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L’Oréal Paris Mega Volume Miss Manga Mascara

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L’Oréal Paris Mega Volume Miss Manga Mascara is a mascara that amplifies lashes to help create volume 15 times that of natural lashes. A flexible, conical 360-degree brush works to coat even the shortest lashes. 

Available in four shades.


L’Oréal Paris Mega Volume Miss Manga Mascara


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My eyelashes are almost invisible without mascara,so I prefer mascaras that provide some volume. Some mascaras do not have the consistency to build volume with when I first start using them, but they eventually become thicker. As soon as I started using the Mega Volume Miss Manga Mascara (in All Black), I was able to build volume with it. After I had used the mascara a few times, it became so clumpy that it stuck some of my eyelashes together, but it was easy to smooth out the clumps. There were some things that I liked about the mascara such as its brush, its dark pigment, and its formula that was not too dry or wet.  
My only problem with the packaging was working out which half of the container was the application wand the first time I opened it. – the pink or black half.      I do like the size of this mascara wand.  It is way bigger than any other brand that I have previously used. It makes applications faster, easier and more accurate.   I curled my lashes before applying mascara (my standard operating procedure) and then recurl them again once mascara has been applied.     This mascara does stay on all day and you will definitely need to use an eye makeup remover to remove all traces of this mascara. 
First of all, we must all agree that L'oreal mascaras stand out on the market, they are characterised by an incredible quality, there is always something new, and they usually provide spectacular effects. I am aware of the fact, that we, girls, have different expectations and want different things from our mascaras ( therefore there are so many various ones). What I want from my mascara is a lot of volume, nice separation and a little bit of lengthening. I don't want my mascara to smudge or flake off. That is it, I got myself Miss Manga mascara as it promises MEGA VOLUME. Did it deliver? Let's go through pros and cons. PROS: + pretty packaging, the metallic pink matched with black looks great + great deep black shade + does not smudge + does not flake off + lengthens the lashes to a completely new level, lashes are extremely elongated (* if you get to that stage of application) + good quality CONS: - picks up too much mascara onto the brush - formula seems to be a bit too wet - sticks the lashes together, creates clumps, I end up having three/ four thick lashes ( mega volume I am not after though) - a need for an extra brush to separate the lashes. I was thinking what went wrong, what I am doing wrong, this is L'oreal for goodness sake and things like that shouldn't take place. After playing the detective for a while I found the culprit.... the brush is a FLOP! It is just too flexible, too flabby, too limp. Therefore, I can't control it. Doing your lashes with that brush is like fighting some unkown powers. The brush is guilty. The case is over.
I only became aware of this mascara when I saw the tv ad. I was slightly "mis-led" as I thought by the way it was advertised was that the wand was bendy BUT that it would stay bent at different angles.What it actually is... is a bendy wand, so not rigid like most mascaras. I bought this whilst it was on special for 1/2 price so great bargain. I only noticed, however, the one colour- black, I didn't realise it came in several different colours, but having used coloured mascaras before and not being impressed, I tend to choose black anyhow. I watched several Youtube vids (as suggested on the back of the pack), didn't really help me but one of the reviewers said it was a very wet formula, which I found to be true. I had to wipe some of it off on the tube. Both reviewers said to put two coats on, but I found one coat was plenty. It did not clump, it did cover most of my lashes on the first go, only having to top up the ones I missed. It did not flake or smudge and came off really easily with a facial wipe. Pretty easy product to use and it did make my lashes pop. I would recommend this product.
My lashes are pretty straight and short, but this mascara changed everything it adds volume, applies evenly, defines and lengthens. The wand has a flexible joint that bends as you apply, making coating every lash really easy. It's long lasting, doesn't clump or dry out and keeps a curl all day long really giving my eyes that manga effect. It is also very easy to remove - a bit of remover on a cotton pad took it off very cleanly, with no flaky  pieces coming off. For a mascara that produces such impressive results it is quite a bargain buy. Although I have only tried the black it comes in other snazzy colours too. Bonus points for that. This is a mascara I love to use and would happily recommend.
Voila - there they are, lashes to die for. I bought this mascara on a whim, not expecting much and I also thought the packaging was very young and cheap looking. Well I was so very surprised. The brush is fantastic, grabbing every lash and coating with a lovely rich product. No spindly long thin spider leg look here. The mascara stays put all day and I have recommended this mascara to all my friends.
This is a high quality, great value mascara - it doesn't smudge or come off when I wear it at the beach.   The beach is always my big test for a mascara as I love to exercise and swim there every day.   I love that  this comes in different colours.  The black is a great classic but I also love the purple because it's a flattering shade of purple any age could wear and it has the scent of violets!  I love this scent as I'm putting the purple one on.  It's not a bright and dorky purple - it's kind of like a dark blacky-purple when it's on the lashes.  It's noticeable but not stupid-looking at all.  I love how easy this mascara is to take off at night time too.  It just slides right off in the shower when I'm using my regular cleanser.  There is no mascara aftermath because it's a 'tubing' mascara - there is no mess with this and I love that about it.   So this is a fun mascara but it works hard to deliver and perform that I don't think anyone would be disappointed with.  I can highly recommend it and would buy it again when it runs out.  It doesn't glug up like some other  tubing mascaras can do with time too.  It stays at it's original consistency for months - I have had my two colours for over a year and they're both as good as new.  The formula stays really fresh and easy to use. After enjoying the black and purple shades in this great-value mascara I want to try the other shades too.
This is my favourite mascara! I have always had issues finding a mascara that wouldn't smudge around my eyes but i find this mascara stays on really well. I also like the way it doesn't clump but instead lengthens my lashes at the same time as giving them volume. It is quite waterproof which is handy too. The brush shape is great as it puts the mascara where i want it to go (I prefer not too much on the outer lashes for my 'round' eyes) and it dries really fast so you can add more layers of length in no time! I have both the black and purple colours.