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L'Oréal Paris Wake Up and Glow Melon Dollar Baby Blush

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L'Oréal Paris Wake Up and Glow Melon Dollar Baby Blush is a soft velvet blush in a pink melon shade. The long-lasting blush has a rich colour pay-off and is infused with a watermelon scent.


L'Oréal Paris Wake Up and Glow Melon Dollar Baby Blush


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This is a simply gorgeous blush that delivers a nice healthy looking glow. I have olive skin and it looked totally natural, gave my skin a summery sheen with a rosy tint that lifted my cheekbones and was super flattering. It applies easily with a good blush brush and blends easily. The packaging is so luxe and pretty and the blush smells divine, like summer and watermelons.i love L’Oreal aria and the melon dollar baby is now a firm favourite, I don’t think those trying this product for the first time would be disappointed. The colour pigment is high quality which justifies the price as it’s a little more expensive than some cheaper drugstore blushes, the quality is there. I love this blush and highly recommend it
A cute limited edition release from L’oreal. What caught my eye was the cute embossing of the watermelons and the gorgeous peach pink hue which gives a beautiful flush of colour to the cheeks. It has a slight shimmer to it, but nothing too heavy or obvious. I imagine that it would be a flattering shade for a range of skin tones. I like how it blends seamlessly and is buildable to achieve your desired colour payoff.
I am not always a fan of "drugstore" or "supermarket" brands for my makeup.They either fail miserably in colour payoff,they don't wear well,they look horrible,the formula is off OR they just feel "cheap",and i am someone who likes to add a touch of glam if i am going to put time into applying products,so i bought this with no expectation of anything great...but what i found wasn't bad. L'Oréal Paris Wake Up and Glow Melon Dollar Baby Blush is a delicate blend of pink and peach that looks like "your colour,only better" in terms of hue,and the powder formulation is great for buildable results (a quick swipe will leave you with a soft flush,a few more and you get that "just been for a run" glow that everyone wants (as a fair skinned blonde,it is difficult to find a great hue,but this worked quite well).I liked the fact that this had a tiny.tiny bit of sheen to it (not "glittery"...i detest that look) that caught the light and made me look glowy and awake,but what i really loved was that scent....yep,it really does have a very faint,fruity,summery scent that some may complain about,but i actually adore ( i find myself opening it just to smell it,not unlike a palette from another company that i have that smells like peaches),and the embossing on the powder just screams summer holidays.But how did it wear ? Well,that is where you can tell this is from a chainstore brand.It lasted only a few hours before most of it had faded and left no sign of it having been there at all,which at $30 for a small compact (it is pretty in itself...rose gold with a clear top),is not what you are after.This blush is reminiscent of another blush i own (a bit more expensive,a lot better wearing....and with a cheekier name),but it is no where near that calibre (if you want a dupe for that,this may be a close-ish version),but for my coin,i would save up and get that instead (although,if you really want to get something in that vein at a lesser pricepoint,this may be for you).Another minus is the fact that no brush (not that brushes that come with mass product lines are pro quality in any way,but to apply on the go,one is nice to have) comes with it,so you will have to grab one to apply if you take this out with you. TIP:Build up colour by layering until you get desired shade.Also try this on lids for a subtle,sexy glow.
I love this blush the colour looks gorgeous on it’s the perfect pink colour for a blush. It smells amazing too it’s my new everyday blush I even apply some to my cheeks on the days I don’t feel like wearing a full face of makeup but just want to look a bit cute with some colour on my cheeks.
While L'oreal has a stake in a lot of high end brands, their quality in the drugstore does not always justify the high price tag in my opinion. The great thing is you can usually find their products anywhere up to 50% off, especially at Chemist Warehouse. During one of these sales, I picked up this amazing product as I have lately been favouring blush to bronzer (scandalous) The packaging is sturdy and cute and everything from then on, the name, the colour and the embossment on the product, spark joy everytime I reach for it. Yes, the embossment of the two adorable watermelons is actually still visible after many uses. The scent is very subtle and I don't think will be a big issue for anyone who is sensitive, however, you may want to try and have a sniff first as I know not everyone is a fan of scented products.  Colour payoff is wonderful, sheer to medium but the most important part is that it is buildable. This is my favourite finish for powder products as it's easier to get to the desired effect without risking over application. The finish on the skin is a really lovely glow that doesn't come off as too glittery but rather, a refined sheen to the cheek.  This gives me the absolute perfect flushed, slightly too long in the sun look and is a staple in my daily makeup rotation now.