Matrix Brass Off Shampoo

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Matrix Brass Off Shampoo is a neutralising shampoo for brassy toned blondes and brunettes. The formula works to reduce brassiness by depositing blue and violet pigments throughout the hair, leaving hair colour looking toned and refreshed.


Matrix Brass Off Shampoo


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This shampoo is a god-send for someone like me who loves that salon fresh feel but doesn't really like paying $200+ each week for it. I love to leave this in for a few minutes, clear my mind and let it do its job removing all the yucky brass from my blonde hair.
Beauty starts right from the top, your hair. You know how amazing having a good hair day can make you feel, happy, confident and on top of the world, ready to face whatever the day throws at you. Experimenting with different hair colours, using home dye kits, is one of my favourite ways to spend my spare time. It's fun, it's quick and easy because home hair dye kits are so much better these days, and it's the easiest way to change up your entire beauty look. Of course, if you spend a lot of time continually dying and re-dying your hair, you will need to spend time caring for your colour treated locks with the right shampoo, conditioner and masks and leave in treatments, to ensure your hair remains bright, glossy, soft and protected from the drying effects that hair dye can have. There are many great products from brilliant brands, and my most recent discovery is this Matrix Brass off shampoo. I recently dyed my hair a gorgeous deep red colour, courtesy of Garnier Olia, and needed a shampoo that would really protect and maintain my newly red tresses, and I saw this at my local beauty salon. I know it says for blonde and brunette colours, but the staff member who helped me still recommended it for any shade of colour, so I was sold. The next morning, I did my usual double shampoo, rinsing thoroughly each time, and followed with the matching conditioner, rinsed thoroughly again, and wrapped up my clean, wet strands in my hair turban. After drying off and combing through gently, I was left with hair that was fresh, shiny, glossy and radiant, and the red colour simply glowed. I was very impressed with results that were so instant and obvious for all to see. I now use these products once a week, for a truly indulgent and pampering deep treatment and it has really maintained my colour for so long now, even six weeks later, my hair looks freshly dyed, it's just so bright and shiny. The price tag is reasonable, needing so little each time means it has gone such a long way, and the purple packaging, one of my favourite colours, looks gorgeous in my shower caddy. Even though I really like this product and the instant and long lasting results it has given me, I take off one star simply because it doesn't quite live up to my beloved Garnier or Loreal Paris hair care products, plus they are a little more affordable, but still, this product and brand has no real negatives for me, I will continue to use it and love it. If you want a product range that pampers and treats coloured, dry hair, has a quirky name and gives instant results plus long lasting ones, then brass off and try this Matrix range.
I've been using this product ever since I dyed my hair. Although it's an A product (great smell, really pigmented, soft and good for oily hair) it does have a flaw which dries your hair. Please make sure you have a good conditioner or treatment otherwise it gonna leave your hair as dry as broom.