LUMA Liquid Light Illuminating Primer

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LUMA Liquid Light Illuminating Primer is a multi-tasking primer formulated with vitamins A and E to nourish and protect skin while creating a sheer, lit-from-within glow. The moisture-boosting formula contains light-diffusing particles and crushed pearl to leave skin radiant and glowing.


LUMA Liquid Light Illuminating Primer


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A big yes for me! I have dry skin and his primer so I always have trouble using full coverage matte foundations. But this primer is amazing as it hydrates my skin so that my foundation doesn’t crack or flake as the hours go by. The primer also gets a illuminating base so when I apply matte base foundation, my skin glows from underneath.
Amazing primer! I mix this with a BB cream and the result is glowing  skin! It gives a subtle highlight and leaves your skin looking healthy. A little goes a long way. The product is light and is pleasant on the skin. Packaging is no fuss, clean and elegant. This is one I will definitely keep.
Absolutely love this Primer as it really gives me a light but illuminating glow under my foundation.   The primer is in a tube and I gently just squeeze a small amount out and apply to my face.  A little does go a long way.   My skin definitely looks radiant and glowing through the foundation.  Totally amazed and happy at the results I was seeing.  Other primers underneath would make my foundation look dull but not anymore. I look and feel radiant.    This primer is affordable and should last for a while.  My make-up is glowing now. 
I was a bit hesitate at first to try this primer because of it's illuminating contents. But this is a beautiful primer. I have oily combination skin so I was worried I would be a big grease ball. But instead this gave a nice natural glow and a nice base to apply my foundation. The only downside I found was that my foundation did oxidise slightly by the end of the day. Nothing a powder touch up couldn't fix. It is a little pricey but available to get on special at priceline when they have a sale. I'm looking forward to trying the bronzer primer next.
I love to use this illuminating primer underneath my foundation to give a soft focus glow to my skin. I find that it blurs the skin and gives a light glow so you look refreshed on your face. Good if you feel your skin is a bit dull and great for an anti-aging product!
This is a fantastic primer that is extremely moisturising. Have added it to my daily routine a few weeks ago and will not look back, I think it is very reasonably priced at $30 and will be recommending to my friends and family. The packaging is also beautiful and look of high quality
I really really loved this product, and couldn’t recommend more highly. I like wearing it by itself because it does make my skin look pretty and dewy. It feels lovely on my skin, and isn’t sparkly like a Lot of illuminating primers. It’s pearlescent and quiet translucent, yet it does extend the wear of my foundation. I actually can’t believe how amazing this product is. It is truly HG, and I will repurchase again and again. I LOVE it!!
I actually loved both the LUMA Natural Radiance Bronzing Primer and the LUMA Illuminating Primer. The Illuminating Primer created a fantastic base under my foundation and didn’t ball up with my face cream either. If you don’t feel like wearing too much makeup, either product looks beautiful on it’s own, just make sure you blend!! Will buy this in the future.
Beautiful primer! Definitely my favourite out of the two (vs bronIng primer) & I think would suit a range of different skin tones. Formula is lightweight & hydrating meaning my foundation sat really nicely over the top. Really impressed with the quality of the product and would happily daily under my foundation for a lovely glow.
Surprisingly I actually liked this product both the Luma Natural Radiance Bronzing Primer and the Luma Illuminating Primer. The Illuminating Primer works beautifully under foundation even layed on top if you want to be extra. The Luma Natural Radiance Bronzing Primer looks beautiful on it’s own and adds a depth of colour  especially if you’ve had a fresh tan without buying a new foundation, although could look slightly streaky, just make sure you blend.
What a stunning product. I love looking fresh and...well luminous. This product performs exactly how it's supposed to and gives you the most radiant glow. It really helps finish my make-up look each day. What I wasn't too keen on is the nozzle through which you squeeze the primer through (if you can call it that). I would always end up with way too much product, which I feel then was wasted. So heads up to be gentle when squeezing out the product. Otherwise, it went on beautifully, didn't leave any sticky residue and felt as though it absorbed into the skin, rather than a layer sitting on top of the skin. I really loved the flawless finish it gave me.  Unsure of the $30 price tag, but it would last for a few months and might actually be with it for the glow it gives you!
