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Maybelline New York Full ‘N Soft® Mascara

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Maybelline New York Full ‘N Soft® Mascara is a mascara for full, thick lashes. The advanced thickening formula with vitamin E helps soften and nourish while creating full, healthy looking lashes. The Quick Dissolve System allows for easy mascara removal and helps prevent loss of lashes. 


Maybelline New York Full ‘N Soft® Mascara


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This used to be my go-to mascara years ago, along with the waterproof version. I found it to be an excellent mascara to achieve natural-looking full lashes. It didn't clump, it separated lashes nicely, and felt weightless. True to its name, my lashes always felt soft instead of crunchy or obviously covered in product. Not one for a dramatic look, but rather to give my lashes a subtle definition for work or school. I found the traditional brush easy to control even when coating my bottom lashes. However, it always smudged onto my lids and under my eyes, which also used to be an issue with the waterproof version. I never had a problem removing it with good old olive oil or a dedicated eye makeup remover.
This mascara makes your lashes look better but still natural - they get a bit thicker, more defined and fluffier looking without becoming clumpy or flaking. It's not my favourite, and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone trying to get a dramatic amount of volume or length, but it's great for everyday use.
Seriously one of the best mascaras ever! I've purchased so many tubes of it I've lost count. I have short, non-existent lashes and this mascara gives them the perfect volume, length and separation. Really magnifies each and every lash. Zero smudging and flaking either! Highly recommend it. The brush is just a standard bristle brush, the formula is slightly wet but dries down quickly, and is easy to layer. Easy to take off at nigh.
This was mascara was my first love. And even though I have tried and loved many, many other mascaras, I always find myself coming back to this old faithful. Unsurprisingly, I’ve found most of my friends and my sisters all have had this mascara in their beauty bags and also speak highly of it.  As with most mascaras, there’s a bit of product overload on the wand initially, but after a couple of weeks of use the product to wand ratio comes down to a more acceptable amount. Personally, I prefer a drier mascara so I don’t clump my lashes with excessive product, so I find that once the tube gets to half full it’s in its prime. This would be my only issue with this mascara; it would be easier if there was a tighter hole or seal to wipe more product off so I wouldn’t have to wait so long to get it to a useable consistency. Until then I use my new tube as a chaser for my old one so that the drier product defines and sets my lashes and then the fresher tube adds more volume and length. This brush design is easily my favourite mascara brush out there. It’s a full and thick bristle that easily coats each individual lash whilst separating and defining. It creates a full, soft and natural look, but with a few more coats can be easily built up to a more dramatic look. You definitely don’t want to go in heavy handed though or you’ll end up with spider lashes, so gently wiggle the brush through and you’ll end with more than double your natural lash length. The formula itself is fast drying (only if you do a single coating at a time), but doesn’t become all clumpy and unusable towards the end. The mascara stays in place all day and doesn’t flake all over your cheeks or smudge on the outer corners of your eyes,but easily comes off in just a few swipes at the end of the day. I know I’ll be reaching for this mascara time and time again, and at such an affordable price it easily makes it one of the best on the market. 
I remember back in the late 90's to early 2000s when I just HAD to have this mascara thanks to my obsession with Sarah Michelle Gellar (aka Buffy) who happened to be the model for Maybelline at the time. This was one of the first make up products I ever used-and even after over 15 years and 100's of new products tried-it is still one I continue to buy. I like a more natural look with makeup and this is one of the few mascaras that provide that result. Most I have tried feel sticky,leave blobs and stick huge sections of lashes together and look so obvious. This mascara actually separates individual lashes and makes them look naturally longer. Not only that,lashes feel soft still! I am yet to come across another mascara that does that! It doesn't provide hugely noticeable results -but that isn't a problem for me. Another huge positive is its staying power.It lasts all day without smearing or smudging! I'd recommend this for anyone wanting natural looking AND feeling fuller lashes at an amazing price.
I feel like everyone needs this mascara. It's just so good. I like it's my favorite brush head as well. Makes your lashes look so nice and long. I also like using this mascara with others and it works well like that too.
My favourite  mascara. I have been using for years & years. Makes lashes full & soft. Ha ha ha. I live in fear that it may discontinued. If you don't want dolly lashes this the product for you and its sister product waterproof. 10/10
I've been using Maybelline Full n Soft mascara on and off for the better part of 15 years. This is the mascara I keep coming back to, because it is so affordable, lasts all day, and gives the exact look I am after.  I have reasonably long lashes naturally, but they are quite pale, so I am always on the hunt for a mascara formulation that will give me thick, natural and healthy looking lashes without clumping or flaking. This mascara absolutely fits the bill, with the added plus of being easy to remove; I use warm water and my regular gentle face wash and it comes straight off, leaving no tell-tale panda eyes. The only con for me with this mascara is it can smudge when worn on my lower lashes. This doesn't bother me as I don't usually apply mascara to my lower lashes, but I know there are many out there who do. Overall, I would recommend Maybelline Full n Soft to  anyone looking for a thick, natural lash look at a very affordable price.
I'm a makeup artist and this is the mascara I use all the time. This will give you soft lashes that look full, thick and healthy. And it is such a reasonable price! Love it and will keep it using it for years to come.
This is my go to mascara for thick, luscious lashes which are soft without clumping. Lasts all day without smudging but is by far the easiest mascara to remove!