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L'Oréal Paris Magic Retouch Instant Root Concealer Spray

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L'Oréal Paris Magic Retouch Instant Root Concealer Spray is a pigmented root re-touching spray that has been developed with a quick-dry, smudge-proof formula to help temporarily conceal grey roots instantly. The colour is dispersed evenly with the pinpoint micro-diffuser, allowing women to create blended coverage. The pigment will stay put will day and can be washed out when shampooing hair.

Available in five shades.


L'Oréal Paris Magic Retouch Instant Root Concealer Spray


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Great product

L'Oréal Paris Magic Retouch Instant Root Concealer Spray Is a must have for me. I suffer from Graves’ disease so my hair turns grey super fast. With this between dying my hair I can conceal my grey roots with no problem. This doesn’t get into my clothes or bleed in to my pillow. I’m soo glad I found this because this has been a life changer for me. Anyone with grey hair should have this with them. Especially when you are going out and suddenly see a patch of grey hair this can effectively cover it up within seconds. Love this

Magic retouch spray

I purchased this to try for events or when I had something on to attend in between salon visits to get my roots coloured. I have dark brown hair and white regrowth, it stands out as it’s right down the part of my hair. I found the cool dark brown matched really well and was easy to apply and covered most of the hairs. The only downfall for me was I felt that it left a gritty/tacky feel to the roots and when I’ve used it I’ve wanted to wash it out as soon as possible. Other then that I would highly recommend for us in between salon visits or colouring your hair at home.
I brought this when I was desperate to cover my dark roots. I wanted to blend them with my highlighted hair, but I was a bit disappointed with the result. I found that it didn't do the best job. Even after applying the product evenly I found that it didn't provide adequate coverage, even when I applied more layers it still didn't disguise the dark roots. Perhaps it would work better in grey hair? I also found that it made my hair matte where I sprayed it, which also wasn't a good look. I don't know who to recommend this product to, as I wasn't impressed with it, perhaps someone with darker hair?
I trialled the L'Oreal Paris Magic Retouch Dark Roots in the Light Blonde colour and unfortunately wasn't overly impressed with the product. I really liked the bright coloured packaging and I found the product quite easy to apply however I didn't find that the product coloured my hair or disguised my roots at all. I sprayed it on my roots which are a mousey brown colour in comparison to my light blonde coloured hair and it literally did nothing. It felt cold on my scalp but other than that I couldn't see a difference. I tried shaking the can and holding the can at different distances from my head but neither of these things helped and I couldn't see any visible difference to my root colour. I like the general idea of this product and think it would be really handy if it actually did colour your roots especially for events when you haven't had time to visit the hairdresser. I have my fingers crossed that L'Oreal might revamp the formula and improve the results. Overall, a cool idea for a product but didn't deliver for me and my regrowth.
I decided to buy this product to use in between getting my dark blonde highlights done. Overall I found the formula very sticky and made my hair look dirty due to its matte hue. The blonde version came out very dark and I couldn't brush it out at the end of the day. I think those with much darker hair would have a better time with this.
I love this LOreal Magic Retouch! I have dark brown hair, 49 years old. My hair is very fine (strands) and is naturally curly. I have stopped permanently colouring my hair due to damage and only get semi permanent colours applied by my hairdresser. And I HAVE to colour my hair...yes I’m getting older and greyer ...EEEK!! Which means I am going to the hairdresser every 4 to 6 weeks!!  I have used these types of products in the past (quite a while ago) and even used the crayon version sold to me by my hairdresser quite a few years ago. I have been bitterly disappointed with the concept and stopped trying this type of product. UNTIL NOW!  A friend gave me one of her bottles (we have the same colour hair) and insisted I tried it despite my objections....she knew I hated the stuff hence her gifted to me!  I am so grateful to her for giving me L’Oreal Retouch in Dark brown.  The bottle is compact and a perfect size for travel and handbag....And I love the Tiffany Blue colour (trivial I know but makes it easy to find)  I find it extremely easy to use ...I have shoulder length hair so don’t find it messy.  It covers the greys well and love it covers the greys near my ears on the sides ...which really annoy me. They are bits that fad the easiest w professional colour and very obvious that one needs to get to the hairdresser poste haste! It brushes through well and it is hard to detect I have “magic touched up”)   It saves me rushing to the hairdresser so often. My hairdresser needs to be booked a week or so ahead so it is not easy to get an appmt especially if I have an event.  It’s great value for money on top of the savings going to the hairdresser all the time. I am so grateful to my friend for forcing me to try this product and reintroducing me to a product that works after swearing that I wouldn’t waste any more money on similar product. Thank you L’OREAL Magic Retouch!!    
