Manicare Biodegradable Make Up Blender

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The Manicare Biodegradable Make Up Blender is a reusable sponge designed to blend makeup easily for a streak-free, flawless finish. The biodegradable blender is made using 95% plant-based materials and is suitable to use wet or dry to blend foundation.

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Manicare Biodegradable Make Up Blender


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Helps achieve an even coverage

I wanted to try a more eco-friendly makeup blender, so I gave the Manicare Biodegradable Make Up Blender a shot. First off, I liked that it's better for the environment. The blender itself was soft and squishy, making it easy to blend my foundation and concealer. It felt gentle on my skin and didn't absorb too much product, which was great. Cleaning it was simple – just needed some soap and water. The shape was good for reaching different areas of my face. However, it did swell up a bit when wet, so I had to be careful not to use too much water. It lasted for quite a long time before I had to replace it, which was nice. Overall, if you're into eco-friendly stuff and want a decent makeup blender, this one's worth giving a try.
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Coverage Queen

The Manicare Biodegradable Make Up Blender was super fun to use and experiment with. Im your usual liquid foundation person, who dabbles between using fingers, to a brush, to a sponge. They all provide good coverage but give different finishes. I found that the blender was highly effective in providing a smooth, even coverage and even helped get into the niggly crevaces of the face. Storage at home is easy but would be troublesome on the go. I didnt find that I lost much foundation which is always a bonus as you dont want to lose half of the product into the blender which would also shorten the life span. Would I repurchase? Likely. Manicare is affordable and does the job well!
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Less for more

The sponge feel soft and bouncy on my skin. I like to use it wet when applying my foundation because it’s giving you a nice even coverage and smoother effect. You can get into the places that you can’t reach out when you use your hand. I also use it to apply my concealer with the pointy tip. Definitely no more messy fingers. The overall look was natural, dewy and provided ample coverage. I did find I use less of product as it goes a long way. To clean the sponge I just use hand wash liquid with warm water and leave it dry. Personally I’m happy with this beauty tool for its price.
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Great make up applicator

First of all, I love the spongy texture of this blender! It actually feels soft yet bouncy. I’ve also come to love the precision tips that Manicare are using on their products. It makes it really easy to get your foundation into those hard to reach places with ease. I also like that, like other products in their line it’s made from 95% plant based materials! Which is really important nowadays. I’ve really enjoyed using this and find the overall shape gives greater control when applying foundation
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Great product!

Great to use! As someone who regularly uses brushes and my fingers to apply makeup, I’ve always been resistant to change. Once I started using this make up blender, I was just amazed at how well my make up was able to be applied onto my skin. It’s definitely a product that you can use with ease and comfort. And the best part about it is that you don’t need any special skills to be able to use it well. As a bonus, knowing that the sponge is biodegradable puts my mind at ease and makes me feel more environmentally friendly using it.
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It's ok...

I received this as part of the review crew to trial. i had recently taken sponges out of my routine after using them for some time, and was finding that i was getting a better finish with a big fluffy brush. It's an ok Sponge and does what it claims to do, i don't think i would purchase over a more high end sponge that i have used in the past. But for the price point it is fine and does what it claims to do. easy to clean when you have the right product to do so, but honestly, it's a sponge, nothing special.
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Good Product

The Manicare Flawless Complexion Sponge is firm but it felt comfortable on my skin. I love using it everyday. The sponge’s flat side made it easier to apply foundation around the eyes and nose. In comparison to other sponges that I have tried, this sponge does not absorb lots of liquid foundation, I believe this is due to the sponge's firmness, which I really like as it doesn't create any wastage or cakey messy look later. In short I believe it is a great alternative to the other high priced beauty sponges out in the market and it works best for both liquid and cream foundations.
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Biodegradable kinda

The Manicare Biodegradable Make Up Blender is very simlar to many other make up blenders, the main difference is of course that it is Biodegradable. I was worried when I first got the make up blender that it might be less robust or not as strong as other make up blenders but in the month I used it I didn't notice any difference in quality. I think what really got me was the packaging, despite the make up blender being Biodegradable, the packaging was not so while it is a step in the right direction it is a bit confused in delivery.
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Make up blender

I really enjoyed trialing Manicare Biodegradable Make up Blender. I tried it with concealers, foundations. The blender itself feels nice to the touch, it is bouncy, has a good grip. It blends evenly. I used it wet to minimize the product waste. The disadvantages are: 1. it still soaks up quite a lot of the product, even when I used it wet. I wonder how much it will soak up if it is dry. 2. You have to change it quite often - each 1-3 months, which is quite wasteful. And it is hard to keep it clean after use. You have to wash and hang it somewhere to dry completely otherwise it will get a lot of bacteria. Otherwise it is quite good. I love that it is made from 95% plant based materials and it is biodegradable, which is great! The color is cute as well!
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Really great product!

