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Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh Eau de Toilette

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Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh Eau de Toilette is a lighter reinterpretation of Marc Jacob’s signature Daisy fragrance. It features a floral, fruity scent with notes of raspberry, wild rose and plum.

Price above is for 75mL. Also available in 125mL.


Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh Eau de Toilette


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Perfection in a bottle. I already adore the perfume bottle the first time I saw it. That daisy cap is so adorable. A sprite of it reminds me of spring wit thhe crisp freshness and sweetness that I can not get enough of. I highly recommend this item for everyone who likes a scent that reminds them of spring.
My all time favourite perfume. It has a reallly nice sweet fresh scent, that is perfect for summer. The bottle is super cute with the daisy cap. I love it so much, abosultely beatuful scent that is perfect for a nice summer day or night out. Everything you need in a pretty bottle
Some people may think this is pricey but it Is sooooo worth it. Marc Jacobs has delivered another awesome smelling perfume. This has become my go to scent. I even bought the smaller bottle so I can take it with me when I travel. It smells fresh, new and just so addictive. I definitely reccomend this, plus it comes with the most beautiful flowery design.
Daisy Eau so fresh is like the original Daisy's sister.  They have a lot of similarities as well as differences, making them unique each in their own way.  Daisy Eau So Fresh is fruity and sweet which are the type of notes that always appeal to me.  I feel like you can never go wrong with that type of scent. It just automatically puts me in a good mood!  Like the original daisy, she has the beautiful daisies on top, creating an image of a beautiful spring bouquet. She's pink in colour and much larger which means more perfume for me to love! She's carefree, fun, flirty and youthful. A delectable array of raspberries, litchi, and plum with a bit of crispness from the green notes fill the air that reminds me of summer and being outdoors.  With a touch of florals to add some depth and you've got yourself a well rounded perfume.
I loooooooooove this fragrance.  With so many fragrances smelling kind of the same lately i really like how fresh and pretty this scent is.  It's my current favourite and I'm getting lots of compliments evertime I wear it.  Not overly heavy but very feminine and great as an everyday fragrance.
I've been asked so many times what is that gorgeous perfume you are wearing and that is such a fabulous compliment a woman can receive. Gorgeous fragrance which lasts for hours. The pretty bottle compliments my beautiful perfume collection.
This is truly like sunshine in a bottle! Everything about it just exudes springtime and happiness.  If there's one thing that always stand out with Marc Jacobs perfumes it's his eye-catching and unique bottles. It has become his trademark.  I end up liking the appearance and design of the bottle just as much as I like the scent of the perfume.  The pink glass bottle adorned with white, pink and yellow covered daisies on top is beautiful to look at while on my vanity.  The perfume initially smells like a fruit salad with notes of Grapefruit, Raspberry (yum!) and Pear. Then it starts to develop into floral scents with Violet, Rose and Jasmine.  You might think that the fragrance appeals to the younger market but it's great for women of any age!
This is a fragrance that reminds me of cool summer nights outside with friends. The bottle is adorable and the scent lasts almost all day. I wear this to work and often don't need to reappl. This is also special to me as it was a gift from my soon to be husband. Thanks babe!
While Marc Jacobs has undoubtedly dominated the field of quirky ad campaigns for his fashion line, he's also done an amazing job when it comes to fragrances. Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh is the epitome of bottled Spring - a blend of floral and fruity notes, a few spritzes will send your senses drifting to warm Spring days filled with sunshine, laughter and the promise of warmer days to come, and cool nights that are filled with a crispness no other season can provide. This scent is right for the girly girl who wants to step out in a sundress and hit the markets on a breezy weekend, or for those who simply love to be reminded that brighter days are yet to come.
A lovely twist on the original daisy (which I am also a huge fan of). Beautiful sweet notes, last well throughout the day. The bottle (like all Marc Jacobs perfumes) is gorgeous! I always get compliments when wearing this one