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L'Oréal Paris Wake Up and Glow Shake and Glow Mist

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L'Oréal Paris Wake Up and Glow Shake and Glow Mist is a facial mist and makeup setting spray that contains coconut water and glycerin for lasting hydration with an instant cooling sensation. Vitamin E works to protect, care and condition skin, while the illuminating formula leaves skin with a radiant glow.


L'Oréal Paris Wake Up and Glow Shake and Glow Mist


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Wow, when I read about this product online I thought this is one of I have to try stat.   It's affordable for me which is a plus.  I love that it is a pump spray that actually gives out a fine light spray.  Some setting sprays I have tried in the past leave a wet film on my skin.   Vitamin E with Coconut water is another beautiful fragrance that my sensitive nose can handle also.  The scent is divine and not overpowering at all.   We have had some extreme hot days here and using this is very hydrating.  I would highly recommend this product. I absolutely love this product.   It is great for just a refreshing facial mist or applied after make-up. 
If you want that dewy glow, this is a must!!  The mist is so fine but disperses evenly, leaving the skin feeling juicy and hydrated. It’s great for melting powders into the skin to avoid that ‘caked on’ look.  It’s great value for money, smells yummy and is very affordable. It’s also a great dupe for a more luxury branded dewy skin mist. I can attest to this as I have both. 
I'm really enjoying this mist and it is a great drugstore dupe for the Tatcha dewy skin mist! The pump on the bottle is well designed and distributes in an even mist. It makes skin look naturally healthy and glowing with a lit from within radiance. It doesn't leave skin feeling greasy or contain obvious shimmer particles which I don't like. A tip for application is make sure you give it a good shake first to really mix the ingredients! It also contains skin loving Vitamin E to protect, care and condition skin. The plastic spray bottle makes it travel-friendly and it can be spritzed on skin during the day for a pick-me-up!
L’Oréal.  Tried and True.  This baby pink spray bottle, Shake & Glow is glowmazing!  A product that’s not just for the sake of it.  This product is as gorgeous as it appears to be.   Is refreshing, divine scent.  Vitamin E and coconut water are ideal for approaching summer season.  Keeping complexion protected.  Glow grab one! X