Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau de Parfum

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Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau de Parfum is a rich and bold sparkling floral fragrance, featuring top notes of wild strawberry, heart notes of violet petals, and base notes of gardenia and jasmine.


Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau de Parfum


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I received this purfume as a present and absolutely love it !  The overall scent is soft and subtle enough to wear during the day and night and isn’t too over powering.  The beautiful floral fruity scent gives a refreshing fragrance all day long.  The bottle to this purfume is beautiful and elegant.  Will purchase this again 
An absolute must have vagrancy for any collector. I first received this fragrance from sister years ago and have not looked back. It's a continual re purchase item and it saddens me when it's almost finished. Purchase you won't regret it I promise
This is the most gorgeous, floral scent. Not too sweet at all and lasts all day. The first thing I liked about it was that it outlasted any other perfume I've had.
At first spritz this perfume bursts at me with a bold and definite fruitiness which I believe is the wild strawberry - it's not tart but instead sweet but fully bold and not at all shy.  Then after a couple of minutes, this initial fruity-sweet scent floats off and leaves a gentle and fresh bouquet of violet flowers - a scent so unique, precious and beautiful that you enjoy it without a 'worry in the world' kind of attitude.  This is fantastic for someone like me who normally tends to strive and perform by nature - so instead when I smell this middle note of violet I become much more relaxed and find an inner calm that I forget is there inside me in a busy day.  So this perfume is good for me as it brings out a relaxed and peaceful part of me that I really love to acknowledge.   After many minutes I can then smell the base sweet and floral notes that linger - for hours!  I love that this perfume goes through it's multiple levels and notes and then envelopes me in bliss for a long time after.  Being of an Eau de Parfum quality, you get what you pay for with this high quality perfume.  Overall, it's a feminine and soft perfume that reminds me of a sunny field of pretty little humble flowers all facing the sun with their innocent little faces,  bending to and fro in a calm and gentle breeze.  This perfume is not raunchy or spicy but instead it is delicate, innocent and free.  I think any age could enjoy this perfume.  I love the bottle which is so apt with it's pretty daisies on the lid.  It's a real joy to hold those daisies in my hand as I grip the lid to take it off and spritz the perfume.  This perfume is a very special classic and it's been my favourite perfume for several years now.
Have used this product for 3 years and I love it. It is such a feminine and floral scent perfect for all day or all night. Would highly recommend to use :)