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Maybelline New York Great Lash Big® Mascara

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Maybelline New York Great Lash Big® Mascara is a mascara that conditions and thickens lashes. The big mascara wand builds volume to deliver a full, thick lash look without clumps. 


Maybelline New York Great Lash Big® Mascara


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Horrible for me

This mascara received rave reviews so decided to try it but was very disappointed. I found it smudged and was very "wet" to apply. I didn't find it thickened my lashes at all
My ALL TIME favourite mascara. Check most Makeup Artists kit around the world and you will find a Maybelline Mascara in there. It offers a TRUE black which easy coats the lash and offers a dramatic effect. I dont use the brush or application but more a metal comb from Rae Morris and it finishes the lash like never before. I also love that it lasts and lasts without drying out quickly like most mascaras. This is a must have in everyones kit.
This mascara was my first ever mascara I had as a teenager! It is extremely affordable and it does everything you want a mascara to do! Easy to apply, perfect black colour and fashionable. I don’t know how many tubes I went through of this but I can tell you it was a lot! I still have one apart of my collection now! I love Maybelline so much and have so many of their products!
Without a doubt the best affordable Mascara out there. This mascara is long wearing, gives you long lashes that don’t clump is easy to apply and lasts all day. A must for every makeup bag. I love the cute pink tube too and the colour makes it easy to locate.
A classic! This mascara is what the little black dress is to every girls wardrobe, a staple. In a world full of new trends and products, it never fails to deliver and has stood the test of time. It offers the right balance of volume, extension and pigment and has great staying power, but also very easy to remove. It is almost impossible to clump this mascara and it gives a beautiful natural look, but also enough "oomph" to make a difference. Super inexpensive and extremely effective, perfect for both top and bottom lashes- you can't go passed it!
There's a reason this product is still around; its a well formulated classic with a great density, not too thick but not too thin. One application is sufficient but builds so well. Doesn't clump or budge. Great lash is affordable, effective and looks fantastic. 
Maybelline New York Great Lash Big Mascara is my preferred mascara firstly because it doesn’t break my budget and I can purchase it just about anywhere from the Pharmacy to a Department Store to the Supermarket. I use a light swipe of mascara when I curl my lashes and then build up the volume 2-3 times to give me fuller-looking lashes to define my eyes.
This used to be my daily mascara for many years. It's a really good all-rounder, with a slightly wetter formula than some other products. I used to like that it came in brownish black, though that seems impossible to find these days. I think it stopped making me look for other mascaras. The wand is a smaller size and easier to use for those with smaller eyes than the large volumising brushes that seem to now predominate. It's still a great one to have in your handbag, but I think I've moved on slightly since trying many more mascaras in the past year or so.
I've been using this mascara for close to 20 years! It's a classic beauty staple that I'm never without. The mascara coats the lashes nicely and can be built up/ layered for extra thickness/ and a little bit of length. It doesn't clump or smudge. It's not a lengthening mascara, so perfect for an everyday/natural look. The waterproof version is also great for summer. I've worn it swimming/ snorkelling without any raccoon eyes (it's good for weddings and funerals too!). I love the pink and lime packaging too!
Every beauty magazine mentions Maybelline Great Lash mascara as one of the best affordable mascaras around so of course I had to snap up a tube for myself. The bright pink tube with the neon green lid is hard to miss and stands out from other products.  The mascara is easy to apply and coats my lashes in a couple of swipes. It thickens lashes without clumping and and the mascara stays on all day without smudging. This is a basic mascara that I use often because I prefer a more natural look for work/casual outings.  This is a great affordable mascara to have in your beauty arsenal and I will repurchase. Mascara goes off in like 3 months so you have to get a new tube, it might as well be affordable.  Pro  Thickens lashes  No smudging  Lasts  Affordable Cons  No lengthening or curling of lashes 
This is good for a basic mascara, it simply coats your lashes. It doesn't lengthen or make them look thinker just coats them. It's good for separating the lathes so they're not clumped.  Easy to apply as well.
I don't think you can beat this mascara as your go-to everyday mascara. Apart from the bright musk stick-like appearance which makes it stand out in a haze of beauty products, it works really well. It coats your lashes easily and thoroughly and doesn't flake off onto your face during the day. It gives your lashes a natural appearance. If you need a natural, everyday mascara then this is your product. It is a classic.
I love this mascara! It's a small brush so it's great for your bottom lashes.