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L’Oréal Professionnel Serioxyl Denser Hair Serum

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Boost hair growth and thickness with L’Oréal Professionnel’s Serioxyl Denser Hair Serum. When applied to the scalp daily for three months, the combination of neohesperidin and stemoxydine adds volume and densifies hair. 

Suitable for fine, thinning hair.


L’Oréal Professionnel Serioxyl Denser Hair Serum


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Great for postpartum hair loss

L’Oréal Professionnel Serioxyl Denser Hair Serum is a great product. Despite its slightly higher price point, I would buy again, given how much it has improved my hair. I have been dealing with significant postpartum hair loss. With this product I noticed so much regrowth. I love the serum's thick texture, providing a luxurious feel during application. While the initial alcohol scent is noticeable, it quickly fades, making the experience more pleasant. The dispensing nozzle is a helpful detail, ensuring precise application without waste. Although I wish the product were more budget-friendly, I do recommend L’Oréal Professionnel Serioxyl Denser Hair Serum to anyone dealing with postpartum hair loss.

My results after 4 months...

I've used Serioxyl for nearly 4 and a half months and it has reduced the amount of hair I was shedding by at least 50% if not more. It's a thin watery liquid with a slightly floral fragrance. Feels soothing whenever I apply it with the pipette. Good results (have used consistently every morning) although not noticed any effect on hair thickness/regrowth until adding Divine herbal hair oil to my routine at night (expensive but amazing!). Will continue to use up what's left and may just try the Serioxyl shampoo next.
I followed the instructions of applying 4 pipettes most evenings for 3 months and massaged it in. The gel smells strongly of alcohol but it fades quickly. My hair had been falling out over the last few months and was looking really sparse around the hairline.   After a month I began to notice a new hair growth that was all of a similar length, which was great! In saying that it is a bit hard to determine if it was from the gel because when my hair is shedding it does always grow back. It was all around 1cm in length and hair grows approximately 1cm per month so it was the perfect length. After using the hair gel I noticed that my head began to itch. I can get a sensitive scalp from time to time so I was unsure if the gel caused it or it was just a coincidence? As the weeks went on my scalp became itchier and more irritated to the point where I stopped using the product.The results were encouraging but the irritation was just too much to handle. I would recommend this product if you don’t have a sensitive scalp. 
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Replying to Indigo 77 M.L’ORÉAL PROFESSIONEL: Hi Nicole, thanks for your review of Serioxyl Denser Hair Gel. We are sorry to hear that you had this experience with Serioxyl Denser Hair Gel. Your feedback is important to us and we would be keen to speak with you directly to further understand your user your experience. If you could please give our consumer team a call on 1300651991 that would be great. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.
I'm almost done my third bottle of this serum and I can say it's made a big difference to my hair.  I suffered post-partum hair loss and 4 years later it never improved despite good diet and hormonal checks all being ok.  I read a few reviews of this serum and was impressed and couldn't wait to begin.  It is a thick, clear gel with a distinctly alcohol scent.  You apply 4 pipettes to your scalp every night.  I found it easier to dispense the liquid into a small saucer then massage it onto my scalp.  After 2-3 weeks I started to notice many new, fine, colourless hairs and in a few more weeks they thickened and begin to take on my natural hair colour.  There were so many that I had to by the Loreal Root Retouch spray to blend them into my natural hair colour while I waited for enough growth to dye.  Can't believe how many new hairs I have, and they are still coming, they are in 3 distinct growth stages now that the third bottle is approximately half-way done.  Overall I highly recommend this serum, the new growth is amazing and I won't stop using it until my hair is back to what it was before my pregnancies.
I bought this product for my brother has he was complaining about thinning hair.  He has used two bottles of it now and the results are amazing.  His hair has been growing and he actually has to have it thinned out a bit now.  I would highly recommend this product to anyone that wants thicker hair.
