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L’Oréal Paris Unlimited Mascara

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L’Oréal Paris Unlimited Mascara is a lengthening and volumising mascara. The dual-positioning brush can be used in the straight position like a regular mascara, or in the bent position to reach lashes at the inner corners of the eyes. The formula contains latex polymers to help stretch lashes and make them appear longer and thicker.


L’Oréal Paris Unlimited Mascara


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L’Oréal Paris Unlimited Mascara

The L’Oréal Paris Unlimited Mascara comes in a unique looking tube which caught my eye at the shops and is the reason I purchased this. Little did I know that the wand itself is bendy which is very innovative. This mascara perfectly volumises, lengthens and defines each and every lash individually. It's super black and also clump free so my lashes do not stick together. It doesn't irritate my eyes and is easily removed with water. I highly recommend this L’Oréal Paris Unlimited Mascara as makes my lashes look like falsies.
I quite enjoyed using this mascara, but it isn't one that i would repurchase. The bendable wand is novel, but not something i found myself utilising very often. The formula of the mascara was pretty good- it did lengthen and thicken- however i did experience a bit of smudging and fall out after a few hours of wear.  I think there are cheaper and better mascaras on the market.
This mascara is nice, the wand is what I usually prefer however I didn’t see the need for the bendability of it - it was good to get into the inner corner but that’s about it which I can get from other mascaras anyway. The formula is also good it is quite wet though so I found I would need to wipe the excess before applying otherwise my lashes would clump, it’s god at lengthening but not so good at volumising for me. Overall a great mascara by L’Oréal!
Loved the size and the product itself. Easy to carry around in my bag. Worth buying!!! Very light and lasts a long time. I love that it doesn’t feel clumpy and it gives my eyelashes extra volume. Not to wet it or dry when you remove the brush. I would recommend this product
On first appearance the bottle of this mascara is too big. I much prefer the skinny/long mascara bottles. The wand is good and I can see where they were going with the lockable wand & it’s a great marketing idea but there is no need for it. It’s pointless. I used the wand as directed first try but after that there really was no need as the wand did the same job when it was either straight or bent.  The formula was quiet wet which didn’t bother me too much. It was good at lengthening however it did sometimes clump together which isn’t ideal. All in all this mascara is ok. Would I purchase again?! Probably not. 
I quite like the formula of this but I found that the applicator put too much product on my lashes and I needed to either wipe the wand before application, or keep a clean spoolie nearby to make sure to fan out the lashes that had clumped together. Once I did this, it had really nice length and volume and didn't smudge or give me panda eyes.
I like the wand (I prefer harder plastic applicators) and the wetness of the formula, however I found that I had to keep a clean spoolie handy as the mascara tended to clump all of my lashes together and not fan them out or give separation or definition. It worked better as a lengthening top coat over another mascara that gave better volume as a base. I tried but didn't end up using the bendable handle at all, I don't see the need for it. I will enjoy using the mascara as a top coat while it lasts, but don't think I would repurchase.
While the packaging stands out from the crowd I wasn't a massive fan - the product was big and bulky and I did not utilise the rotating handle for application. The product applied a little watery the first few times, but soon thickened up to a mice "every day" mascara look. Product looked best on curled lashes.
I usually use high end mascaras and this L’Oreal Paris Unlimted Mascara is just as good. I am very impressed with the brush and how easy it is to use especially in the sometimes hard to reach inner corner area. My lashes were impressively longer and thicker. I liked the way the brush makes it easy to do the bottom lashes in a more natural way. I will definitely buy this in the future.
This mascara was ok - I found it nice and black and dark in colour, but it was a bit wet and the packaging was massive! Too bulky.  The mascara did lengthen my lashes after about 3 coats, but it did make my lashes clump together. The brush was also quite big which I am not a fan of in general.  The mascara did not smudge and stayed on all day. Overall this mascara was OK but nothing special. 
I didn't love this mascara... I didn't hate it either but I wasn't overly wow-ed by the product. The way you could bend the wand was cool but the actual mascara formula didn't wasn't my favourite. It was a bit 'thin' or watery and I found on my lashes didn't thicken them much or add length ... the two reasons I wear mascara. It wasn't clumpy which was good and I didn't notice any flaking.
In theory, interesting concept of a rotating wand however in practice the mascara applied on a little clumpy and didn’t fan out my lashes like how other mascaras do. Whilst it did help to add bit of volume, I do not think I will repurchase it again after this bottle runs out.
I was a little underwhelmed with this mascara, I do always enjoy trying something new and innovative. However, it did not give me the length or volume that I look for and when applying the second coat- everything looked a mess. It is a nice rich black, and did not smudge. It was harder to take off than usual and the packaging I am not a fan of.
I did not like the packaging and found the tilted wand hard to use--I usually would use it without the tilt function. It was easy enough to reach my inner lashes when it wasn't tilted. The formula was thick and made my lashes heavy - they often stuck together. I wouldn't use again in future.
Not a fan of the packaging, I find it really big and awkward to carry, it also looks like cheap plastic.  The mascara did not wow me either... I find the thin tip of the wand carrys to much product as you pull it out of the tube. the wand is a little hard almost scratchy, I didn't feel it separated nor gave any extra lenght. after 2hrs wearing it had started to run.  Sorry, not a fan. 
Firstly, I love the innovative handle and packaging. I found the rotational handle very useful and used it for every application!  The formula itself is a little bit heavy and can clump so careful application is required to ensure this doesn't happen. I'm a fan of the brush itself and if you apply the mascara well it really does lengthen and volumise the lashes. 
I was overall really impressed with this product.  I like the colour of the mascara, perfectly matched my lashes however I found it was super thick and had the ability to stick some of my lashes together.  For my everyday work life I prefer the natural look / effortless and found that this particular mascara might be better suited to a night time vibe / very dressed up.  I really liked the adjustable handle and it was the first time I've found I was able to get to every lash without getting residue around my eyes!
The L’Oréal Paris Unlimited Mascara has a great formulation. It’s not too wet upon application, it’s super black and it lengthened and volumised my lashes well.  It wears well and I haven’t noticed any fallout or flaking through a day wearing it.  The dual position brush is hand to coat your little lashes.  I like this mascara as an everyday mascara. 
L’Oréal Paris Unlimited Mascara is an absolute must have in your makeup bag. I love the upright bottle and flexible wand. I was super excited to try this mascara as I have been on the look out for a new brand to try. Very lucky to have been chosen to trial this product. Ladies! It's amazing, easy to apply on the lashes and makes your eyes stand out as your lashes are full/ volumised/ lashes are longer instantly and clump free. I found that with this mascara less is best, no need to apply so much. From the first apply lashes are longer and thicker.  No smudges all day and easy to remove with makeup remover. My lashes looked full and natural and I'll definately be adding this to my new purchases.
I liked how black this mascara was and found it easy to use however I also found it clumpy at times. I had to remove it more than once and reapply due to it clumping.  Overall I would give it another go as I enjoyed the ease of use and when it didn’t clump it looked great on.