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L’Oréal Paris Volume Million Lashes Mascara

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L’Oréal Paris Volume Million Lashes Mascara is a highly-pigmented volumising mascara that works to separate and define lashes. The mascara is enriched with camellia and black orchid oils that help nourish lashes and prevent clumping.

 Available in two shades.

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L’Oréal Paris Volume Million Lashes Mascara


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Everyday fave

This is one of my favourite mascara's- I just wish it came in a waterproof formula. I bought this in brown when it was on sale and was super impressed. This is my natural "no look" mascara. I find it gives me more of a subtle, natural look with great definition that is not over the top but love it. I love the gold packaging & the shape of the tube looks elegant too :)
L'Oreal's Volume Million Lashes Mascara is a fantastic everyday mascara. I found it lengthened and separated my lashes quite well and added a slight curl. The product itself is quite bulky which makes it a little hard to travel with but it is a bright gold colour so easy to spot in your makeup bag. The wand on this mascara was a bit of a surprise when I first opened it. It is quite large and I was a little worried about being able to manoeuvre it around my eye area to coat my lashes. After a few applications though I got the technique down pat and can apply in just a minute or two. I really liked this mascara mainly for the non-clumpy look it gave me - the wand helped to smooth out the formula and apply it cleanly and smoothly. To get a more dramatic, longer lashes look you would have to apply 3 or more coats, I found that it doesn't clump too much when building up with multiple coats. I found it lasted quite well throughout the day and didn't smudge or flake off. Pretty easy to remove with micellar water and a cotton pad. Overall I would purchase again as just an everyday use mascara.
Such a gorgeous mascara. The loreal parish volume million lashes mascara delivers on its promise of volume, it makes my lashes look long, lush and beautiful. The pigment is gorgeous, the black is high quality and has a pretty sheen. This mascara never dries my lashes, its hydrating and creamy, it curls and lengthens and the design of the brush makes it so easy to use. I love the gold packaging, so luxe and pretty and at under $25.00 its great value for the results it delivers. I never get smudging or clumping when using this and have had many compliments when wearing it. This was a divine mascara for me and I would recommend it.
A girlfriend recommended this mascara to me and I cannot thank her enough! It gives me so much volume and makes my lashes so dark without any clumping. I’ve tried many many mascaras over the years and this is hands down the best! Will only be buying this one from now on. Definitely recommend trying it out!
The mascara separated my lashes nicely and created a voluminous look. I found that the mascara was not clumpy when applied to my lashes and it did not flake during the day even after 9 hours of wearing it during the day. I found that it was easy to remove with micellar water without vigorously rubbing and overall i would recommend this product
I have long, but really thin eyelashes and therefore I am always in the lookout for a good mascara. The brush on this mascara doesn't take much product on, so I had apply multiple coats (I am usually satisfied with only one coat) and that makes the process a lot longer for me. It did last a long time though and I didn't notice any smudging. The end result was natural looking, I wouldn't say it made my eyes look fabulous as I had to use another mascara in the evenings, just to get that bit of dramatic effect. It also came off really easily with a make up remover.  I would recommend it for women who are not confident in using a mascara as there is no way you can over do with this product. 
I love this mascara as a base before I use another mascara to lengthen. This is great at separating lashes and it really does not clump. It easy to use and doesn't smudge or flake. It is pretty good at adding extra volume. I would recommend it if you are looking for something that does not clump.
I love this mascara and I'm fussy with the ones I use. It goes on easily with no clumping. It stayed on all day with no flaking and didn't run when I was caught in rain. I even rubbed my eyes toward the end of the day and the amount of transfer was minimal. I will continue to use this as my new everyday product!
I thought this was a nice mascara, it lengthened my lashes very well and did not smudge at all even after a nap face down in a pillow. However, it didn't really separate my lashes at all, and made them look a bit sparse compared to my usual mascara.
The packaging of this mascara is elegant and pretty. I have short eyelashes and my goal while using this mascara was to have the look of full and long lashes. It fulfilled the full part but not the long, after a few application on the eyelashes, my eyelashes were still short. Overall, this mascara stays on all day and it does not smudge!
Easy to apply and doesn't clump my lashes, made my lashes longer, lasted all day and didn't smear. Although, it didn't provide a great deal of volume for my lashes, and it had a very strong smell that lasted for a while after the application. For me, it would suit a natural and daytime look.
I really enjoyed this  Mascara product. i like how it spreads my lashes and it definitely does not leave any clumps on your lashes. i would used another mascara to build on this one though as it doesn't have as much lift as i would like. Also applies super easily.
I found this mascara to really lift my eyelashes and give extra length. The application comb also works to separate out lashes to ensure lashes there are no clumps  fully span across the eye. This product also stayed all day without dripping down the side of the eye. The scent is slightly strong for a mascara, but other than that I would recommend this product.
I liked this mascara, It has a thicker wand which is good for volume and building layers on my lashes. The mascara fanned out my lashes and separated them really well, doesn't flake off or smear throughout the day and has really good wear time. This mascara impressed me a lot - it goes on really nicely, not clumpy at all, and gave me really nice length and volume. I would purchase this mascara.
This is great and really does make your eyelashes more bold and bright the reason why I gave it a four out of five instead of a five out of five is because the brush is flimsy so tricky. A good formula and will brighten up your eyes. for the price is perfect
This is a really great mascara that rivals much higher price-point competitors! I was very impressed with the ease of application and the effect of two coats  - which gave my lashes great length and volume without clumping.  The wand is a good size and shape to get at my smaller lower lashes as well as coating my upper lashes on small eyes that can be a bit difficult. The most impressive thing, however, was the lasting power! I have very watery eyes and so most mascaras smudge after a couple of hours, I was very pleasantly surprised that the L’Oréal Paris Volume Million Lashes Mascara stayed on after long days - no smudging or flaking! And it easily removes at the end of the day.  The only drawback is that it is fragranced so probably wouldn't be suitable for those with sensitive eyes. I would happily recommend this and will be repurchasing!
I've been using this mascara for a few weeks now and have really enjoyed using it. It provides a really natural look and provides plenty of volume for day time. As it provides a natural look, I wouldn't recommend for those that love a heavier/night time look.
The mascara fans out and separates your lashes really well, doesn't flake off or smear throughout the day and has really good wear time. It was easy to use and I got complimented and how nice it made my bottom lashes look. However if you are looking for big lashes the mascara is not the one for you, as although you can layer it, it only provides a 'your lashes but better look'. For the price I would expect something a bit more fullness in how it would make my lashes look.
i had high hopes for this mascara, however i was a little disappointed. it wasn't clumpy and was very easy to use, however i really struggled to find any volume in my lashes. I have been loyal to a particular mascara for years and really struggle with anything new, this wasn't terrible but i definitely not my favourite product i have tried lately
I can't say that this is my favourite mascara. The packaging looked luxurious with he gold and design, wasn't to chunky, fits well in standard sized makeup bag. The formula provided some lengthening but lacked volume. The colour payoff was good. It did last for 12 hours with out any smudging which is a bonus as I do have oily eye lids. Overall, it was a good mascara but not my favourite one.