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Maybelline New York Fit Me! Blush

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Maybelline New York Fit Me! Blush is a pressed powder blush. The lightweight pigments blend easily and wear evenly, providing a natural fade-proof colour to cheeks. 

Available in three shades.


Maybelline New York Fit Me! Blush


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Lovely blush

I got this Maybelline New York Fit Me! Blush from my chemist sometime ago and I loved how pigmented it was. It’s such a gorgeous color that compliments my olive skin tone. Compared to all the other blushes available in the market this is such a great product at such a low price. This Maybelline New York Fit Me! Blush stays on your skin for over 5 hours and gives a very gorgeous glow to your face. I absolutely recommend this Maybelline New York Fit Me! Blush. If you are new to make up try the maybelline fit me range and you will love it
Maybelline always have easy to use almost foolproof products and this blusher is no different. I have very fair skin and a light dusting of the Fit Me blushed give me a nice natural glow. You can build on the colour for a deeper pink if desired. Pigmentation is great and long lasting. Definitely recommend.
Oh my gosh! The Fit Me! Blush is one of my favourite blush. The colour is gorgeous and the pigmentation is buildable to suit every occasion. The powder is very fine and smooth which sits nicely on my foundations and blends out beautiful with a natural finish. The packaging is a good size that fits in my makeup bag so I can re-apply throughout the day if required.
Maybelline offer an amazing array of products and they are affordable, so my go to when I want to try something new. The Fit me range have been very popular and after dropping and smashing my high end blush grabbed the 204 Medium pink from Priceline. Its neat and compact packaging means you can pop it in any tiny pouch for touch-ups and I love that the top is clear so you you know immediately what shade you are looking at.  The product itself is soft and low intensity which I appreciate, I don't want a heavy fake look and the shade is flattering to my skin tone and blends easily into my skin. I do use all my makeup as multi purpose products and had no irritation using the blush as a eyeshadow as well. In summary this is a good value high reward product that I recommend.
This is a nice blush which I use a lot. It is a comes out as a light-medium pink on my skin ( i have medium golden-olive skin). The more you put on the brighter it gets. It is a nice subtle lightweight blush.
This affordable Maybelline Fit Me blush is  natural looking and sheer, perfect for beginners and women wanting a subtle look. 204 Medium pink compliments many skin tones, not just fair skin as the colour is quite adaptable, being sweet and rosey. It is a light-wearing blush and contains a small amount of glitter, adding a gentle shimmer and glow to your skin tone. The blush itself can be worn day or night, using a a small amount for daywear will keep you looking natural and healthy, without looking too over the top. As the blush can be very translucent, I recommend making sure you put a generous amount on, if you are going for a more dramatic, nighttime look.  This product is very compact, and includes a handy brush for on the go application, you may need to take this blush with you on nights out for touch ups, ensuring the blush lasts all night. A highlight of this product is that it will not streak or change colour from sweat/tears/hot weather, unlike many other blushes which tend to darken and discolour. I wouldn't recommend this product to people who want a really dramatic and bold blush, however it is perfect for anyone who prefers a more subtle look, no matter their budget or age. Using a small sprits of setting spray can really help the blush stay vibrant for many hours, and using a blotting paper (for people who need shine control) won't rub off the colour. Another highlight is that when using this blush you are very unlikely to go overboard and apply to much, because the product does not become cakey and thick even if you apply a lot.  Compared to other blushes on the market, this product is fantastic in value and of really good quality, I recommend this as a first blush to buy for those just starting out with makeup, and for those who like to keep it natural. I feel like this blush will suit everyone! 
The colour pay-off is a little sheer, but it's great for beginners so they don't go overboard. I am quite light in complexion, and own the blush in 204 Medium Pink. There is little glitter, which is great, because I tend to avoid blushes like that. The blush gives a nice sheen, making your cheeks look healthy.
As a woman with fair skin, blush is a must have in my makeup routine. Without it I look a bit washed out. I wear Maybelline's Fitme blush in the shade 'Medium Pink'. I like the colour, it's quite subtle so if you like your nakeup on the natural side you will probably like this blush.  It comes packaged in a clear compact with a small brush. I like that is closes properly so it won't fall apart in your handbag. The brush itself isn't amazing but with a $14.95 price tag, I'm not complaining. It would be great to see Maybelline introduce a few more shades to their blush range. A few darker shades with more pigment to cater to a greater range of skin tones so more people can enjoy this product.
I used this blush in the medium pink. I have fair-ish skin (summer a little browner) and find it suits both my winter and summer skin. The colour is lovely and is very light weight. It gave my skin a nice natural glow without looking over done. It also goes the distance. Great staying power. I would recommend this product to others as a nice, natural looking blush.
It's a great color on the cheeks! Easy to take with you on a night out.
A great youthful coloured blush! Can't fault it!