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L’Oréal Paris Men Expert Anti-Irritation Skin Caring Shaving Gel Sensitive Skin

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L’Oréal Paris Men Expert Anti-Irritation Skin Caring Shaving Gel Sensitive Skin is a shaving gel for men with sensitive skin. It helps hydrate and soothe skin while shaving. Hypo-allergenic and fragrance-free.


L’Oréal Paris Men Expert Anti-Irritation Skin Caring Shaving Gel Sensitive Skin


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Best gel shaving cream

I bought this for my husband initially but I also use it myself to shave and it's the best gel shaving item I've tried to date. I love the blue gel and you don't need alot as it lathers quickly. When I shave I sometimes tend to feel a bit itchy and my legs dry but since using this shave gel I have'n't had that happen. Not red spots like I sometimes get, this is gentle & hydrates skin as well.
I bought this for my husband. He liked the smell of the gel - he described it as being fresh. The formula though wouldn't foam up enough so he was using a lot more of the product and he didn't find it to be a smooth shave. One thing that he liked about the product was the packaging design. He said it was aesthetically pleasing and cutting edge with the bright modern colours. One of the things he didn't like about the packaging was the cap. He didn't like that it was clear and see through. No matter how clean he tried to keep the pump area, there would always be residual gel which would foam up and would always be visible, which cheapened the overall look of the gel. Aside from it being so readily available at supermarkets and a great price point, unfortunately my husband wasn't so impressed with the delivery of the shaving gel and said he likely wouldn't purchase it again. 
My husband bought this and leaves it in the shower recess - he's bought it before so he must think it's pretty good!  Being in the shower recess of course I'm going to check it out and so I've shaved my legs with it to see what it's like.   It smells fantastic - like a men's classy, sexy aftershave scent.  I love the scent!  It lingers on the skin after the shaving is done. The nozzle is big and chunky and easy to press - it's perfect for man-size fingers.  The gel squiggles out easily and then when it's rubbed onto the skin it starts to foam up all white and rich.  The lather is moisturising and it makes shaving a total dream.  The razor glides over the skin for a very close shave.  My legs were left super smooth, scented and moisturised!  No wonder my hubby has been a repeat buyer of this product.  Five stars all the way!
This is one of my husbands favourite shaving gels. he loves that this gel is so gently, it makes the job of shaving so much easier and leaves his skin soft and hydrated. This gel minimises shaving rash and irritation. Its also great value for money, I pick this up for him from the supermarket and t a price point of under $7.00 its a winner. This is a great gel for anyone with sensitive skin and I would highly recommend it.
I have sensitive skin. The L’Oréal Paris Men Expert Anti-Irritation Shaving Gel prevents my skin from feeling any irritation whilst shaving. It's easy to apply to the face, & looks great on the face for the couple of minutes that it is there pre removal with a razor. It also doesn't taste that bad when accidentally applied too close to the mouth region. I would not recommend consuming too regularly though as you may fall ill. Well priced & the cannister also looks very stylish sitting on the shaving cabinet shelf. Love the blue & orange packaging! A quality product & you know what they say- shaving gels gets you the gals!!!
My job requires me to be cleanly shaven and my face can get really irritate. After a couple of days I dread shaving unless I have sensitive shaving gel and I find L’Oréal Paris Men Expert Anti-Irritation, Skin Caring Shaving Gel for Sensitive Skin to be one of the best shave gels on the market. I also have a sneaky back shave in summer ( waxing is a killer) and it works well.  Great price, stops irritation and it's at the supermarket. I would recommend this product.