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Maybelline New York Baby Lips is a flavoured lip balm. Lips are protected and moisturised for eight hours and after one week, lips feel renewed.

Available in three flavours.


Maybelline New York Baby Lips


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I think if I looked hard enough I could find about 50 of these lying around my house. I love this lip balm. It is cheap and fits so easily in any bag. It does it’s job of moisturising the lips but I feel that I may have overused it at times which meant my lips were relying on having to use this product in order for them to be moisturised.
I wanted to love this lip balm but I just don’t… I have the flavor anti-oxidant berry and it’s a sweet kind of yogurt like flavor which I am not the biggest fan of. You have to reapply it regularly as well and I don’t think it made any difference to my lips either. Wish it worked for my lips but it doesn’t unfortunately. 
I really can't understand why people love this product. It's no better than vaseline at protecting lips - actually vaseline would be better than this - at least, it won't have that prominent fragrance. The fragrance itself isn't a problem but I don't like it constantly lingering on my lips. This chapstick, although seems very moisturizing, seems to make my lips more dry in long run. The packing is very cute and I can imagine teenage girls loving it for just that alone but definitely not my kind of stuff.
I really like the packaging of this lip balm. It goes on clear and it does help hydrate my lips (although you do have to apply it frequently).  I have the lychee addict and it smells so good! A great bonus is the price of this balm, it is so cheap!
Love the look, love the smell and love the flavors! Irrestible! I have lost count of all the different ones I have used. It provides that much needed moisture with the lightest hint of color. This lip balm is one of my favorites and I always have one lying around in my bag without exception. I have even used it over my lipstick when I just need a hint of color retouch without wanting to reapply. It is light and not sticky which is good to use by itself or under other lip makeup.
I cannot begin to describe my favourite lip balm of all time. I have already gone through at least five of these as they are my favourite flavour. The smooth consistency leaves my lips plump and smooth. I also can't get enough of the bubbly smell, which is why I always carry it with me in a bag or pocket. The balm is clear and personally very hydrating if applied often enough.
With a name like 'Baby Lips' and a packaging as cute as that, how could I resist? Having tried a few variants, I find the Antioxidant Berry one to be the only one I actually like. The others (including a Cherry-something one I bought while overseas) didn't do much more than coat my lips with a protective layer of film. The Berry one is moisturising and leaves my lips soft and satiny. It works well to soothe slightly chaffed lips without any irritation. However, I wouldn't count on this lip balm for a more serious dry-lips situation. The texture of the balm is soft and creamy, and glides on super easily. It smells vaguely sweet, but the smell doesn't linger and more importantly, it doesn't taste bitter or metallic when I inevitably ingest some while drinking water or tea. Unlike a few other lip balms, Baby Lips doesn't leave my lips dehydrated and reaching for lip balm all day. I spent some time living in a humid locale, and this was my sole lip balm for a whole year, and I found it did a good job. In my current four-seasons-in-a-day climate with varying degrees of humidity and windiness, however, I've had to relegate this to just an occasional lip balm that I like but don't rely on. I like these lip balms, but wouldn't recommend them for chapped lips or for deep hydration. They are, however, good for keeping your lips looking soft and adding a bit of non-glossy, non-shiny moisture to your lips during the day.
I practically own every flavour of Baby Lips and buy them when they're on sale for $2. They're basic and handy to throw in your bag and reapply throughout the day at school. I used to use them daily in high school. They're not intensely nourishing or anything - they just coat your lips with a protective layer of wax and oils to fend against the weather. They're very lightweight/thin and don't have too much gloss to them. The scents subtly sweet and fruity, very inoffensive. Don't have a noticeable taste either. I wouldn't say it lasts 8 hours as it claims. Maybe around 3 hours.
I have the maybelline baby lips in Mango pie. It is a very light pink in the tube but goes onto the lips clear, or at least it doesn't show on my lips. I keep it in my handbag for those times where my lips need something but I can't be bothered with colour. My boyfriend also definitely appreciates me keeping a colourless balm on hand. The mango pie scent is so delicious, it smells sweet without being sickly. I'm quite sensitive to smell and what I love most is I can smell it as I'm applying it but it doesn't bother me through out the day. The bright packaging stands out in my handbag, which is a bonus with all the clutter we all carry around. The balm is easily wound up and down within the tube. It goes on very easily, applying just the right amount to the lips on a swipe.The formula is quite smooth and buttery, so I would be careful on hot days if you have a habit of leaving balms in the car. The balm stays on my lips for a really long time with this nice buttery feeling, no sticky or waxy here.   The SPF is an important but wonderful addition to this balm. The price is unbelievably reasonable and is often on sale. It is readily available in many pharmacies and grocery stores.  I love this balm, I literally can not think of a fault. I definitely recommend everyone try it. 
