks! Although the tube is quite small, a little goes a long way! I tend to avoid putting it on my forehead however because I tend to get oily there during the day and it can draw the focus towards the oil. I recommend also using your clean hands for application as a sponge can soak most of it up.
This has been my go-to for the last four years. Previously had been using a higher-end one, but the price...well..   Had read a lot of great reviews about this and I've always found L'oreal products to be extremely reliable, and this definitely did not disappoint. If you want that dewy, lit from within look, this is going to give it to you!! But warning, a little goes a long way. So the first time I used this, I applied it first, then foundation over the top. For some reason it just did not work for me. I was using NARS Sheer Foundation at the time, and perhaps the combination was just wrong since both products were so liquidy. It was also summer and it just seemed to highlight my oily patches. After about a week of trying it out, it went to the back of the drawer. Fast forward a few months and I was using L'oreal True Match which was great, but I wanted more radiance and it was winter so my skin was going through a dull phase. I mixed a bit of the primer into the foundation and applied it to my skin - AMAZING. This is my staple winter combination. In summer I find the primer a little too shiny because I sweat more. I prefer to switch to a matte primer with an illuminating foundation (the L'oreal Lumi Foundation is great!). TIPS Not for oily skin Mix into your foundation for a dewy no-makeup look Don't use in combination with illuminating foundation as it's TOO illuminating FOR Dry, dull skin
This primer is great value for money. It’s pearl coloured and gives a nice glow under foundation. I have oily skin and find it works well, though I have used too much of the product before and it did make me look greasy. It’s the best out there in its price category and comparable to some higher end ones.  
Lumi Magique Primer is a beautiful, silky liquid primer and it is hard to fault. This multi-purpose primer helps makeup look fresh for longer, acts as an illuminator to rejuvenate the appearance of dull, tired skin and provides 8 hours of hydration. It glides over skin like a dream and blends with ease, leaving a lovely subtle sheen on the skin's surface. I do love the glowing sheen when applied over moisturiser but once foundation is applied over Lumi Magique Primer, the illuminator tends to appear slightly less obvious. It does however make my foundation appear more dewy throughout the day. While I would like to point out that I still need to touch-up of an afternoon, it is only a dab of powder along the nose and forehead. I love the smooth fluid texture which appears white but blends out to a translucent shade and the fact that this primer helps to keep skin hydrated for longer which is perfect for my dry winter skin. Lumi Magique Primer is so easy to use, the pump applicator is easy to control and one pump tends to go the mile. I would purchase Lumi Magique Primer again because it is affordable, available from major department stores and quite simply works!
This is a fantastic dupe for high end illuminating skin primers. I usually apply this before foundation just on the areas I typically like to highlight, or I mix it with my foundation for an all over glow. A little goes a long way with this product and it definitely adds a shimmer to any areas where you apply it! If I want an extra luminous look, I prime with this and then apply a normal powder highlight on top of my foundation to make my skin look like it's glowing from within! The product doesn't have any significant fragrance to it which is great, and looks gorgeous in flash photography. The only things I dislike are that the bottle is extremely small so you don't get much product and that it isn't the most affordable of drugstore makeup items!