This is a good option for covering up grey roots in between dying. It doesn't budge all day, however it "will" transfer if you rub your fingers or nails on it. The spray is a fine mist so it will stain clothes if you aren't careful. I usually wrap a towel around my shoulders and upper half before spraying it. And you will likely need to clean up staining around your forehead and sometimes a few flecks of the spray on the face, with a tissues/cotton pad dipped in water. Great for occasional use, but I'd like t see it be "less messy".
I am all over it when a new product comes into the beauty game....and Loreal can come up with some great ones. I LOVED the idea of a quick "touchup" to my hair when time (and let's face it,cash) is an issue,so when i saw this,i thought the beauty Gods at Loreal had sent a miracle....or maybe NOT.I tried the "Blonde" shade of root touchup,and was initially excited to try it.I gave it a whirl the day after receiving it,and was pleased with many aspects....the compact size of the can (so 75ml),was perfect to throw in your bag to use when you need it,the fine applicator nozzle was great to do a good "spot treatment" (rather than having a whole spray of powder overtake your entire head),the fact that around $15 can save you a few weeks between having to fork out $100 plus for a full colour at the salon, and i loved the fact that the spray was easy on the nose as well (no overpowering scent to contend with).The product itself was a very fine, "powder like" liquid that was tinted to the shade chosen...but that is where the joy ends. I am a natural,ashy blonde,who does have a fair amount of,shall we say, "naturally acquired ash blonde" to contend with (so i can go without touchups for a while at the salon),and as mentioned,i got the blonde shade.Well,i don't know in what universe this is "blonde" but the difference in hues between my colour and the shade received was as obvious as if it was a raven black hue.....it came out medium brown when sprayed that stained my scalp and looked ridiculous ( this was where I'm glad it only has a small nozzle so it didn't go everywhere.Whilst i don't hate an ombre look,i did not appreciate THIS version).It made my hair feel a bit stiff (like a hairspray), and if its close to the hairline, it colours your skin as well.I also cannot lie,and must state that colour transfer DID OCCUR onto clothes and pillows when used,but it did last the day until i washed it out (the removal from clothes etc took a little more work). One thing i did learn was to brush the product through the lengths to distribute the colour more evenly (it helped a bit with shade variation). All in all,i was not ecstatic at this product....maybe with another shade i would be,as the idea is a great one
I was gifted the Magic Retouch Instant Concealer Spray in the black shade, and I really like the concept of it. As a busy mum of three, I don't often have the time to go to the hairdresser for a colour, I usually dye my hair at home myself. So when I heard about this, I thought that it would be fantastic to use for those moments when time isn't on your side and you need to look your best. I used the spay as per the instructions, however, I found that some of the product stained my forehead a little, and I had to wipe it off. Whilst it blended in ok, I found the pressure of the nozzle a little strong and it came out quite suddenly and quite a lot of product sprays out, hence the stained forehead.. I also was quite shocked (and embarrassed) to discover that the colour spread all over my hands when I ran them through my hair, even though the product had dried.. So, that experience has made me rather reluctant to us it again. I really wanted to like this product more than I did. I might give it another go and try to apply less to see if I can achieve better results..