I purchased this L'Oréal professional denser hair serum for my sister who has long fine hair as a gift. The price is a little steep(she would not normally spend this much on a hair product, so it makes a perfect gift). She often complains how hard it is to manage fine hair, I was blessed with thick hair so I felt for her. She loves this product, I was very popular. It's easy to use, the handy screw top and dropper in the bottle dispenses drops of the product to be massaged in. For best results use this every day, 2to 3 drops is all you need and it lasts really well. Infused with serioxyl which is cleverly derived from stem cell technology it works to stimulate hair growth, thickening hair and promoting growth for denser hair. This is massaged into the scalp and left and it is never oily or greasy, you can't tell the product is on the hair, it's clear and smells pleasant. This serum creates volume and stops fine hair going limp. I highly recommend it. Pros Thickens hair leaving fine hair looking denser Stem cell technology works to promote growth Is easy to use A great product to manage fine or thinning hair Is clear and not greasy so you can't tell it has been massaged into hair Lasts for ages as you don't need to use much Cons It's a little expensive
I'm a big fan of serums and droppers and this product is both. I find the serum easyou to work with as a little goes a long way and for the same reason the deropper allows me to use literally 3 or 4 drops rather than pouring out an unnecessary amount of serum. I used this every second day on wet hair and combed it through from scalp to tip. My hair is very long and but thin so i found it economical to use on wet hair for easier and even distribution. The initial price was more than i would usually spend (being a stay at home mum) but I've heard such good reviews and using my method i still have product left after 4 months! My hair truly is thicker and has more volume. I'm really impressed that this did what it said on the bottle and though i used it every second day rather than daily my results are beyond what i expected. Highly recommended for anyone who wants stronger thicker hair.
Promoted Hair growth. Serioxyl is a product derived from Stem cell technology which helps to stimulate the scalp as well as promote hair growth.  I have been using Serioxyl for quite a while and I feel it does really help with hair growth. My hair feels thicker and denser the more I use it. The recommended time for treatment is three months and each bottle usually lasts  a month . The product comes in a glass bottle and it has a screw top lid. There is a dropper attached to the lid which helps to dispense the product hygenically and easily. The product is colourless and has a runny texture just like water. It has a slight floral scent which dissipates  after a while. I used two  pumps /doses each day in the morning. Before brushing my hair I parted my hair in sections to reveal my scalp. I then used the dropper to dispense the product into my scalp. After putting the product in my hair , I massaged my scalp really well to ensure the product is absorbed into my scalp.  The product absorbed into my hair really well and there were no tell tale signs of me wearing this product. It did not leave my hair greasy or oily at all. I also love the fact that it did not irritate my scalp. The product dries very fast and does not leave any residue behind, the properties of the product is just like water. I started seeing real results just after one month of using this product. Initially my hair felt thicker and my hair had lots of volume in it. Usually my hair is very limp and flat and styling it is very difficult. After using this product for a month , I was really satisfied with how my hair looked. I had some height on the top of my crown and my hair did not fel falt and flopy. My hair had some bounce and felt really glamorous. I absolutely loved to flick my hair because it felt great and I felt as if my hair has regained some life. After using the product for 2 months I started noticing lots of baby hair around my temple area . Also the area where I part my hair had lots of new growth. My scalp where I part my hair did not feel sparse and had some new growth which looked amazing. Finally I could tie a really tight high ponytail and not worry about emty spaces in my scalp showing. At least my scalp was covered with new growth and it did not look sparse. At the end of three months I was so confident with my hair. I styled it in various ways . When I curled my hair , it had lots of volume and looked I looked like a hair Goddess.  Also another positive outcome I got was that hair fall reduced drastically. Usually whenever I brushed my hair , my comb would be covered with hair fall outs as well as my bathroom  floor covered in hair. It was annoying to sweep the bathroom floor each morning because the amount of hair it had. There was none to minimum hair fall after using the prodcuts for at least three months. I would reccomend this product to anyone experiencing lots of hair fall as well as thin , sparse hair. This product does increase volume in hair as well as help with new hair growth. It also helps to build your hair stronger therefore there will be less hair fall. Tip: You have to be consistent and ensure you apply this product everyday for atleast three months. Consistency paid and now I am just using this product alternate days just for maintenance.