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Maybelline New York Eye Studio® Color Tattoo® 24HR Cream Gel Shadow

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Maybelline New York Eye Studio® Color Tattoo® 24HR Cream Gel Shadow is a cream gel eyeshadow. The formula glides on without creasing and delivers a super-saturated long-wearing colour for 24 hours. 

Available in six shades.


Maybelline New York Eye Studio® Color Tattoo® 24HR Cream Gel Shadow


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Disappointing - difficult to apply

I used this eyeshadow in Vintage Plum shade and was so disappointed that I will never buy an eyeshadow from the Leather range again. Glass packaging made it really heavy and I was reluctant in carrying it with me when traveling. After unscrewing the cork (where the shadow actually was in) I applied it with my fingers (I tried using an eyeshadow brush but failed) - it was a disaster. The shadow came out in lumps and I had to rub it in rather forcefully in order to make it stick. Good thing was that once it was on, it stayed on - but it didn't look pretty and would be better for teenagers who can play around with makeup and not for grownups who actually would like to use a product that it is easy to use.
Intense, long-lasting and very very pretty! This product is very easy to use, actually it is quite fun to apply and see the glitter on your eyelids. It doesn't crease and lasts all day long without any fallout. Can be blended with other eyeshadows to create a layered look.
Love these! Unique product and concept and it is perfect to pop in your clutch for a top up on a night out. They are so pigmented but they are also a little out there at the same ! great for a night out.  The colour selection is fab too! Only downside would be that it is hard to remove! Need a cleansing oil.
I purchased the Maybelline New York Eye Studio Color Tattoo 24H Metal Eyeshadow by mistake thinking I was purchasing the 24H Leather Eyeshadow.  The eyeshadow comes in a small glass pot with a black screw-on lid.  The colour of the eyeshadow can easily be seen through the bottom of the glass pot without having to open it up.  I bought the shade ‘Barely Branded’ which looked like a creamy beige or maybe champagne and as soon as I applied it I could see shimmer, which I don’t like at all on my eyes.  The colour is very pigmented, but it was intensified because the cream highlighted every fine line it could find.    Instead of wasting the eyeshadow I now use just the smallest dab on the middle of my eyelid but away from the crease.  This gives just enough pop to open up my eyes.  The eyeshadow has a smooth, creamy consistency but it dries very quickly so I have to work quickly to apply it.  This is not the right eyeshadow for me but I’m sure it would work for other women.   My favourite is the 24H Leather in the same range. 
Wow. I love this product. It is highly pigmented and stays in place for hours on end. The colours are bold and gorgeous. No creasing, no moving - it is fantastic. Its creamy formula makes it easy to use with your fingers as well as with a synthetic brush. These were the first eye shadows of this type of formula that I had purchased and since using them I have never felt the urge to find other alternatives. I genuinely cannot think of a fault in this product.
This is a cream eyeshadow that I have been using for a while now. I have the 70-Barely Branded and it lives up to its name. I find this colour works great by itself or as a base for a more dramatic look. It goes on really smoothly and I must admit when I am feeling lazy - it is applied with just fingertips. It lasts really well and I would absolutely recommend this great shadow.
Makeup is my one true love and passion, but eye makeup is something I've only recently fallen in love with, and how hard I have fallen. It is one of the great ways to experiment with my look and release my inner makeup artist in bold and wonderful ways. I usually stick to defined brows, mascara and a touch of liner for my everyday look, but sometimes a girl just wants a bit of colour, so I needed an eyeshadow from a great brand, that was affordable so I could buy and play with every colour, sticks around all day and night if possible, and of course, looks pretty and stylish on my bathroom vanity and in my makeup bag. The one that ticked all those bases was from one of my favourite makeup brands, Maybelline NY and their colour tattoo 24 hour cream gel eyeshadow. It was affordable, it came in a rainbow of beautiful colours, it was pretty much foolproof to use, and it stuck like a well, tattoo, all day long until my evening cleanse. Tick, tick and big tick. At $11.95 each, I could have happily bought every single colour in the range, but I chose the gold, nude, and purple colours to begin with. After preparing my skin with a double cleanse, serum, moisturiser and primer for the best blank canvas possible, I applied a light layer of glow boosting YSL foundation and concealer where needed, including over my eyelids and underneath my eyes, which would make the best base for my eyeshadow to adhere to, handy tip that is. I decided I was in very much in the mood for the rich, dark, royal purple shade, so I dabbed a small amount on each eyelid and blended and buffed it in with a small eye shader brush, right up to the crease and down underneath my eyes a tiny bit for a liner effect. Both eyes were finished in literally three minutes, and I added mascara, liquid liner, brow colour gel, tiny bit of glow inducing blush and nude lipstick to complete my entire look. This is the eyeshadow that dreams are made of, it has the most beautiful gel/cream texture