I got one in Lychee Addict and the tube is a fun bright turquoise colour (my fave colour) with bright contrasting pink lettering on it - fab colour combo! It's a slightly artificial lychee smelling but it's not so strong so I don't mind. When applied on the lips, it is not sticky and is oily enough to soothe dry lips. I have tried other lip balms which are not oily or creamy enough so it doesn't really provide any relief. I don't think this will cure dry lips, frankly I've not found anything that does so you will need re-application after it's worn off. Major plus to this lip balm is that it has SPF20 which is great and higher than most average lip balms if they even do contain SPF at all. The pitfall is that the ingredients list contains a whole of stuff that is unpronounceable so definitely not for those looking for natural ingredients! Having said that, since I go through so many, I'd re-purchase again, probably in Mango :)
I'll just start by saying how adorable this lip balm is. It comes in the sweetest colours and I love buying fun and exciting products. So good job on the design Maybelline! It smells good, feels soft and rejuvenating. It really does repair my dry lips and leaves them feeling relieved. The consistency is just right and so is the price. It's so handy that you can just put it in your pocket and continue with your day.
I love the Maybelline baby lips lip balms. Cute little balms at a cheap price that sooth dry lips. What more could you want?   I have gone through many lip balms looking for a good every day one. I need lip balms daily to give my lips a hydration boost, and the Maybelline ones are perfect for that. Delicious, quick and easy to apply and reapply throughout the day, and cheap since it is a product I use frequently.   The texture is very creamy, it is like heavenly smooth for your lips. The lip balm applies as a thin layer on your lips. Some of the baby lips lip balm have delicious scents that are good enough to eat.   These lips balms are good for everyday where to prevent chapping. If you have severely chapped lips you might need something extra heavy duty to help them.   Would recommend to people needing a quick hydration boost throughout the day to prevent chapping.   Pros Cheap Creamy Hydrates lips   Cons Not suitable for severely chapped dry lips  
Maybelline - a huge makeup giant has created my favourite lip balm which has completely surprised me because they specialise in makeup and not skincare. But after going through 6 of their lip balms in the different scents, I can say I am a big fan! Baby Lips is an incredibly moisturising lip balm. It goes on smoothly. After application, my lips feel soft and conditioned for hours. I tend to use it before bed and when I wake up, my lips feel soft and comfortable and no flaky and dry skin is in sight! I love all of the scents as well. They smell natural either like berries which is just delicious. Give it a go everyone! It's really affordable and there's nothing to lose!
I don't really suffer from dry or chapped lips unless the heat or wind is quite severe but the amazingly affordable price and the pretty pastel color combinations on the packaging of these lip balms were hard to say no too! The Maybelline Baby Lips lip balm (I purchased Antioxidant Berry )comes in a very cute and colorful pastel tube. I found the scent to be quite pretty and subtle and the texture was quite like most other balms I have used in the past. That's about where the positives ended for me.The formula  didn't seem to absorb at all. Just sat on the surface of my lips feeling waxy and uncomfortable.  My partner has since claimed this product. He has exceptionally dry lips and claims it works for him. Sadly-not for me at all. Pros Contains Spf 20 Great Price Pretty Packaging Smells nice Cons Has to be reapplied constantly  Not Moisturising-left my lips feeling dryer I'd recommend this to anyone who enjoys reapplying lip balm throughout the day.
I always seem to have a million Lip Balms on the go at once as they just seem to disappear in to pockets and bags everywhere so I seem to try out lots of different ones. Baby Lips is a lip balm I have been using for years and for me is close to being the elusive perfect "one".  I really like the Anti-oxidant Berry one despite the packaging which is probably a little bit too young and hip for me with it's cute graffiti style writing. It comes in an easy to apply screw lip balm tube which is one of the best ways to get a lip balm in my opinion. The first thing you notice about the anti-oxidant berry is that it has a sweet berry smell that is not too over-powering. On application I find that it goes on really smooth and leaves your lips feeling soft and moisturising. I find that it lasts for a reasonable length of time without drying out my lips and that I only need to reapply every couple of hours. This is a great lip balm for anyone as it is super cheap so you can afford to take a chance and find the perfect lip balm for you.
One of my favourite lip balms - and I've tried a few! Feels great when applied, isn't too thick and helps when my lips are chapped. Smells delicious too!
I use this product every single day and love that it keeps my lips nice and hydrated. I have a problem with cracked dry lips and this particular product helps to keep that in tact. The scent is also lovely and makes you want to lick your lips.
I love these little balms. I have them everywhere, handbags, work, bedside tables. I love the price of them, they're just a great all round lip balm that keep my lips moisturised for hours and I'm never without them.
I have been using Maybelline New York Baby Lips for what feels like forever.  Its a cute little lip balm that that is really good for keeping your lips moisturised and hydrated throughout the day. Its creamy, goes on clear and doesn't feel sticky. I usually have to apply this a few times throughout the day to keep my lips hydrated but it does a great job.  My favourite flavour and scent is the berry one. At such a bargain price its a great little lip balm to buy and keep in your handbag. 
I purchased this product after hearing someone raved about how great it was. This, unfortunately, was not the same case for myself. The lip balm itself smelt and tasted great, looked super cute and did a great job in comparison to other lip balms but it wasn't the best. I didn't find the formula hydrating or moisturising enough. The formula wasn't absorbing into my lips and it felt like it was just sitting on top of the skin hence the lack of hydration. It must just be me as others have found this product amazing. I personally would not buy it again, but others can try it to see if it suits them. At $3.95 a piece it's worth a shot!