Manicare® maniPRO 2-in-1 Cuticle Pusher & File

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Manicare® maniPRO 2-in-1 Cuticle Pusher & File is made with 100% European crystal known for long lasting sharpness without any sharp blades. The innovative design gently pushes and files back cuticles without damaging the nail surface. Double ended – slanted end gently pushes back cuticle to neatly frame the nail, while the pointed end gently files hard-to-get dry skin around the nail with precision. Crystal pusher can be used on both wet of dry skin.


Manicare® maniPRO 2-in-1 Cuticle Pusher & File


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Efficient and professional file

I love mani are and this mani pro 2 in 1 cuticle pusher and file works a treat for beautiful nails done at home. It is great value as it saves a nail salon visit and it’s so easy to use. The slanted end pushes back my cuticles with ease and it’s really gentle and shaped well to make the job efficient and professional looking and the pointed end files away rough uneven skin without doing damage. The European crystal is not damaging but files perfectly and with precision. This is a high end luxe file that I feel is a great price so well worth the investment. I love this product and would highly recommend it