but it absolutely sticks to your eye area, like the tattoo in the name promises. The colours are so shade perfect, what you see in the pot is what you will then get when you apply it to your skin and it is so easy to use, either use your ring finger to gently tap and blend onto your eye, or use a small eye shading brush to blend and buff into skin, either method you use will take only minutes to complete, so even the biggest eye makeup novice can use this product with total ease. I use the nude shade with a tiny bit of the gold for a natural, every day look or when I need a hit of colour, I use the purple, and I've now added a blue and teal shade to my collection which are both so beautiful. The best part of being a female is experimenting with makeup and releasing your inner creative makeup artist and products like Maybelline NY colour tattoo cream gel eyeshadow are a brilliant way to add a little colour, drama and fun to elevate your usual signature look, and seem like you are born with it, maybe you are.
The Maybelline New York Eye Studio Colour Tattoo Gel eye shadows are some of the best eye shadows I own!   Packaging: container with a lid that screws on.     Application: the gel eye shadows are so easy to apply.  I use my fingers and apply to eyes. You could also use a brush if you needed. The gel is smooth, and glides on with ease.They blend well and dry quickly.   Looks: I was amazed! These gel shadows look amazing and stay put on your eyes all day. Smudge proof, sweat proof, crease proof, they don’t move at all. It gives a whole new meaning to long lasting all day wear.   There are so many different colours in the range so you can find an eye shadow that you love. I love these eye shadows. Try them out you, they are amazing.    Pros: - cheap - large colour range - look amazing and stays on all day. 
Hands down, the best quality, affordable cream eyeshadow on the market.  This is truly an exceptional product, and I think is Maybelline's best product fullstop. I own a few of these now in a variety of shades and love using them.  There's a wide variety of shades to choose from, ranging from everyday neutrals to vivid, more 'out-there' colours, or shades that are perfect for the smokey eye look. The eyeshadow is a very generous size in a stylish glass pot.  I love the packaging, it's sturdy, stylish, and easy to spot the shade you're looking for just by looking at the glass bottom. One swipe on my eyes (using fingers or a brush) & my eye makeup looks perfect for the day - I don't need to add more shadow or even use a primer underneath, unlike EVERY other cream eyeshadow I've tried.  It does set rather quickly so I suggest working quickly to get your look how you want it. This stuff is truly like magic - unlike most cream eyeshadows on my oily eyelids, it doesn't crease, it lasts all day & I've seen no sign of colour fade over the day / evening.  It truly lasts until I'm ready to take it off late at night. I would give these 10 stars if I could, they're that good.  Do yourself a favour and add some of these to your makeup bag, you'll love them.
A product that really delivers on its promises, it is budge proof, crease proof and delivers a vivid POP of colour! Love the shade range, these work wonderfully as an eyeshadow base with powder eyeshadows blended on top and equally as great on their own. Love the lasting (super) power, like a "tattoo" for your eyelids - these do not fade or smudge and are such great quality at an affordable price.
This is a creamy eye shadow that has long lasting staying power. It doesn't fade, crease or run. It brightens my eyes and is easy to apply, I either use my fingers or my shadow brush and apply the intense colour. Works well on its own or with other colours to build a look, either way, a fantastic blendable shadow.
I love Color Tattoo's and use them daily.  If you have not tried them as yet then I highly suggest that you head to the store and grab on or more. Since the color tattoo's were first released there have also been limited edition shades and what you could call sub ranges added as well but with this range I am lucky enough to have 4 of the 6 shades. In my collection I have #25 Bad to the Bronze, #45 Bold Gold, #40 Tenacious Teal and #50 Edgy Emerald. There is 4gms of product that comes in heavy duty glass pots with plastic lids.  The glass is very thick and even though I have dropped the pot on the floor I have been lucky enough not to break the packaging. One pot lasts forever and I have found that if they start to dry out then I just pop them in the microwave without the lid.  I simply zap them for 5 seconds and then we are good to go again. To apply you can either use a finger or a brush.  I like using a brush and I apply the product to my lid in a dabbing motion.  I start with a small amount and build from there.  The Tattoo's are a great base under my powder shadows and help to make the powders more vibrant.  I find that I dont need to use a primer as the Tattoo's stop all the creasing and with all the wonderful colours available im able to create some great eye makeup looks that last all day without any fading.  So much so that you will need a good eyemakeup remover to take this product off at the end of the day. I dont think I will ever be without Maybelline's Color Tattoo's in my makeup bag.
I love this cream eyeshadow! It's a great colour pay off and lasts all day, without creasing. Easily blendable with powder eyeshadows, great for creating any desired look!
This cream eye shadow is a great product. It is long-lasting, and doesn't crease at all. This product is great to use on its own as well as using it as a base on which to layer with other eye shadows.