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Maybelline New York Burgundy Bar Eyeshadow Palette

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Maybelline New York Burgundy Bar Eyeshadow Palette is a highly-pigmented eyeshadow palette with 12 shades. The shadows feature both matte and metallic finishes and have a crease and fade-resistant formula.


Maybelline New York Burgundy Bar Eyeshadow Palette


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This eyeshadow is one of my favourites because I can achieve so many looks with the colour combination. The tone of this palette compliments my skin very well. There is a mix of matte and glitter shadows in this palette. The colours are very pigmented and easy to blend. Due to the compact size of this palette, it fits in my handbag easily, and thus I carry this with me if I need to go out after work. Maybelline products are often on sale, and this palette is well worth its price.
I love the Burgundy bar eyeshadow palette from Maybelline New York. I've owned this palette for years and only recently bought one for my mum. Its a great palette with warm burgundy tones with both matte and shimmer shades.  The eyeshadow has a little bit of fallout but easy wiped off with a soft brush, has very pigmented shades which blend really well. The eyeshadows all stay really well and easily last from day to night with no reapplying needed, best of all at the end of the day it easily comes off with one swipe of a makeup wipe. Not to mention how affordable this palette is for the range of shades and quality of the eyeshadow that you're receiving. The colours are easy to use and easy to achieve a full eye look with this palette alone. Will be awesome to bring out again as we start heading into the cooler months for some warm eye looks.  Overall I believe this palette is awesome, would work with all skin tones and eye colours, and is super easy to apply which would be especially good if you're new to makeup. I do recommend this product and giving it 5 stars based on its price point. 
With winter fast approaching,it may be time (nooooo i carn't let go of my peaches / corals and golds yet) to re-think your makeup,and whilst that can be exxy to do every season,Maybelline makes it a little easier with the "Burgundy Bar" palette of eyeshades. Maybelline had me take a second look at them with their "Lemonade Craze" palette during summer,so i gave this twelve hue, matte (alas,only two) and metallic (some "out there for my liking") finish a run.Now whilst these do claim to have a crease and fade-resistant formula,i found that they faded after only a few hours wear,AND I found they creased easily, even with a great primer underneath.What also i put down as a minus was there was quite a bit of fallout and I found that a pain when applying,as i HATE having to constantly clean up after it...time consuming that most of us don't have the luxury in the AM to worry about . And back to the formula,i felt that because they were mostly shimmers, it's not the most practical palette for those like me who sway towards a more matte look,even for evening or dramatic looks.But what of the blendability ? I am not exactly a "novice" when it comes to makeup.....quite the opposite,i have both years of experience AND a qualification in makeup application,so i know blending.....shame Maybelline isn't the same.If you try to sweep it across your lid? Ain't gonna happen it stays right where you first put it,with even the best of brushes.So all in all,i'm not sold on this palette to be honest,even at the cheap and cheerful pricepoint of $27,i would rather spend a little more coin,get a few less shades and get a pro level palette like Viseart. TIP:This palette may work if you mix it with some better made eyeshadows if you want to add a little shimmer to your fave matte hue.
The palette has 12 complimentary shades, 2 matte and 10 shimmer and a long double ended application brush. On the back of the palette there is colour combinations for 2,3 and 4 shades and where to apply them, perfect for the less experienced who don’t want it to show.  The pigment is amazing, there are some shades where I had been too heavy handed and had to remove and reapply, not a problem I’ve ever encountered before. I applied eyeshadow in the morning and set about my day, by mid afternoon I still didn’t need to touch up, even after a full workout and hours in a hot steamy atmosphere. Some of the lighter colours are great for opening up the eye without being too obvious that that is what you’re trying to do and some darker for a more dramatic look. A great budget friendly palette.
I love this palette so much!! The Maybelline Burgundy Bar Eyeshadow Palette has so much pigment and all the colours are easy to apply and buildable shadows. This palette gives you all the colours needed to get the perfect winter eye! So many on-trend colours all combined into one affordable palette. This pallette can be used for all skin tones as the colours aren't to dark or light. the best thing about this pallette is that it can be used for any occasion whether it was for everyday use or a wedding.
