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L'Oréal Paris Paradise Mascara is a mascara that adds volume and length for more defined lashes. The ultra-soft brush coats lashes evenly while the castor oil-enriched formula nourishes lashes and offers a smooth finish that won’t flake.


L'Oréal Paris Paradise Mascara


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Average mascara.

Loved this mascara for the colour. The black was really intense black and since my lashes are a light colour, I noticed the difference straight away. Otherwise, this mascara was average. The wand wasn't anything special and neither was the volume and length. Don't get me wrong, it does volumise and give length, it just wasn't spectacular as the brief promised. It also was a bit smudgy and messed up my make-up so I would not buy it again. There are so many other mascaras out there to try, no reason to try something average.

Good daily mascara (good value when on sale)

It was something of a shock for me to learn that you need to replace mascara every 3 months. I was running an average of 2 years! But it does explain why my eyes were always itching whenever I wore my (old) mascara. I always bought high end, natural mascara but replacing that every 3 months is expensive, and pretty wasteful too, so I decided to go downmarket a bit but also to studiously replace the mascara every 3 months as required. Priceline was having a 50% off sale, so this mascara met the bill at being a reputable brand (didn't want to go that far downmarket!) but also one that was inexpensive enough for me not to cry in my morning coffee when I had to chuck it out at 3 months. The quality of this one is pretty good. I bought Intense Black, and it both lengthens and defines my lashes and also makes them look thicker and of course darker. The brush is easy to use, nice and thick with lots of bristles (more than my more expensive natural brand), and it coats the lashes well. The attractive packaging manages the important balance between a brush that goes in and comes out easily (my former mascara felt like it was breaking every time), and also removes excess mascara on the way out. Though it's not the waterproof formulation (there is one though), it doesn't come off during the day or flake, and the end result is very attractive - doing just what I want from a mascara. There's no scent and it comes off really easy with my oil based facewash at the end of the day. Best of all, no irritations.

