LUMA Natural Radiance Bronzing Primer

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LUMA Natural Radiance Bronzing Primer is a tinted primer that gives skin a sheer bronzed glow. It can be worn alone or underneath makeup. It contains crushed pearl to brighten the skin as well as grapeseed oil and vitamins A and E to nourish and hydrate.


LUMA Natural Radiance Bronzing Primer


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I love the look of this Bronzing Primer as it gives my face a sun-kissed, glowy look for lowkey to full glam looks. Sadly as I am quite pale, I can only use this product when I have fake tanned otherwise I look quite orange even when I use this primer underneath my foundation. I like the look though when I have fake tanned and my skin has a very dewy look. While I love the look, I find that it is not the best primer and can leave my skin looking slightly greasy and I find that my foundation does not stay for as long as I would like it to . The consistency, however, is very easy to work with and effectively mixes with a body moisturiser to create a nice golden body glow. Overall I would recommend this product for people who are more tanned, otherwise, use it when fake tanned. 
I really loved this bronzing primer and actually used it in its own for a gorgeous natural looking luminous glow. It's easy to use, glides in like silk and sinks in for a gorgeous dewey sheen that looks healthy with just the right amount of colour and glow. I have also used this under my normal foundation and it's a great primer for a professional looking finish and to reduce shine. It feels really lovely to wear, really light and nongreasy and I found it great for my sensitive skin, it caused no irritation at all. The finish of this product is so nice my face looked really illuminated and at $30.00 I feel it's great value for money and I would buy it again. Love it, great product and I would highly recommend it
I have used this product for about a week now, both with and without makeup.  The Liquid light illuminating primer is light weight, hydrating to my skin and also gave my skin a nice glow. I have also used this product both on its own and with foundation over the top, and with that it provides a nice natural all over glow.  Natural radiance bronzing primer, used by itself it is an amazing product, I don't like using it over the top of foundation as it comes out darker and felt heavier the liquid light illuminating primer. Both products have amazing consistency and i will definitely will continue to use both.
This is  a beautiful primer that I Like to use on the days i want to achieve a sun kissed look. I have previously before used the mecca brand bronzing primer but will be replacing that for this as it achieves more of a summer glow, I use this product interchangeably with with the luma illuminating primer which is also wonderful
I was really pleased when using this product and its overall effect.  I used it underneath my foundation and it provided a radiant glow and left my skin feeling hydrated and smooth! The radiant Bronzer was perfect for a light bronzed glow and there was no need to use foundation in conjunction with this product. Overall both of these products were a pleasure to use! 
I used this product for about a week - I really liked the light illuminating primer, the pearly consistency offered a great natural finished. I used this product under my foundation & as a stand alone product, and found it preformed well.  On the other hand the bronzing primer, I found to be quite on my complexion & didn't look natural. I would only suggest using this product in summer when tanned. Unfortunately it was a winner for me, however I would recommend the light illuminating primer.
I liked these products. Not mixed into foundations or moisturisers as they suggested- it just turned them different. The illuminating primer was nice, made my skin nice and soft with a soft glow. Some of my foundations however didn’t agree with it. The bronzing primer is also nice. I’m actually really pale and this didn’t turn me orange or anything, it did everything the illuminating primer does with a nice bronze glow.
I have used this product for about a week, with and without makeup. It has a lovely consistency and doesn’t look sparkly or fake. I used a number of application techniques, but the best method was mixing this with foundation and applying the mix to my skin.  I like the normal illuminating primer better, however this will be a really nice way to darken a foundation slightly, or to use without foundation in summer. It looks quite natural onto of foundation too, maybe too heavy a look for everyday, but really nice for night time :) 
Luma liquid light illuminating primer and the natural radiance bronzing primer had a light feel on the skin and easy to apply. I used the primer as my base and it keeps my makeup lasting for hours. I would highly recommend the Luma light illuminating primer for the daytime and the Luma natural radiance bronzing primer for a night out. Both make my makeup look very natural! Includes vitamin A and E (Bonus!). The lid stays on so it does not spill in my makeup bag. Handy travel size and easy to fit in hand bag. I have quite sensitive skin and it did not irritate my skin so I will definitely be buying it again!
I actually loved both the LUMA Natural Radiance Bronzing Primer and the LUMA Illuminating Primer. The Illuminating Primer created a fantastic base under my foundation and didn’t ball up with my face cream either. If you don’t feel like wearing too much makeup, either product looks beautiful on it’s own, just make sure you blend!! Will buy this in the future.
