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Maybelline New York Baby Lips Candy Wow

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Maybelline New York Baby Lips Candy Wow is a retractable tinted lip balm crayon. Vitamin E helps hydrate lips and glides on smoothly, providing a sheer pop of colour with a glossy shine and candy flavour. 

Available in four shades.


Maybelline New York Baby Lips Candy Wow


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These smell like candy, as the name suggests. Very fruity, sweet and inoffensive. They're a tinted lip balm that offers a sheer wash of colours. I like Maybelline's take on the popular chubby sticks. It's very lightweight, slippery and non-sticky. Perfect for school. It's a twist up. Though I don't feel like you get a whole lot of product. I used to use it daily in high school and had to repurchase quite frequently. This could be due to the fact that you have to also constantly reapply, as they don't last long on the lips, being a tinted balm, maybe 2-3 hours max. Leaves lips feeling soft and moisturised, although it's not intensely nourishing or anything. Overall a nice, basic tinted chubby stick to throw in your bag.
This was the first Baby Lips product I tried, and I've now bought additional tubes and colours. I initially purchased Raspberry Tangy, which is a very pretty shade of raspberry pink. The balms are the size of a sharpie pen and remind me of one in appearance too. That is a little deceptive as to be honest the balm is mostly container, with the content equal to the amount you'd expect in a regular lip balm tube. So don't expect a gigantic quantity of lip balm inside. Not that I mind that much though - the lip balm is affordable, and a truly beautiful quality. What a creamy, emollient, soothing texture these have, they feel amazing on my lips. Plus they have an added punch of colour that's very pretty. I love how soothing and hydrating the formula is, especially as I've been using mine through a long, hot summer. My lips can suffer in the heat, but this gem of a product has been keeping my lips very soft and healthy. The colour it gives off too is perfect, it's a soft wash that's evident on my lips, without being too strong. Just the thing for the hot weather. If you're looking for soothing lip relief with a pretty wash of colour, you really can't go past these.  Very highly recommended.
I am not a big fan of wearing heavy lipsticks, so this is a great alternative!! The colours are so vibrant and fresh, with the added plus of keeping my lips moisturised all day long!! Absolutely love these!! There really fun and easy to use too!!
Baby lips in crayon form! I been buying these little baby's since they have been available in Australia. I just cant get enough of the Maybelline Baby Lips if I see them on special in store I always get 1 or 2 whether I use them, lose them or gift to a friend. The packaging is just so cute, great lip balm with fantastic value for money!