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Marc Jacobs Dot Rollerball

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Perfect for travelling, Marc Jacobs’ Dot Rollerball is a compact 10mL version of the bold, feminine fragrance, featuring top notes of red berries, dragonfruit and honeysuckle; heart notes of jasmine, coconut water and orange blossom; and base notes of driftwood and creamy vanilla.


Marc Jacobs Dot Rollerball


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Marc Jacobs make the bessttt perfumes - this dot one smells like Spring in a bottle! The scent is lightly sweet, fresh and floral, the notes of fruit and flowers mix together wonderfully to create this insanely gorgeous and enticing smell. When I first roll this on, I get the scent of the red berries first, and then over time the honeysuckle and jasmine start to come in. This is such a playful, feminine fragrance, and makes me feel confident and warm. Because the scent is quite natural and not at all overpowering, I would recommend it to women who work or go to school. It provides a lovely, sweet touch but won't annoy anyone around you. The size of this little guy is perfect for travelling, which I imagine is what it was made for. It doesn't leak in my carry on, and keeps me feeling and smelling fresh throughout my entire flight. I will also carry it in my bag throughout the day when I'm not travelling, because it is so convenient to touch up with the rollerball. I'm a big fan of how long this scent lasts when I roll it onto my neck and wrists. Although by the end of the day, the scent isn't as strong as it was when I first applied it, when my friends hug me they say they can still smell the fruitiness! Seriously, how can you not love everything berry scented? 100% recommend this!
My fave perfume Marc Jacobs Dot now in Rollerball so I can always carry it with me. A great pick me up for during the day when you want to freshen up a bit. This perfume smell so great not to overpowering just a touch of Jasmine and Red Berries. Not the most economical way to purchase it, but at least you'll always have it with you and won't have to worry about any leaking out into your bag.
I love the rollerball fragrances for stashing in my clutch when going out, or for keeping in my handbag for everyday. I don't like carrying around a full size perfume bottle for fear of it either leaking or smashing, and often it just won't fit in my bag. I do however, like freshening up my fragrance subtly while I am out and about. This is why I love rollball fragrances. There are not all that many perfumes that are available in this format, but I think "Dot" is a lovely girly fragrance without being too overly sweet. The coconut carries the lighter floral and fruity notes and the vanilla is present without the hint of saccharin.
I love DOT so much!
The is the beautiful and fruity DOT fragrance in a travel size rollerball version. It's an exquisite treat to use a rollerball to gentle roll and allow the scent to be applied to my skin. Using it is a treat itself! The scent is the same spirited and happy berry infused, slightly citrus, and fresh scent. It's so nice to just open the lid and smell the inviting scent. It makes me happy to use this fragrance as it makes me think of light, fruity, berries, citrus, and sunshine. Pros: -fruity and light fragrance which comes in an easy to use rollerball version          -use this when you don't want everyone to know that you're applying a scent because you can use your rollerball without making a spray noise Cons: you may get addicted to the scent and will want to buy another rollerball of this scent Tips: apply onto your pulse points and enjoy the happy scent Recommendations: I recommend this scent for ladies of all ages who want a cute, travel friendly, easy to carry DOT perfume in a rollerball version to use anytime.
Marc Jacobs Dot Rollerball is my reliable favourite simply downsized! Its perfect for popping into my handbag and absolutely ideal for when travelling. Its light, fresh and subtly floral without being overpowering. Although it may be slightly pricey there is real value in the fact the scent lasts all day plus the rollerball application ensures nothing is going to waste. I've drawn so many compliments whilst wearing Marc Jacobs Dot its almost become like my secret weapon. A little beauty I would recommend any day!