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L’Oréal Paris Nude Magique Anti-Redness CC Cream

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L’Oréal Paris Nude Magique Anti-Redness CC Cream is a green colour-correcting CC cream for redness-prone skin. It transforms into a ligthwiehgt foundation when blended and helps neutralise redness. The formula offers SPF 12 sun protection and contains vitamin B5 and E to help moisturise skin.


L’Oréal Paris Nude Magique Anti-Redness CC Cream


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I don’t have problem skin or a lot of redness but I do have a few areas on my face such as around my nose and on my chin that can look slightly red at times.  I bought theL’Oreal Paris Nude Magique Anti-Redness CC Cream on a whim, and I’m so glad I did.    I haven’t used this cream as a CC cream as yet, meaning I haven’t applied it to my entire face as a foundation in the way that it is meant to be used.  Instead, I apply this lightweight, green cream to just the patches on my face where I want to reduce the slight redness.    The cream spreads very easily and changes to an ultra-light foundation which blends into my skin.  The colour actually matches my fair skin tone exactly, so I would have no problem whatsoever in just wearing the CC cream.    Once I’ve applied the green CC cream I then apply my BB cream, liquid foundation or mineral powder foundation over the top.  So, I suppose, I basically use this product as a skin perfector.    I like the fact that the CC cream comes in a soft plastic tube with a long nozzle which makes it so easy to dispense just a small amount.     I love this product because it has become my little helper in evening out my skin tone and I recommend it to anyone wanting to reduce any redness on their face.  
This is a super product for covering up redness or light rosacea without a cakey / thick look. It's lightweight and feels breathable on the skin, and is such a cheap price.  It is a bit dark beige with an orange tint, so it doesn't suit very fair skin. Also I find it doesn't last all day, it will definitely need at least one touch-up throughout the day even without sweat or strenuous use. Unfortunately it can also be a bit drying.
I can not live with out this!! I am constantly getting/turning and generally being red cheeked most the time and I hate it! Nothing seemed to help get rid of it until I bought and used this product! Works amazing with primers made from L’Oreal and honestly makes you look amazing
Perfectly conceals redness. As a fair skinned beauty I also have the unfortunate addition of redness. Sometimes it can be fixed with a green primer. When I don't want a full face of makeup this is perfect. My skin is normal/ dehydrated and I didn't find it clinging to any dryer parts or making them obvious. L'Oreal Migique CC Cream- Anti Redness comes in a really handy tube. The tube is designed to stand upright on the lid. This is a neat design but you need to be careful that when you take the lid off product doesn't start running out. The tube is white with purple writing which stands out quite well. It also has green on the end that fades into the white very effectively. IT makes it quick and easy to identify as anti redness. It also has a green band near the lid that says anti redness. There are two others in the same style which have the same design with a different colour for each product. It also has a shiny purple lid which adds a touch of pretty. The product itself is a light creamy texture. It's almost a slightly watery consistency. It's green in colour which I have come to expect from anti redness/ red calming products. Don't be worried though, once you start to apply/ rub it into your skin it does change colour to more of a nude foundation shade.The shade was close to perfect for me with a light coverage. Some other fair skinned ladies may find the colour adjusts to be too dark and may need to be covered with a powder or liquid foundation to get the shade right. I start by washing my face (cleansing, toning, moisturising). This is supposed to be an all in one product but i still choose to use a light primer underneath. I then dot a few spots of product all around my face not just the specific areas that have redness.Otherwise I think it would be odd looking. If i just use it on the red areas it's because I still choose to have a foundation or powder over the top for a fuller coverage. It is a very light coverage but still seems to conceal redness, acne and slight imperfections just fine. It seems to almost blur them away without caking or making things more obvious. It applies and blends quite nicely and dries fairly fast leaving the skin feeling smooth and soft. It's fine to use alone or with other products and doesn't seem to make my skin oily or shiny looking. I did find that if I used it on it's own the colour seems to turn a little orange almost like a bad fake tan. It looks more obvious around the edges almost like it's oxidised or a poorly chosen shade of foundation. I would recommend this product for those with any type of redness to cover. Sunburn, rosacea, acne, flushing. It's especially nice if you like a light no makeup look. The shade can turn a little orange so will need to be aware. My skin is normal/ dehydrated. I'm not sure how or if this would suit someone with more oily skin. It's value for money and definitely worth a try.