It does what it says on the tin

Now this a mascara that does it all. It lengthens, separates and volumises. The tube feels nice and weighty and it sells at a reasonable price point. Every time I wear this someone asks what mascara I'm wearing. It packs a punch and makes your lashes super dramatic, but you can apply less and make them look pretty and fluttery. It really depends on your preference. This doesn't flake off or sting my eyes when I remove it with my cleansing oil. It's easy to remove with your regular cleanser.
I really like the loreal lash paradise mascara. A really affordable product too. Comes in a standard mascara packaging with a long rose gold colouring tube with a gold top.  This mascara has a nice thick wand. The wand is coated in a really thick black ink. I did have to get use to the wand as it is thick and big but once I did it was easy to coat all my lashes, I like to get it really close to my lashes to give maximum impact. The mascara makes my lashes look really thick and voluminous. It makes my lashes superthick. I have a natural curl already so it just enhances them. It makes me look like I have more lashes naturally.  Its easy to build up with a few coats; two gives dramatic lashes. I find this mascara on the first few uses to be very wet and clumpy. It can be a bit hard to use the first few uses but I find once it dries out a bit in a few days it works a treat.    I love this mascara. It lasts all day and doesn't flake or clump on me.Once you master it you'll enjoy it a lot.  Its easy to remove with a good makeup or eye remover.
I received this mascara to trial and I loved it. It gets every single eyelash from the roots which always makes me look more awake and my eyes look great and opened. I love how black the colour is on my eyelashes and I have no irritation which is so hard for me to find a mascara like this one. The price is also amazing. I Will be buying this again.
I had heard that this was dubbed the Too Faced Better than Sex dupe so I had to try it out and it’s very, very close. This is a great mascara, great price, builds really well, little to no clumpiness as long as you wiggle through the mid lengths. Wears really well but by the end of the day it had flaked off a little.  Doesn’t wash off as easy as I would have hoped, took a bit more micellar water than usual and a bit more rubbing. All in all its still a great mascara and I do keep it in mind for when I I’ve run out of Too Faced’s Better than Sex. 
I am always on the lookout for new mascaras to try out and I have heard great things about the Lash Paradise from L'Oreal, so I was very excited when it was finally released here in Australia. I love the look of the packaging - the rose gold tube is very luxe looking! The brush is pretty standard, but it is quite long and it does a great job coating every one of my lashes. It works great to separate the lashes, gives great volume and length. I find that it is very easy to build up and it does not clump my lashes even after 2-3 coats. It does not flake or smudge even after wearing it all day long, and my lashes look long and flirty when I use. 
OK, I’m a mascara snob.....Chanel / Dior / Lancome,they all have graced my dresser (and my lashes),but sometimes one just HAS to check the hype on a cheap supermarket one too. I don’t have one go-to mascara because,let's face it...a great one comes out every second week or so,and as a makeup hoarder,i want to check them all out.I also happen to be super picky about my mascara.....The formula can’t be too thick or clumpy, but it can’t be too thin, either — I like high-drama lashes, even during the day,so it needs to hit that sweet spot in between the two. Lastly, the formula really needs to glide on like silk ( I don't want to have to spend ages transfering mascara to lash.L’Oréal Paris Lash Voluminous Paradise is the kind of mascara that I would never have found on my own, because I don’t spend a ton of time looking for mascara at the supermarket,but this mascara truly deserves at least a little fanfare. The packaging is stunning and so on trend — a long, straight, simple tube in matte rose gold (hello dresser ornament. A pretty tube does not a great mascara make, of course, but this really did surprise me).But aesthetics aside,how did it perform? Well,the bristles were soft and there were enough that I felt like every one of my lashes was being coated in the rich,easy to control formula. My lashes easily doubled in volume and length,and curl came without my trusty Shu curler. The formula was thick but didn’t clump and harden (a massive issue in many mascaras,especially the cheaper variety), which meant that my lashes were light, soft, and fluttery. By late in the evening, it had smudged under my eyes just a bit, but nothing unexpected or really even noticeable to anyone but me. It had been over 12 hours, after all (and when you have had doe - like eyes all day,it's definitely worth a smudge by 9 p.m. I am now convinced that true love can exist in a supermarket bought mascara,and Paradise is now permanently (as permanent as i can make a mascara) found in my bag.
I was beyond excited when this mascara was finally released in Australia (Tati review addict on YouTube). That said, I found this mascara really didn't work for me. I found it clumpy in the tube, on the wand and on the lashes. I also found it dried out very quickly. I didn't get the length or volume I was expecting so I was really disappointed.
I usually trust L'oreal mascaras and they hardly ever disappoint ( althouh Manga was a complete flop for me). I expect my lashes to be deep black, voluminous, long, the fan effect is more than welcome and a lighweight formula that provides a bit of a curl is what I want. And I have to say I must agree with the description of this mascara. It delivers big time and once again L'oreal releases a great product. The Paradise Extatic mascara's packaging is pretty rose gold. The brush is a classic brush, hourglass shape, reminds me a lot of TOO Faced BETTER THAN SEX brush. The formula is pretty dry but I personally prefer dry formulas as they do not tend to clump the lashes, however they might need to be replaced more often. I do not think I can fault this product so I will focus on the advantages only: - the longevity is great, does not smudge, does not flake -the brush does a great job applying the product and separating the lashes - the price is sensible and more often than not L'oreal is on special -availability  - does not irritate the eyes - it is easily removable.  I consider the Paradise Extatic mascara a really high quality product.
This is a great mascara. It has a great brush that doesn’t clump and applies a nice even amount of product. It made my lashes look amazing so I highly recommend it. It’s good value also. It’s also buildable without giving that overworked look. The packaging is also lovely and has a lux look without the lux price tag .
I can't believe I waited so long to try out this mascara after seeing all the hype about it.  I'm so glad I finally bit the bullet and purchased it because it has quickly become my all-time favourite mascara.  I'm super fussy with mascara because I find it hard to find mascaras that provide max volume and are non-smudging.  This mascara provides both.  I few layers of this mascara and it looks like I'm wearing false lashes. absolutely amazing!!  You must try this mascara!!
Fantastic mascara! Really easy to layer if like me you prefer a more dramatic effect but don't want it to clump. Minimal smudging. I found that I was able to remove it with my normal cleanser in the shower. Great packaging and I really like the brush as it's easy to use and allows you to coat every lash. I find myself using this product more than the high end products I have bought so would definitely recommend it.
My Holy Grail mascara! Over the years I've tried hundreds of mascaras, including high end $80 versions. I could never find a mascara that ticked all the boxes - until now! Length, curl, volume, dark, smudge proof pigment? Yep, all in one product. Highly recommend for quality and price point.
I love this mascara! I have under eye bags and any mascara I wear just gives me panda eyes! But not this one! Firstly the formulation is great - not too dry or runny. Just perfect for an even coat and volumising even at first coat. It wears well throughout the day without flaking or...yes, smudging! It’s also lengthening but I find it’s more of a volumising mascara. Definitlet a great for value money mascara that can rival some high end ones!
I really enjoyed using this mascara, the formula is really nice. The wand is easy to use and you can coat your lashes fully with one application. I find that the product lasts really well throughout the day, without any smudging or flaking. The packaging is a really nice luxe looking rose gold- Definitely a go to for an affordable mascara!
A drugstore dupe for Better Than Sex Mascara! Yes you do have to do a few extra coats to get the same volumizing effect but when you're paying just over $20 i think it makes it worth it! Plus it didn't smudge, clump or flake when applied, a win-win.
I read about this product on an American website quite a few months ago, and was delighted to read on Beauty Crew news that it was now available in Australia. I was able to purchase it at an introductory price so paid about $16. I dislike paying over $20 for mascara. I do like the shape of the brush even though it does look a bit big. It does cover all my lashes and I especially like how it makes my bottom lashes stand out. I have blonde lashes and without top and bottom lash coverage I have frog eyes. The different length of the "fronds" on the brush does make for a better coverage compared to other mascaras. However, it can be a bit clumpy so have to use a dry wand to separate the clumps. The first time I used it , my lashes look so much longer and thicker, but with subsequent uses I found it sort of makes my lashes a bit straight, so I use a lash curlier before use and it works better for me. This can be a bother if you are in a rush. I had really high hopes for this product but for me not as good as I was hoping. The search goes on for that elusive perfect mascara.
I was looking for a new mascara as mine was discontinued and one of the girls from Priceline recommended this one and first of all i love the packaging of it but most importantly I love the product itself, it makes my eyes pop and my lashes look so long and curly. I've had it for a week or so and so many people have complemented me on my eyelashes.
I had heard about this mascara before and was interested to try it. My first impressions were how amazing the packaging was and the gorgeous colour of the bottle. When I tried the mascara itself, I was very happy with the formula and the way it extended my lashes. I did find that it works best if you use a eyelash comb to run through the lashes just do get rid of any clumps as I found that there were some clumps but once I did this my lashes looks amazing! The wand in tis mascara is quite large compared to others I found but I like this in a mascara, just have to have a steady hand when applying especially if you want to use this mascara for your bottom lashes. I found this L'oreal mascara stayed on for ages and didn't flake at all for me which I was really happy about.  By applying multiple coats you can build up the look as lot so making it a very versatile product perfect for multiple uses. While it is more than the average drugstore mascara I would defiantly recommend this product.