Thank you LUMA and Beauty Crew for this wonderful trial! I thoroughly enjoyed using this primer. I have combination skin and tend to avoid illuminating primers but I don't like having a super matte/dull finish either. This primer gave me the perfect glow without looking too dewy/shiny. It did a great job keeping my foundation in place and I just really love the finish. Super stoked with this primer and the price too! Highly recommended!
This primer feels very light on and applies beautifully, absorbing well with no downtime (no need to wait to apply makeup thereafter). A little goes a long way and it left my skin feeling smooth and fresh. The product has a very pretty light pink, pearlescent colour and when applied as a primer sets the stage to give a gorgeous glowy look for the day ahead. As for the claims of it being a moisture boosting primer, I couldn't really feel much difference in moisture levels in my skin once applied, as my foundation still settled into this pesky fine lines around my eyes by lunch time. Unfortunately though my skin was feeling (and looking) rather greasy by the days end instead.  Verdict: For my skin type (oily/combination), it wasn't completely fit for purpose, I think that this product would be much better suited to a normal skin type. The greasy, oily feeling that I was feeling at the end of each day made me feel like my makeup was going to slide off my face- icky. I have however enjoyed using this primer as an illuminator after my makeup application instead as the light diffusing particles and crushed pearl really do provide a nice glow.
This primer was so much better then i expected to be honest. Once applied on the skin it dryed almost instantly and left a beautiful shine to the skin. It didn't feel oily at all but my skin felt moisturised. I liked how radiant it looked but wasn't too shiny for my liking. Foundation was so easy to apply ontop of this primer and it lasted all day. Throughout the day i didnt get any more oily than i would normaly, this is one of the main reasons i really enjoyed this product and would highly recommend it to anyone who likes a dewy look.
Love this one! It gave a nice lit from within glow just as the product said it would. I would not recommend using it for a long period of time though if you have oily skin because at the end of the day it tends to leave the skin looking shiny and oily. Perfect for a look lasting an hour or 2, but not more than that. It applies perfectly and has a good consistency, which leaves the perfect base for your foundation. I would definitely re-purchase.
I used both products directly on the face first, not mixed into foundation or moisturiser. Liquid light illuminating primer - light weight, infused with vitamins A and E it is very hydrating and gives off a nice glow. I have used this alone with foundation over the top. Provides a natural glow all over. 
I have LOVED using this primer. It was a really simple and clean application and creates such a great base to apply your liquid foundation. It gives you a really radiant luminescence glow without making you look to shiny and dewy! I would highly recommend and will be purchasing this primer again.
The Liquid Light Illuminating Primer felt amazing when applied on my skin. I have very sensitive skin but I had no irritation at all. I needed a very minimal amount of product to cover my face and it applied very easily. My skin looked radiant and I received many comments as to how even and glowing my skin was. My skin can become oily by the end of a long night with just about any product I use, and I did notice this a little more with the Liquid Light Illuminating Primer. I would definitely recommend this product for everyday use, but not so much for a long night out.
Luma liquid light illuminating primer and the natural radiance bronzing primer had a light feel on the skin and easy to apply. I used the primer as my base and it keeps my makeup lasting for hours. I would highly recommend the Luma light illuminating primer for the daytime and the Luma natural radiance bronzing primer for a night out. Both make my makeup look very natural! Includes vitamin A and E (Bonus!). The lid stays on so it does not spill in my makeup bag. Handy travel size and easy to fit in hand bag. I have quite sensitive skin and it did not irritate my skin so I will definitely be buying it again! 
I am absolutely in  love with this primer! Makes my skin super radiant and glowy. Very natural looking and not at all sparkly like some primers. Also nice to mix with the bronzing luma primer for more of a sun kissed look. I will definitely be purchasing this one again!