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Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau de Toilette

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Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau de Toilette is the original signature fresh and feminine fragrance from Marc Jacobs. It features top notes of wild strawberry, heart notes of violet petals, and base notes of gardenia and jasmine.

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Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau de Toilette


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Pretty perfume

Such a beautiful fragrance in a pretty bottle. This bottle is too sweet to put away, it is worth leaving out for people to see. I initially purchased this fragrance as a gift and it went down so well that I decided to buy for myself. I also tried another Marc Jacobs perfume for comparison however this was the most subtle and feminine. It is a subtle soft fragrance perfect for summer days or balmy evenings. It continually reminds me of summer and I also like to decant it into travel spritzers for when I go away during the winter months to a warmer climate. It is most definitely not over powering and I can guarantee you will get many compliments. I recommend this fragrance for anyone wanting a summery, fresh and feminine fragrance that will outshine others and be popular amongst your family and friends.

This perfume offers a perfect balanced scent!

I simply adore this fabulous fresh perfume that has a super feminine fragrance. The smell of Marc Jacobs Daisy is superbly sophisticated with enchanting notes but never over powering when applied. It entails an innocent and elegant scent too. Once you spray this perfume on the desired area of your body it literally wraps you in complete warmth and comfort. This amazing scent has notes of violet leaves jasmine petals, strawberry ruby plus vibrant red grapefruit. It is also blended with a unique musk vanilla and white woods giving this perfume a perfect balance. I highly recommend you have this beautiful bottle in your perfume collection.
I'm a true perfume addict and have several bottles on the go and each one takes me to a different place.  Marc Jacobs Daisy to me is very feminine.  It's not a seductive scent at all.  It screams innocence.  The perfect Spring/Summer scent.  Its very floral and a little fruity.  It contains wild berries, white violets, jasmine, gardenia and sandalwood.  Now the interesting thing is with it being named 'Daisy' ..  Think about that for a little bit and then think about what Daisies smell like.  They don't have a scent as such, but I bet if they could magic up a scent of their own it would smell just like this perfume. Daisy comes in a glass bottle that is so typically Marc Jacobs.  Its cap has giant white plastic daisies with gold centers.  I have discovered that the Daisy in this bottle with the clear glass and the White Daisies is the EDT and the Black bottle with the Gold Daisies is the EDP.  I have the EDT which is a little disappointing on the longevity,  it will only last for about 3 hours on my skin.  I have not tried the EDP which I would hope has a much better staying power. You can purchase this in gift sets and use it with the matching shower gel and body lotion. 
I remember when I first purchased this perfume many years ago and to this day I still love it. The bottle is so cute with the daisies on top and it's a pretty bottle to put on your dresser. It's floral but done in an understated way that you can enjoy it and not smell too mature.  I can smell the strawberry notes in the perfume as well as violet, grapefruit, gardenia and vanilla.  It's a scent that I like to just spritz on in the morning and it works for just about any occasion. It reminds me of spring and it's just a happy, positive scent.
Fun, fruity and floral at the same time. This was my go-to perfume for a long time. Great for day and fun for night. The lasting power of this scent isn’t great but it’ll get you through most of the day. The price of this perfume is very reasonable.
I remember when this fragrance first came out and I kept talking about how much I wanted it.  My friend ended up buying it for me for my birthday and I was ecstatic.  The bottle is just so unbelievably cute and feminine, it's like no other perfume bottle I have seen.  The scent is just beautiful, it's lightweight, fresh and fruity without it smelling artificial and childish.  It's done in a really elegant way which is why I believe it became so popular.  The floral notes aren't too strong and everything is balanced out perfectly.  It's the perfume I like to wear all year round but it always reminds me of spring.  It is EDT so it's not as long lasting but it tends to stay on my skin for about two hours before I need to spray it again.
This is a really lovely perfume- it has a classic, fresh scent which is perfect for those who don't like overpowering sweet perfumes as it can be worn day to night. I found it to be reasonably long lasting (especially if you spray it on your hair like I do). The bottle is also really pretty- I didn't want to throw it out once I had finished my first bottle so it would make a nice gift in this sense. I would recommend this product to all ages :)
I love this perfume, it has lasted me years and it was affordable. I love the scent as it is not to overpowering but at the same time it has a very fresh scent. I do not own that many perfumes and this was my first one so it will always hold a place in my heart. I continue to buy it to this day, which really says something about the quality. Thank You