This French brand is a firm favourite and L'Oréal a nude anti redness cc cream is such a treat for correcting skin tone. So easy to use, just a smooth on either alone or under foundation to blur skin imperfections and eliminate redness. This cream is super silky and hydrating and comes st a great price of less than $27 it's great value for the results it delivers. This feels really nice and light to wear and I especially love the addition of spf for sun protection, a huge bonus. I could not see a negative to comment on except maybe the green colour is a little weird until it changes colour for a nice natural glow. The perfect little tube means no mess and it won't take up much room in my makeup bag, this product is a real winner for me for correcting imperfections and providing a nice smooth base for foundation, I absolutely love it and highly recommend it
I like really lightweight, minimal coverage products for days where I don’t want to wear a lot of makeup but need some coverage to minimise all the redness/even out my skin tone. So I have tried a variety of CC creams for this purpose.   The LOreal CC cream comes in a plastic squeeze tube. The cream itself comes out of the tube green, but changes to a skin toned colour, which is fun to watch. The cc cream dries quickly so you need to apply it quickly. Once applied, it has a slightly matte finish, and feels lightweight on the skin, and it has good coverage.   I like this cc cream, it feels nice, covers redness and is lightweight, however the colour is usually too orange for me to wear by itself and I will need to apply foundation or a mineral powder over the top. As such, this is why I have deducted stars.   If you have a medium tan then this cc ream would probably be fine to wear by itself. Or if you are ok with wearing a foundation over the top of this cream, I think it works really well to counteract redness and feels good on the skin. When paired with a lightweight foundation, then my skin looks really nice, no redness or blemishes. However, my main thing is that I prefer cc cream that I can wear by themselves when I want a really minimal make up look. I hope LOreal brings out lighter shades because then this product will be great.   Pros: - lightweight. - minimises redness.   Cons: - Dries quickly. - may not be suitable for pale skin. - orange so needs to be used with another product.  
I tried this CC Cream out because my new job required early starts.  I wanted something that I could use as a quick fix for my acne. I found the smell to be very strong, and not in a pleasant way.  This goes away after applying though.  The cream comes out of the tube bright green, and when it comes in contact with your skin, turns biege tone.  I have fair skin and found this product to be a tiny bit too dark for me, but still wearable as it is very light coverage.  I did notice it worked on my redness, which I was pleased about.  It is by no means provides full coverage, which is not its job anyway.  It goes on smooth and lightly covers redness, and helps to even out skin.  It wears well on its own, I sometimes used this as a step before adding a light layer of foundation and found that worked too.  Make sure skin is well hydrated as it sticks to dry patches.   Would not buy again due to shade and smell. 
Nude Magique CC Cream is the first CC (colour control) cream I ever tried, and I am so impressed! This anti-redness foundation has a lightweight formula which is bright green in colour, but as it blends along the skin's surface. This CC Cream eradicates the redness in my skin whilst changing colour and matching my skin tone. Like a BB cream, this all-in-one beauty product hydrates, covers and conceals, all the while reducing redness so if you experience rosacea, sensitivity or just the odd trace of redness in the skin then Nude Magique CC Cream is a fantastic product to try because it has really worked to cancel out the slight redness I experience and cover my skin just like a foundation would. While this product does not eliminate redness from the skin, it conceals it with ease. Packaged in a plastic squeeze tube means that the product is easy to apply and is perfect for carrying in your beauty bag or hand bag. At this stage in time, Nude Magique CC Cream only comes in the one shade to suit all skin tones and so this might be something that L'Oreal will need to look at in the future but for fair and medium skin tones, this product works a treat. What I love most about Nude Magique CC Cream is how the coverage is so buildable which means that whether you seek a lightweight and natural coverage, or a medium to full coverage, this CC cream caters to it all and having been created off L'Oreal Paris' successful BB Cream formula, Nude Magique CC Cream is a winner in my opinion.