L'Oreal Paris Magic Retouch is truly magical! Because of my grey hair I need to colour my hair approximately every 4 weeks in order to cover my regrowth - it is very time consuming and being a working mum sometimes I just can't afford the time to do so. When this product first came out I thought it is too good to be true. Well, guess what? It really turned out to be that good. After discovering this product, I can now stretch out the colouring of my hair to every 6-8 weeks instead. LO'real Magic Retouch provides instant grey coverage, and the result looks very natural. The thin nozzle disperses the product to exactly where it needs to be. It does take a while to master the direction of the nozzle so that it doesn't make a mess everywhere, but all it needs is practice. Having gone through at least 10 bottles of this product in the past 2 years, I have developed what I think is the best way to apply this product, and I would love to share my tips with you. It is crucial to NOT hold the nozzle too far away from the roots. It does tend to go everywhere if the nozzle is too far from where the product needs to go. I would say that 5-8 cm is the right distance.  At this short distance however, I make sure to spray very lightly so that the product does not concentrate at one spot on the scalp. As I release the product, I move my hand in a direction that is "across the hair strands" so to get an even dispersion. In certain areas I may need to repeat a couple of times (and go light-handed each time) to get the desired coverage. Make sure to use L'Oreal Retouch before changing into your outfit in case the product gets onto your clothes accidentally. Any droplets on skin can be washed off by water immediately and easily. The product is a little bit sticky. It feels like dry shampoo, so this is always the last step in my hair styling (after brushing, combing and blow dry / straightening) . The colour will last until the next shampoo. I have both "Brown" and "Light Brown" colours. I found the actual colour is darker than the description (e.g. "Brown" looks more like dark brown). If you are choosing between different colours I would recommend to go for the lighter one of the two.
If you are after a quick fix with maximum payoff L’Oréal Paris Magic Retouch is the product for you. I have level 4 dark brow hair with I few unwanted white intruders and brown matches my hair colour perfectly. It is a stress free way to cover regrowth and solid coverage is easy to achieve. It has a similar texture to dry shampoo. It did make my hair feel chalky and it had a slightly dull appearance but it's a great product. The chalky finish would actually work in the favour of people that needed root lift and body. The dullness would help with people that have oily hair. The key is to keep it moving as you spray so you don't over load it. I loved this product, it's a great travel size and it works really well. Pros: I love the control that the tiny nozzle gives  The coverage is excellent!  It was easy to apply No stickiness,  No fowl scent and Blends it to perfection. Prefect size for travel touch ups Cons: Shake before use! I didn't and it splattered all over my face. I looked like I was covered in dark freckles! Lucky I had wet wipes handy because once it dries it takes a bit of rubbing to get it off. I would recommend L’Oréal Paris Magic Retouch because it's works wonders! 
Comes in a handy 75ml spay can which lasts a surprisingly long time time as only a small spray is necessary to cover my problem area.  I have been using the Loreal Densifying Serum and it has given me a big crop of new colourless hairs and I needed a temporary cover-up until they are of a thickness and length for professional dying.  Initially spray onto a tissue to clear the nozzle or it can splatter out in a random messy pattern which ended up on my forehead.  Now I just place a head band over my forehead and spray to avoid the speckles that end up there.  What I love is that I have used it and had a big workout (think dripping wet hair) and it didn't run down my face or budge, really liked that!  It seems to hold up well under all conditions but brushes out easily.  It does leave a slight almost waxy feel to my hair, but doesn't make it look dirty or greasy.  Good little performer for the price.
This is my holiday kit product. The bottle is small enough but packs enough product to last you a while if you are on a longer holiday and can't have access / bother to have roots touch up at the salon. The Spray formula is directly applied to the grey roots to be covered.
I LOVE THIS PRODUCT !!!!!   perfect colour match every time and a quick spray lasts for hours.  It brushes out easily and no extra hair washing is needed.  Keep one in the glove box for touch ups during the day and no more panic when I don;t have time to get to the hairdresser!!!!   If you have not tried it you dont know what your missing......
Such a great product, I wish I knew about this earlier. It is better than the colour regrowth stick I have used in the past.  The colour of the L'Oréal Retouch Spray blends in so well and completely covers all my regrowth. Pros + affordable + easy to use + naturally covers regrowth Cons - The spray is a little tricky to use especially spraying near the forehead area. Some of the product end up on my forehead but it can be easily removed with some water and tissue. 