I really really liked using this biodegradable make up blender. It works very well to apply all types of makeup products. I found it to be better than some other brands I've tried. I hope it will also be a more affordable option. It cleaned up well with a makeup sponge cleanser. I prefer to use it damp as it didn't soak up as much product and it was easier to clean afterwards. It's great that the blender is biodegradable, however, the packaging is not. That being said, I would still purchase this product again and recommend it to others.
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A worth product

It's wonderful to use the Manicare Biodegradable Makeup Blender. I've been using my fingers to apply liquid makeup for years. The benefit of using a blender is less mess, and I discovered that I needed to use less product. The form of the blender makes it easy to apply properly around your nose and eyes. It just glides over the skin, providing a very smooth finish. Because it is so soft to the touch, comfortable to hold, and shaped to fit all the angles of the face, the sponge is simple to use around the eye region. I found that a flat surface was my favoured side. The sponge is easy to clean with liquid soap, and it dries rapidly to keep it hygienic. Although being biodegradable, I believe the product will survive for a very long time. The blender's biodegradability is particularly noteworthy in my opinion because it is significantly better for the environment. Definitely would make another buy!
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I have never been a fan of makeup blenders as I am so used to using makeup brushes especially when blending, but with this product it made me want to switch from a brush to a sponge blender. Id like to say its economical as I dont need to put on that much of makeup product as it spreads it evenly and smoothly onto my face. I love how it is not too soft nor firm thus making the blending even and look flawless. This is a great product for me especially to those people who are a true fan of beauty blenders.
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Good quality product!

The makeup blender was a great addition to my morning makeup routine. I also love that it’s biodegradable. I prefer brushes for blending foundation but this sponge worked well to blend concealer under the eyes. It is soft and a decent size for daily use. I would recommend wetting the sponge before first use as without this step I found it to be too patchy and not up to standard. Once I wet the sponge I found it worked as a dream. I would recommend this product to anybody looking for a good quality beauty blender option that is budget friendly
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I like the idea

I like the idea of it been biodegradable and for the price it is pretty good. You could buy a few at a time and use them alternatively while been cleaned and not break the bank. I think you use less product by using a sponge so it’s pretty savvy in that way and the shape of the sponge is great, easy to hold and get in areas like under eyes. However, this particular sponge makes the application quite wet looking and not as blended as I like. would probably still prefer to use a brush when applying product.
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Handy tool that’s good for the planet!

This is a great little make up blender tool. Super easy to use and a great addition to my make up bag. I used it to help apply my foundation in the morning before work. It doesn’t soak up too much product but helped my make up blend easily. That’s a bonus when you consider how expensive foundation can be these days if you’re using a good quality product. Very easy to wash and clean as well, which is great as there is nothing worse than using a dirty tool on your face I also really like the fact that it is biodegradable as most of these kinds of sponges are not good for you and good for the planet! I used the sponge in conjunction with the face powder blender and the two also worked really well together. I would definitely recommend using them as a duo in your make up routine.
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Pleasantly Surprised!

I didn't have high expectations for this product when I saw that it was biodegradable however I was pleasantly surprised! The sponge itself has a nice soft feel to it and can be used wet or dry. I found wetting the blender slightly helped with achieving a cleaner coverage and it also seems to be using less product. I have been dapping my liquid foundation onto my skin and then blending with the blender and then also dabbing the blender over my powder to set it. It seems to keep the base of my makeup more stable and lasts much longer. So far there has been no breakage of the sponge which I was really impressed by. Definitely will continue to use this!
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So soft

I have used many different blenders over the years and l thought that there would not be much of a difference between the different brands. However, l was definitely proven wrong with this blender. I was pleasantly surprised with how soft the Manicure Biodegradable Make Up Blender was. The sensory feeling of just holding it, made it superior to any of the others that l may have used in the past. I found that it did a great job of blending in my make up and that my make up seemed to last all day. I was also impressed that it washed up and dried really well.
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Easy to use

I have been using this Manicare Biodegradable Makeup Blender for approximately two weeks now, and I am extremely pleased with the results. I’ve always used my fingers to apply my foundation but I love this method because it required much less product and took about the same amount of time. I applied my liquid foundation on the slightly dampened sponge, I used a dabbing and sweeping motion to evenly cover my face. The sponge is easy to use around the eye area because it is so soft to the touch, comfortable to grip, and contoured to fit all the angles of the face. Cleaning the sponge is simple after every use, and it dries quickly to keep it hygienic. I think it will last a long time. I find it great for the environment as the blender is biodegradable. I would recommend this product to a friend.
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A good, inexpensive option

I use beauty blenders all the time when wearing makeup, so I was interested to see how this product would compare. I dampened the sponge and used it to gently bounce in my base makeup. The sponge left a smooth and even base which was great. I also used the product to blend over the top of my makeup at the end for an extra seamless and non-cakey look, which worked well. It is easy to use, a great shape (pretty similar to others on the market) and at a good price point. Overall this product is a good high street option of more expensive products.
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Not bad but not my fave

I am such a lover of makeup sponges that I was excited to be a part of this trial. I know Manicare have been around for years so I had pretty high expectations. It is velvety smooth, and the edges make it so much easier to get right in those hard to reach places. I used it twice on two different liquid products, but found that it soaked too much of the product for my liking. Great price point if you’re looking for a versatile cheaper option, but I won’t be reaching for it when I have other sponges I prefer more. Would I recommend it ? Yes to beginners or someone looking for a sponge that has a cheaper price point.