This smells like freshly cut flowers on a warm summer day. It's cheerful and feminine, youthful but not juvenile. The notes that stick out most to me are strawberry, gardenia, and vanilla, as well as something woody. Daisy is such an easy scent that has a certain uplifting quality. It is on the lighter side, making this more of a summer and daytime scent, but the cooler weather actually draws out the warmer, muskier qualities of this scent beautifully. Unfortunately, it doesn't wear that long and doesn't project much at all.
I was introduced to this beautiful fragrance by my daughter.  Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau de Toilette is a fresh fragrance and brings a little bit of Spring into my world.  How could you not enjoy the blend of wild strawberry, heart notes of violet petals, and base notes of gardenia and jasmine, the combination is exquisite.  I'm a happy user as it has gardenia and jasmine included so very happy to wear it regularly.  It can be worn by women of all ages which proves it is a versatile fragrance. How cute is the bottle with the lovely daisy flowers on the top a stand out amongst my other perfume bottles.
This is one of my favourite fragrances, just beautifully delicate and feminine, it is quality at its best.  The bottle itself I love, it has a really pretty look without being too over the top and as for the scent again it is soft and fresh, elegant and classy, well balanced, breezy and reminds me of the spring/season season.  I will continue to have this fabulous fragrance on my dresser.
I am a total perfume junkie and this perfume was recommended to me by friends so I splurged. I really love it, I dont tend to buy marc jacob's perfumes but this is so lovely and feminine. For a start the bottle is so pretty with its double daisies on the lid. it immediately makes me smile and think of summer. The scent itself is a delicate, light, fresh floral that is subtle yet lasts and lasts, a great summer scent, with notes of gardenia and jasmine it reminds me of a warm spring day, a 'happy' fragrance, this is a gorgeous feminine floral that I would buy again, I highly recommend it
This bottle is just beautiful; I love the flower on the lid. I have purchased this as gifts for friends and relatives but never bought a bottle for myself. I think it’s because I love it so much that I wouldn’t useany other of my fragrances. I first found out about this when a customer was wearing it and I asked what it was. I then realised that whenever I did ask people what they were wearing (when I liked the scent), it was this fragrance! The fragrance reminds me of spring and youth, although this is suitable for women of all ages. It is very fresh and feminine. There are no cons, I just need to refrain myself from buying it! If you are after something sharp and distinct, this fragrance will not be for you.
This is the perfect scent for summer and I absolutely live off it! It is a lovely floral scent that isn't overpowering however very distinct. I love the packaging as it really resembles a daisy and sells you the perfume even before smelling it. I would recommend this product to anyone however I think the demographic this perfume is aimed at is younger woman as it is a very fresh sweet scent but don't let that stop you wearing it!!
This is my go to fragrance for Summer. I love to wear it when I'm going somewhere special as it's just such a lovely fragrance. It's a light floral fragrance for those looking for something a bit lighter, especially in Summer. The bottle is so cute too. I make sure I always keep this in my cupboard.
Fresh as a Daisy. The bottle just grabs your attention 3 different sized flexible white daisy adorn the gold cap of the bottle.  The bottle itself is a nice shape,easy to hold and the whole package looks so lovely. The eau de toilette is also sweet, pretty and fresh. The perfect spring/summer scent.  Every time I look at the bottle it reminds me of warm summer nights, perfumed gardens and romance. The scent itself does not last all day as it is not a perfume so buy the rollerball for easy touchups. A great fragrance for any age and a perfect gift.
have this as a "back up" perfume. mostly wear it to work (in a hospital) where i don't really want to wear an expensive perfume that will be wasted! have received lovely comments when im wearing this but most importantly doesn't break the bank - think i picked it up 60% off during one of pricelines sale.
I absolutely love 'Daisy'. It was work by a good family friend who was like a mum to be so the smell will always have a special place in my heart. I get compliments daily on how good it smells, I love how crisp it is, not too sweet, but still floral. Big fan!
Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau De Toilette has been one of my favourite fragrances since its launch and since purchasing my first bottle in 2010, I am certain that I will always keep one on hand. It seems hard to believe now but my infatuation with Daisy was not all roses (pun intended). At first I was unsure if the fragrance was right for me but after wearing Daisy on a few occasions, I quickly  realised that this floral and delicious fruity fragrance sits really well on my skin. The scent is beautiful - a soft and feminine blend of White Strawberries, Violet Petals and White Woods which blend together to smell like a fresh bunch of daisies. The fragrance is easy to wear: not heady or overbearing or sickly sweet - just right. I receive many compliments when I wear Daisy and know of many women who are as equally mad about the fragrance as I am. While the scent really does remind me of daisies, the truth of the matter is that Marc Jacobs named his coveted scent after his pet dog! Daisy is a simply stunning fragrance which I cannot fault in any way, and I think will become a timeless icon in the history of women's fragrances.
Beautiful long lasting fragrance which is great value. Marc Jacob's fragrances are always a winner and this is one of my favourites. It is feminine and not overpowering and I often get compliments when I wear it.