I am very impressed with this product for a quick fix when I am stressing about those pesky little stray greys that I feel are popping up and out.  I have this in brown, I find it very effective and straightforward to use, my colour is instantly, transformed, revamped and lifted.  I love that it free of ammonia, peroxides and synthetic dyes also, a big thumbs up and a product I would gladly recommend.
Like the name suggests the L'Oreal Magic Retouch magically hides my greys and is a blessing between hairdressing appointments. My concern was regrowth from my roots which can now be easily concealed  . This product provides instant grey coverage and looks very natural.  But be warned, it does take awhile to master the direction of the nozzle as it does throw out quite a blast of product and should be applied from a distance. Also, I would recommend you apply it before you apply your makeup as it can leave some product on your face, but it wipes off pretty easily with water. The only other downside is that it is a little bit sticky but is easy to wash off using shampoo. I use the Light Brown but there are quite a few different shades to suit most hair colours and it is relatively inexpensive especially if you purchase it from Chemist Warehouse. If your greys are resurfacing a little too frequently I would definitely recommend this product for you. 
Love love this product. I have been waiting for an easy to use product that extends the life of my colour and this is it. So easy to use, the aerosol spray can delivers just the correct amount of product and it covers my grey roots beautifully. My hair grows really fast so this product is a godsend. This matched my own hair colour beautifully and made no mess, a great bonus. This is a magic way to disguise grey roots when in between salon visits, I can't live without it and highly recommend it
Does have some cons but I'm giving it a 5 because if you've got greys coming through this product is amazing for your self esteem, so for that alone it deserves a max rating! It's really hard and not good for your hair to be dyeing it as often as you would need to keep up with the greys coming through. So for a week or two out of each month, you have to put up with feeling older and less attractive than your fabulous self ;) Solution: this product! It's so quick and easy you can be ready to head out in a couple of minutes, confidence restored.  To use: shake the can. Hold about 15cm away from hair. Too close and you'll get build up, too far away and you won't get enough coverage. My advice is to pop a towel around your shoulders and use this product prior to putting make up on as it can be messy and you don't want to have to start over. I found a lot was getting on my forehead and ears. To prevent this I tucked a tissue over my ears and held my hand over my forehead. A little awkward but avoids overspray, and you're less worried about trying not to get it everywhere. Wash hands quickly with soap to remove, and you're done.  So... what's a little bit of fiddling and mess for a whole lot of feeling good? Totally worth it!
This product apparently is a life saver! Why apparently? Because I can't really test in on myself as I do not have enough grey hair to cover ( well, thank God). However, I am writing this review in the name of my mum, who has been using this root concealer for over a year now and I can see how much it changed her life ( seriously). My mum's hair grows really fast, and the roots are just grey, if not white. My mum doesn't embrace the grey though ( bless those who do!) and she was forced to do her roots almost every two to three weeks as she felt uncomfortable with the grey roots showing. She doesn't like to colour her hair so often as it does damage it to some extent. When I showed her Magic Retouch she wanted to give it a go. She has got it in DARK BROWN shade and it is a great match for her hair colour. Although the product has some features that could be improved, my mum keeps on using it as the performance of Magic Retouch is worth it.   + a very handy aerosol packaging, a diffuser that makes the application easy + immediate results, it actually covers grey hair + prolongs the time between hair salon visits + gives back the confidence as it provides a quick fix + works a little like a dry shampoo - which is a bonus! ( a dry shampoo that doesn't make the hair look grey!) + if not washed out the same day it actually remains for days + doesn't leave stains on the pillow + easily washed out during the hairwash + if used just to conceal the roots, one bottle will last around 6 months ( at least it did for my mum)   Now onto some (understandable) bad sides - will colour the scalp too, but I understand that, it would be hard not too, but can be easily wiped from the forehead for example - might leave nasty stains if touched before setting - more shades welcome I believe Magic Retouch is a life and hair saver for a lot of women, It is extremely easy to apply and provides immediate results, that's why it is loved by many.