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L’Oréal Paris Nude Magique BB Cream

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L’Oréal Paris Nude Magique BB Cream is a self-adjusting BB cream. Featuring five benefits in one, the BB cream offers an ultra-light coverage, enhances the natural complexion, evens skin tone, and delivers 24-hour hydration and SPF 12 protection. 

Available in two shades.


L’Oréal Paris Nude Magique BB Cream


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I have a light skin tone with freckles, and so I chose the "light" shade. This Nude Magique BB Cream is fantastic! The cream comes in a long, easy to use tube, which allows you to control the amount that comes out. The cream comes out in what appears to be a speckled white cream (with colouring pigments), and when you apply it to your skin, the white cream colour gradually changes and adjusts to your natural colour. A little bit of cream goes a long way (when I have applied face cream underneath). The cream has a nice, light, fresh scent but isn't overpowering.  The cream says it has five benefits in one, including maintaining skin hydration, balancing skin tone and enhancing completion. I thought it might just be another regular cream, but it really does everything it says it does and particularly evens out my skin tone, while also neutralises blemishes and any redness. The cream feels light and velvety on the skin. I apply the BB cream after my face oil and face cream, before applying my foundation. You could wear the BB alone but I find it has a slight powdery finish and not the coverage that I quite light (but would probably be lovely on those with nice complexions!). I've tried this cream under mineral powder foundation and a dewy liquid foundation and both have worked great. When I wear this under my make-up I feel that it brightens my complexion and keeps my make-up looking fresher for longer.  I've come to rely on this cream as part of my routine and I will definitely be buying this again! Highly recommend! 
Firstly I have a medium skin tone, but a light skin tone neck and normal - dry skin. On the instructions it indicated to apply after serum, I usually apply moisturiser after serum but did not with this product. I found the packaging rather nice, it came in a white long tube with a purple lid. It didn't have much of a scent to it which was good, I dislike having scented foundations or creams that aren't appealing. The BB cream had a greyish white colour to it with bead-like granules which reminded me of exfoliating beads but much gentler on the skin. It was very easy to use, just like how I apply moisturiser. I wouldn't apply this with a make up brush because I think it may look streaky because you really need to blend it in and work fast. The medium skin tone was a bit too dark/orange for my liking so the next day I used the light skin tone which matched my neck which I preferred. Throughout the day, it didn't feel like I was wearing foundation or anything heavy on my face at all, and it lasted all day til I got home late at night, it was still looking dewy and fresh. I loved how it was very light on my skin and not cakey although I'm sure I could build up the product if I wanted to wear it for a night out and more coverage. At first I thought there wasn't going to be much coverage but within a couple of minutes, the shade did appear, Overall, I do like this product quite a lot but as for it being a BB cream, it's not the best. I see this more fit to be a foundation. After the application of the BB cream, I applied a bit of bronzer, blush, fixed up my eyebrows, liquid liner and mascara.
Really impressed with this unique product, a colour-changing adjusting BB that doesn't leave me orange!  I am very pale and every single "colour changing" product comes out orange on me.  I got several samples of this in an order and had absolutely no hopes that it would work.  It is a thin but granular feeling white creme, more of a lotion type consistency and very little scent.  I applied to bare skin and immediately it changed to a better version of my skin.  It dries down quickly and sets to a demi-matte finish, really almost full matte but still leaves your skin looking like it has some life, and not flat and lifeless like a true matte can do.  I didn't need powder to set it, it lasted a good portion of the day and if I needed touching up (like where my sunglasses print my nose) I could just rub a little into that spot for a quick refresh.  I love this so much I bought a tube of both the medium and the light - honestly there isn't a great deal of difference between them on the skin but when I want a more summer look I will use the medium even though I am quite pale.  I love the pretty tube, the narrow nozzle for dispensing it and especially the results.  Perfect looking medium coverage and such an ultra-lightweight formula it feels like nothing is on your skin.  It is really pigmented so you only need the smallest amount to do your whole face.  You can build the coverage or sheer it out if you want a lighter look.  Really a winner in my book and it is more a serum colour-correcting product rather than just a BB, I think it is selling itself short calling it just a BB cream!  Perfect travel companion as it is an all-in-one product.
Nude Magique is one of my favourite BB creams. I love having some coverage due to acne scarring but hate the heavy feeling of oily concealers. I love to use this as my everyday makeup look, with a little concealer for spots and powder on my oily areas it gives me great coverage during my busy work day. I love the smell and feel of this product and would buy it again in a heartbeat.
I have bought this so, so many times! Nude Magique BB Cream is one of the most amazing products I have ever tried! Nude Magique performs the task of hydrating skin, which has prevented dry, flaking skin. The liquid formula is white and contains tiny blue beads. Initially when I saw the formula I doubted its merit - how could this white formula possibly add colour to my skin? I applied the cream to my skin using fingertips and experienced a gritty exfoliating sensation which I would assume comes from the microbeads. Within seconds I saw my complexion change and become more even. Ah-mazing! I have applied the formula with and without a makeup primer base (and lightly powdered over it) and would you believe that Nude Magique BB Cream has lasted 10 hour days with ease... heck, I come home and still look good! And my oily t-zone is only moderately shiny - not the slippery oil slick that is usually likes to be. Nude Magique BB Cream comes in Light, Medium and Dark shades, but I find that by blending Light and Medium together for my fair skin, the colour is just right for me. The coverage is buildable - one minute I have a light/medium coverage and by adding a little more to skin, the coverage is perfectly flawless and fuller, all the while allowing your beautiful skin to show.This formula is extremely lightweight, smells pleasant and does everything it claims to do. The squeeze tube packaging is so easy to use and I love the little nozzle applicator to help aid with application. I am so hooked on Nude Magique BB Cream that I almost want to use this and only this. I love it so much that I would probably pay a little more for it - and that's really saying something.