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Maybelline New York Full ‘N Soft® Waterproof Mascara

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Maybelline New York Full ‘N Soft® Waterproof Mascara is a waterproof mascara for full, thick lashes. The advanced thickening formula with vitamin E helps soften and nourish while creating full, healthy looking lashes. The Quick Dissolve System allows for easy mascara removal and helps prevent loss of lashes. 


Maybelline New York Full ‘N Soft® Waterproof Mascara


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This used to be my go-to mascara years ago. I found it to be an excellent mascara to achieve natural-looking full lashes. It didn't clump, it separated lashes nicely, and felt weightless. True to its name, my lashes always felt soft instead of crunchy or obviously covered in product. Not one for a dramatic look, but rather to give my lashes a subtle definition for work or school. I found the traditional brush easy to control even when coating my bottom lashes. However, it always smudged onto my lids and under my eyes, which is annoying for a waterproof mascara.
Seriously one of the best mascaras ever! I've purchased so many tubes of it I've lost count. I have short, non-existent lashes and this mascara gives them the perfect volume, length and separation. Really magnifies each and every lash. Zero smudging and flaking either! Highly recommend it. The brush is just a standard bristle brush, the formula is slightly drier than the non-waterproof version, but it definitely lasts longer (and is harder to take off at night). Maybelline's Soft & Full mascaras don't make your lashes feel clumpy either. Just soft and voluminous!
Yes this mascara gives a full and soft look so my lashes look very natural. No it is not waterproof as it gives me under-eye smudge. So I had to top it over mascara primer to keep its fresh for longer. It's removed easily which is a plus.
My favourite Waterproof mascara. I have been using for years & years. I live in fear that it may discontinued.
My HG mascara for all times! So amazing I don't even know how to describe how beautiful this product is! I was out looking for a good mascara in the market to hold my lushes curled as my lushes are thin,short and won't hold a curl, ever until I met this one. I used to curl my lushes(with my fave Shu Umera eyelash curler) and put normal mascara on them but after two minutes my lushes went back to being thin,straight and no memory of the curled lushes or the mascara. And 4 months ago I finally discovered why, the high concentration of water  in normal mascaras weigh down your lushes and make them straight again. Its like you straightened your hair and then washed it so it became curly again, make sense right? So anyway after the long background story I finally found my all time favourite waterproof mascara. The wand is amazing, not the annoying silicony type its the original kind of wand. Cover each and each lash, separates them, make them longer and gives them that 'INSTAGRAM GLAM' look of full,soft and wispy lushes. It gives you defined but yet natural looking lushes, so dramatic bold lushes gals this mascara might won't be for you. I already on my third tube of this stuff, its so easy to remove with any oil based makeup remover and the best thing? It holds your curl for 24/7! LOVE !