Surprisingly I actually liked this product both the Luma Natural Radiance Bronzing Primer and the Luma Illuminating Primer. The Illuminating Primer works beautifully under foundation even layed on top if you want to be extra. The Luma Natural Radiance Bronzing Primer looks beautiful on it’s own and adds a depth of colour  especially if you’ve had a fresh tan without buying a new foundation, although could look slightly streaky, just make sure you blend.
Really like this product for achieving dewy skin.The consistency is light and non sticky, so it's easy to wear under foundation. The product even looks really nice on the skin by itself and the bronze colour adds a bit of life and warmth to the skin. I don't like to apply fake tan to my face as I feel like it's very drying so this is a great substitute for applying under makeup. I would definitely incorporate this into my daily make up routine, the reason I haven't given 5 stars is because not sure how much of a long wearing primer it is but it's definitely nice if you like a glowy skin finish.
Whilst I loved the luminosity primer, the bringing primer didn't suit me quite as much. It has the same consistency, no sticky residue and glides beautifully over the skin. But it didn't quite match my skin tone (I am pale and freckled), and it always left me looking like I might have had a fake tan a few weeks earlier. I still glowed and my skin felt amazing using the primer, but I think it would be better suited for a darker (even slightly darker) skin tone.  How I did use it was as a highlighter on my cheekbones. Now I know this wasn't the recommended application method- but it actually looked stunning, and I would highly recommend it for both the final highlighting look, and the products obvious versatility. Have some fun and see how it would work for you!
I really wanted to love this primer, but unfortunately it was too 'bronzy' for my light-medium skin. It looked a little orange on my skin, even with foundation on top. I did however mix it with my body moisturizer and it gave me a really natural glow without the orange look. The consistency is nice and easy to mix with. If I have a fake tan in the future, I think this would be great, otherwise for my natural skin, it's a little dark for my liking.
I enjoyed the consistency and feel of the natural radiance bronzing primer, unfortunately though my results weren't what I was hoping.  Stand alone, the product without foundation left my skin a strange orange/ gold colour and only seemed to highlight the dark circles around my eyes and helped me to age another few years- definitely not what I was hoping to achieve here. Under foundation, it did help to give me a slightly more golden tone, but to me I didn't feel that it looked natural at all. I also don't think it helped my foundation to stay put for longer as my skin felt quite greasy and uncomfortable by the days end. In my first few experiences of using this product, I didn't think that I would find much use for it at all. But, with an upcoming wedding I felt the need to experiment and mixed the primer with some body moisturiser and I was really pleased with the result. It was just the nice subtle hint of golden glow that I was after. I'm so glad that I found a use for this product that better suits me so that I can get the most from it.  Verdict: The colour looked rather unnatural stand alone, or used as a primer but I will gladly keep adding it to my body moisturiser for the perfect subject hint of a golden glow.
I found that this primer works quite nicely when used both before applying make up and mixed in with my foundation. It is nice and lightweight when used alone but the colour is slightly too orange for my liking. As I don't use fake tan on my face, it's great to have on hand as a lighter alternative to facial tanner. I would probably use this again, but only to mix in with my foundation if I want a bit more colour. Overall a decent primer but I do think there are much better ones available for the price.
I never thought i would have use for an illuminating bronzer but this is now a product i NEED in my life. The finish is so nice and non sticky and i am able to use this product different ways. Under or mixed with a foundation that is lighter for me gives it a perfect tone for my skin. I have also used this on its own just as a quick fix on the go for a quick outing and it was absolutely stunning throughout the day. I recommend this product to anyone who likes a bit of a bronze glow.
Great lightweight consisteny. Loved the fact that its a bronzing primer. Its perfect for darker skin tones like mine. It leaves the skin with a beautiful glow. Lasts all day. Applies evently and smoothly. Creates the perfect base for foundation application. I used this by itself but you can mix it into your foundation and use it as well. Only con would be the fact that if left on the skin for long periods of time then tends to turn the skin shiny and oily. Would definitely re-purchase.
I used the bronzing primer under foundation and thought it was great. The consistency was really smooth and it didn't feel heavy on my skin. It gave a great glow and made it easier to match my face to my fake tan. I didn't like the look of it on its own. I found that it made my face look quite orange.
I used the Natural Radiance Bronzing Primer on it's own to try and achieve a natural glow on my face. I found that the colour of the primer was slightly too orange for my skin tone as I have a light-medium tone with no fake tan. I did mix the primer with my body moisturiser and found it was a great colour to match my legs and arms. I have quite sensitive skin and had no reaction at all to this product. I will use it again on my body but not as a primer for my face.