The Maybelline New York The Burgundy Bar is a versatile little eyeshadow pallet, offering 12 amazing shades and three paired quad pods, with an applicator. The pallets colours include gorgeous shimmering gold, brown, grey and purple tones, suiting most skin shades. What’s most exciting about this product is Maybelline have assembled these for easy eyelid colouring and contouring. It allows you to go from day to night all in a single pallet. Don’t worry if you are an amateur when it comes to contouring because there are some helpful hints and diagrams on the back, making it perfect for travelling or those experimenting with eyeshaddow. The pallet comes with pairing recommendations for those using 2-4 colours. Quad: 1. Colour entire eye area, 2. Shade lid, 3. Contour Crease, 4. Line around eye; Trio: 1. Colour entire eye area, 2. Shade lid, 3. Contour Crease or; Duo: 1. Colour entire eye area, 2. Shade lid.  Recommended life span is 24 months after opening.
I love this eyeshadow and was pleasantly surprised. The colours are stunning and easy to build from day to night. It’s affordable also which is a plus for me. The burgundy colours are stunning and I found it easy to apply and the colour lasted throughout the day. Great palette and I highly recommend it.
This Maybelline palette is a tried and true palette, working perfectly for both day and night looks. It's definitely targeted towards the 'burgundy'-toned looks, but the colour range is actually really well thought out and balanced. There are a variety of metallic and matte shades, and the colours vary from light highlighter/brow bone shades, to deeper coloured tones, to dark shades for crease. Overall, this means I can work my look from day to night, which is something I definitely look for in a palette. It is super convenient to keep in my bag, and touch up my look as I go. I love that it is a warm toned palette, but depending on the colour choices, it can fit well with all different skin tones and different eye colours. The colour pigment is amazing: super soft and easy to blend, especially for smokey eye looks when you want the colours to really be the focus of your makeup look. I set my look with primer before hand, and then setting spray after, and the eyeshadow lasts all day and night without fall out or creasing. It's handy that the palette comes with a brush, and it is convenient to use when I carry the palette when travelling. But I would still prefer a range of different brushes to complete my eye look.  Overall, a superb palette. A strong contender for the perfect winter look! 
This palette has become my "autumn palette" though I often gravitate to it throughout the year, for natural and outing makeup. My main love is that the palette features both matte and metallic colours because this gives me the resources to create an amazing look within one palette. The eyeshadow applies super easily and stays on for ages! Would highly recommend!.
I was drawn to this pallet as I have green eyes and it’s hard to find a pallet with the purple sand burgundy’s without being overrun with browns. Great formula, bleands well, very little fall out. BUT, the shades don’t like to stay in the pan. They shift and I’ve had 2 fall out. Annoying
I purchased this palette not too long ago because I loved the autumn shades! The colours in this palette are absolutely beautiful and perfect for both everyday wear and evening glam wear. I only wish they had more matte shades however the ones they do have a very wearable and flexible in that they're perfect transition shades for every skin tone. I'll be using this palette all through autumn as the shades are just perfect!
I picked the Maybelline Burgundy Bar as I was attracted to the vibrant, warm colours on this palette. I have other palettes in this range including the Blushed Nudes and the original The Nudes, but I think this is the best palette from the range so far. The shadows are highly-pigmented and blend well together, I especially love the burgundy shade as it suits my warm complexion, though the only downside to this palette is that it only has two matte eyeshadow shades, and the rest have shimmer. So if you're someone who prefers matte eyeshadows, then this palette may not be for you. I highly recommend this palette to anyone who wants to try out eyeshadow palettes that has red and bronze undertones, but at an affordable price. 
I'm not sure how to feel about this palette, i didn't look to much into the ads or anything like that but i knew it was coming out. I saw it in the shop and went to go buy it but refrained from doing so because of the lack of matte eyeshadows. I just thought that i wouldn't be able to many looks because of the lack of matte shades, but still the shimmers looked pretty cute, just not practical.
