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L’Oréal Paris True Match Blush

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L’Oréal Paris True Match Blush is a soft powder blush that helps create a healthy, luminous glow. The blush contains ultra-fine pearlescent particles that reflect light, vitamin C to maintain a healthy, bright complexion, and emollients to help keep skin moisturised. 

Available in five shades.


L’Oréal Paris True Match Blush


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I really enjoy this blush!  It comes in a great range of colours including peach/coral/pink in both warm and cool shades that would flatter most skin tones.  I found it to be quite pigmented and easy to apply and it has just the right balance of shimmer to promote a healthy glow.  The only thing I didn’t like was the brush that came with it which I found ineffective and difficult to use - but as it is included in the compact packaging it would be fine to carry in your bag and use for touch-ups during the day if needed.  Love that it contains skin brightening ingredients like vitamin C too.  Recommended for ageing/combination skin.
This blush is very light, needing a lot of product to be applied. It is not very easy to apply as the product does not apply to the brush very well. I use this as my back up blush for work in case I need a touch up. Definitely not my staple blush.
So I find it so hard to find blush shades that don't flush me out or make me look like im blushing even when im not. This blush range is amazing most of the shades are suitable for all skin types and the product feels and looks great and a lot of product goes a long way. It doesn't cake or make harsh lines which are great pluses! I initially thought the pigment wasn't to great when trying at the store but when actually apply to your cheeks its great and buildable which is just super versatile. Ive recommend this line of blushes to anyone who commitments or asks what id suggest, definitely my go-to blush Pros: - just as good as some high end ones ive tried - buildable - colour range suits most skin types - versatile product Cant think of any cons as I love these blushes!
Blush has not exactly been on the radar for a few years (bronzer,bronzer,bronzer),but i love that a little cheek flush is now on trend. I am a pale skinned,blue eyed blonde,so a blush can easily make me look "warpaintish",but this offering from L'Oréal Paris ensures i get a great match (nectarine,i love you) that lasts all day.A soft powder texture that feels silky,this gives a glow that looks like it's you...only better,and has a touch of sheen about it (not strobing glow,gentle pearl - like sheen) with a range of shades that includes warm / cool / inbetween types,so you are bound to find one that suits.It blends well on the skin,and feels nice...goes over other makeup ok.This is a good size to pop in your bag,but would also look great on your dresser (and for the price,it is possible to have one for both places).Down fall is that the brush supplied is rubbish,you need to BYO if you want a perfect look.TIP:Apply not only to cheeks,but forehead,bridge of nose,chin for a glow you would get naturally from the sun.Also,in a pinch,this will work as an eyeshadow and lipstick (when mixed with a balm).