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Maybelline New York Color Drama is a semi-matte lipstick pencil. Nourishing oils provide a smooth semi-matte, velvet finish and the intensely pigmented pencil contours and fills lips for a bold lip look. 

Available in 10 shades.


Maybelline New York Color Drama


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The Maybelline color Drama pencils are a short stubby pencil that doubles as a lip liner and lipstick all in one.  There are 10 amazing colours to choose from and I have three.  The bold 510 called Red Essential, A middle of the road shade 420 named In with Coral, and a Pinkish nude 140 named Minimalist.  I would love to have the other 7 as they really are wonderful.  Super easy to apply.  I use them to line my lips first and then simply fill in.  It gives great colour with a semi matte velvety finish and feels lovely on the lips. Make sure that you have a sharpener with the larger hole for these pencils, they are not screw up ones and will need to be sharpened.  They have a very secure plastic pop on top, they are great to throw in your hand bag, or makeup case, and you don't have to worry about lids popping off and making a mess.  I feel that they are so reasonably priced that they are actually a much better value than a lipstick. 
These lip pencils are great for the price, especially since they're regularly on sale for as cheap as $7. They're creamy & comfortable to wear, not drying on the lips & super pigmented! I really liked the nude one so I bought a deep berry colour too, however the dark colour is impossible to apply neatly. No matter what I do it bleeds & smudges.  So perhaps you get what you pay for, but the nude colour is great.
I bought the shade nude perfection. and wow! I really like wearing this on my lips. Such a nice color that suits my skin tone. It's not drying and it's matte. Not drying at all though. It's also really affordable. I recommend everyone pick up a color. They're great!!
I love these, and have multiple shades I've picked up over time. They're a great price normally, but become a total bargain whenever Priceline or similar have a sale. Cheap, cheerful and effective. I love them.  The formula is matte and long wearing, and is as good as any high-end matte lipstick I've picked up from other brands. It stays put for differing lengths of time depending on the shade, and like most mates, can be quite drying if your lips aren't hydrated or primed to start with.  The biggest selling point with these for me is the pencil form. I never have to worry about the eternal lipstick fear of smooshing the top of the lid or breaking the bullet off. It's hygienic with the pencil, and they're easy to store and see the colour at the bottom of the tube. I also love that due to the pencil shape, I can skip a separate lip-liner and get the shape I want with the one product.  I recommend these to everyone I know - great product with a good colour range. There's certainly a shade for everyone, from berry to bold red. 
The Maybelline Color Drama pencil are a semi matte lipstick pencils with a velvety soft finish. I purchased a couple of these as I had heard they were like the NARS pencils but way cheaper. The shades I have a Berry Much and Nude Perfection. I love these pencils and I want to add more of the shades to my collection. Application: - very easy to apply, apply as you would a lip pencil or lipstick. Pigmention, texture and lasting power: - super pigmented with a velvet satin finish. I was suprised by how much colour pay off these pencils had. - very creamy and suprisingly doesnt dry out my lips at all. - they last for hours. I didnt need to reapply throughout the day even after I had been eating and drinking! Look and feel: - looks like you are wearing a lipstick. - super hydrating and soft on the lips. Packaging: - bigger than a pencil, smaller than a lipstick and great for carrying around. - you need to sharpen the pencil every use uses. Price: - $9.95 and they last for ages. Good value. Overall: - great value for the price. - great pigmentation. - if you like lip pencils then you need to try the Maybelline Color Drama pencils.
Maybelline Color Drama Intense Velvet Lip Pencil comes in crayon like packing and it needs to sharp after few uses (which i do not like). It comes in variety of shades and easily available in Australia.  The lip colour is very intense and one swap is enough to show pigment. It is has long lasting colour which lasts more than 6 hours. It can be used as lip liner and lipstick both, so its a kind of two in one products. It is not very moisturising like all the long lasting lipsticks but still it does not dry my lip. I like this lip pencil and highly recommend it for every one and specially for those who want to have two in one product. It often goes on sale , I bought it for 5$ which is very cheap. I highly recommend it for everyone.
I love this lipstick. It glides on super smoothly and has a really good colour pay off. Its really good priced and is creamy yet matte. Its really comfortable to wear and doesnt dry out the lips. :)
I don't normally wear lipstick as I can never find anything that suits but I saw this shade on someone else and had to buy it.  It feels amazing on, not drying at all, glides on smoothly and looks great.  Was happy with the price and would like to try out the other colours.  I found I had to reapply if I ate or drank but it's a good size to carry with you if needed