It was love at first sight when I saw this was coming soon in stores. I was soooo excited to get my hands on this bad boy when it finally hit the shelves near me! I am loving those burgundy, maroon smokey eyes at the moment and this gorgeous palette came out at just the right time. I love the sleek packaging design and the smooth plastic cover.  What I love about this palette as well as the burgundy shades is that is has a highlighting colour as well as a deep brown for some smokey/crease action- saving the need to use multiple products.  When I first applied the shades I really loaded my brush up, expecting it to be like most other cheaper eyeshadow palettes, but to my surprise the shades were actually really pigmented. Another win! The fallout was no worse than any other palette Ive tried. I also noticed on the back of the palette they have put all combinations you can create with the palette with two, three, and four different shades as well as where to put them on your lid. I find this really helpful as well as offering some options you may not have considered. Pros: *Shades varying from light to dark with a mixture of matte, and shimmer *Sleek, matte, palette *Affordable *Crease-proof formulas *highly pigmented colours *Having a highlighting shade as well as a deep brown saves the need for other products *Cheat sheet on the back for help with creating new looks *Fallout is pretty much the same as any other shadows Cons *Not a fan of the brush- I prefer to use my own makeup brushes as I find the brushes that come with palettes are too small. Overall I am still pretty happy with this palette. I find it easy to use, there's a nice variety of shades, and it is easy to blend and layer to create your own look. I love how this palette looks in my makeup collection, I think it is one of the prettiest I own. I cannot fault the palette at all and I am so glad Maybelline has brought it out, they have really set the bar high.
I was excited to play with my new Burgundy palette, I'm a brunette with dark brown eyes and the colours in this palette are just perfect especially toned to go with the pretty pinks and browns for autumn fashion.The palette is a great price and the size is perfect to throw in any makeup or travel bag. I like the clear lid that allows me to see the gorgeous colours. I also love the option of matte and metallics to give me the choice of a soft daytime look that I can ramp up into evening smokey eye quickly with one palette, I also applied the metallic over the matte to give a real depth of colour. There was surprising substance to the pigment that you would not expect from a palette in this price range, it went on easily, felt high end and stayed put for the occasion. I used my own applicators and also applied primer on my lids before the shadow to give the best possible result - I got more than I expected with this purchase and thats a bonus.
I was excited to try this new palette because of the beautiful colours which I can use most of them.  Love it how there are matte and shimmers in one palette for me to play around with. The colours are pigmented but the quality of the powders are just OK to blend but the shimmer colours seems to have fallouts so I recommend to apply eye primer before putting on the eyeshadow. Overall, I think quality of this palette is just OK. 
I was waiting to get my hands on a burgundy palette for long and when finally got it I was over the moon. Maybelline Burgundy palette has 12 shades and most of them are shimmer with the couple of matte shades which are enough of create multiple looks. The colours are quite pigmented and easy to blend. I like the palette alot since I could create the look from day to night. My eyeshadow stayed on for whole day without looking messy. Overall its a nice palette for the price.
I like this eyeshadow palette, and I think it is nice for the price. I like the two mattes which are included, as they are more neutral in tone which is nice as the 10 glittery shades are a mix of warm and cool tones.  I think the colour selection is nice as it's mostly neutral shades with the burgundy shades more like pops of colour. The glittery shades are very pigmented, but it's not an everyday palette for me as it's a bit too intense for me. I need to wear a primer under these to make them last on my oily lids.
I received the Maybelline New York Burgundy Bar Eyeshadow Palette as part of a free trial and  very impressed. There’s a beautiful range of colours included and I love the glittery look. They also blend beautifully together to create a finish that suits every look. The only downside is that the produc is quite soft and powedery and somehow ends up everywhere while trying to apply. It also means that it doesn’t tend to last as long as other products. Overall I would buy again but maybe use in conjunction with one of the other many maybelline palettes to create the perfect long lasting look.
This palette is amazing! The glitters are buttery and very intense, and the matte colours blend beautifully. It is so good, it is comparable to high end stuff like Too Faced and UD. In fact, I was going to be buying a name-brand burgundy palette but getting this absolutely changed my mind, it is that great. The only downsides are the plastic packaging which does not look very luxe, and the brush/applicator combo that comes with the palette which is, understandably, awful. Otherwise, this is a must-have for anybody seriously into makeup, or anybody who enjoys a good dose of sparkle. I have already been recommending this to others and I will definitely get it again when I hit pan!