This is by far my favourite nude lipstick/pencil. I use it every day! It's quite smooth on the lips and long lasting. It's sells out very fast at my local pharmacy
I am in love with this lipstick pencil - as in, it has become one of my everyday makeup essentials. The colour pictured, Nude Perfection, is a fantastic, everyday nude that is almost an exact dupe of Mac's Velvet Teddy (which costs like triple the price!) Minimalist is my second favourite colour - a soft, shimmery pink that's perfect for day and night. Easy to sharpen, all-day wear, smooth and soft application, affordable price and widely accessible in a range of gorgeous colours - what's not to love?
I have this is in Nude Perfection which is a wonderful "your lips but better" peachy nude! The pigmentation is just as good as high end lipsticks in my opinion, and its smooth matte consistency is perfect for slightly overdrawing your lips! However, the lasting power is definitely its weak spot as it starts to look extremely dry and patchy about a couple hours of wear, and completely comes off when eating. Nevertheless, it's extremely easy to reapply and is so affordable so if you're looking for an everyday lipstick pencil and are not bothered about longevity, then absolutely opt for this one!
These are my go to lip wear as they glide on so easy, the formula is creamy and rich and doesn't dry out my lips and it lasts a long time. The colours are amazing too!
I bought this lip product as I love testing what's new on the market, and the price tag is pretty sensible too. I have it in "In with Coral" a lovely coral pink shade. First of all the pigmentation is very intense. A nice creamy formula applies easily and evenly, in my opinion the finish is more matte than velvet. Since it is a pencil, there is no need to use a lip liner as Color Drama Lip pencil does the job as well. What I notice is that lips have to be in a pretty good condition otherwise this lip pencil will accentuate dry patches. It feels a bit dry on my lips unfortunately, but is long lasting. Very good for a night out.
Dryness is what comes to mind when I think of lip pencils but these Colour Drama pencils were the opposite. Creamy and soft on the lips with great bold colours. I purchased two of these in the colours 'Nude Perfection' and 'Red Essential' and they are really pretty.   First off, as I mentioned the formula for these pencils is wonderful. When you apply them to the lips it glides on very smoothly. The pencil itself is soft and creamy and even after several hours wear I had no dryness or cracking on my lips at all. The pigmentation of these pencils is really good, I only need one or two coats before I have a bold deep colour.   On the topic of colours, I do feel that the range could be better, especially with the lighter nude colours. The only nude shade they currently have might be too light for some skin tones.   These pencils have a really good staying power. I had mine on for most of the night, through drinks as well and I only had to reapply maybe once over the course of 5 hours. It also fades really nicely, it doesn't hang around the edge of your lips making it look as though you are just wearing liner but fades more naturally.   I would absolutely recommend purchasing these as they are so cheap and definitely one of the best, most hydrating lip pencils I have used.
I got these on sale a couple of weeks ago from Chemist Warehouse, these really are a little gem in the drugstore. I bought mine in the shade "Nude Perfection", and I just have to say, this is the kind of nude lipstick I adore. Majority of the lipsticks I have in a nude shade look pretty terrible with my complexion, being either a tad too light or a bit too pink. This one just nails it for me, being a creamy yet matte type and being a bit more intense with it's pigmentation. The best thing is definitely it's price point, you can't go wrong for $10~
I love this! I have it in the shade Nude Perfection and its a gorgeous everyday nude, and they are SUPER DUPER easy to apply. I wish there were even more nude/everyday shades!
Fruity scent, creamy texture and great pigmentation! Lasts all day!
I bought these for the wow and cuteness factor. They are matte, so I apply my favourite lip balm along with these for superstar finish. Once applied, these last me well into the day and there is a hint of colour towards the evening as well. These are incredibly affordable and are even a better deal if picked up on sale. The colour range is varied to suit every skin tone. Great affordable lip tint.
I have this in a few colours and couldn't recommend it enough! It glides on smoothly and is very pigmented. It has great longevity and I hardly need to reapply throughout the day. The pencil is great because you always get a precise application and can fill in the lips with ease. It is very comparable to higher end chubby lip pencil products I have but for a fraction of the cost
I wear Maybelline's Color Drama in Pink So Chic. It is a beautiful deep purple colour that I was get complimented on. Application is easier than traditional lipsticks as the pencil shape allows for excellent definition. The formula is highly pigmented and really packs a punch. I found it to be long lasting and non drying. The colour even looks good as it fades.  The price point is spot on at $9.95 so I will definitely be expanding my collection of these gorgeous lipstick pencils.