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Maybelline New York Instant Age Rewind® Concealer

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Maybelline New York Instant Age Rewind® Concealer is a concealer for erasing dark circles, puffiness and fine lines. The active formula with Haloxyl reduces the look of puffiness and shadows while fading the appearance of under-eye circles. The Micro-Corrector Applicator micro-fills and smooths skin for brighter looking eyes. 

Available in three shades.


Maybelline New York Instant Age Rewind® Concealer


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Love it!

I love everything about Maybelline New York Instant Age Rewind® Concealer from the twist bottom to the furry little applicator! I use shade 130 medium and it works perfectly with my skin tone. The furry applicator glides on beautifully and releases the right amount every time. The coverage it great and it doesn't crease during the day. What's not to love!!!

The must have.

This is my quicky and reliable make-up. I have this in my purse in case I have no time in the morning to do my make-up. Also, this product works amazing on warm-toned dark skin.

Nice and hydrating

This is a pretty overhyped concealer and while it is a good concealer, it didn't quite live up to the hype. It has pretty good coverage and is hydrating for my dry under eyes, but it didn't cover my dark circles like it claims. It also settles into fine lines and wrinkles, but all concealers do this to me anyway, so I am not taking points off for that.
I found this product pretty average considering the hype.  I got it for my under-eye area as I get quite dark circles. I found it way too thick and felt like it sat in creases. It might be suitable for photos or those who prefer heavy coverage but I was hoping for something a little more natural
This is literally the greatest concealer on the market (in my humble opinion!).  Not only does it effectively conceal any shadows and discolouration under my eyes but it also is really effective as an eyeshadow primer as well as a cream highlighter.  A truly multi-tasking work horse in my makeup collection!  I have repurchased this more times than I can remember.   I use it in 2 shades - both light and medium - and I use both in the one application to achieve the results that I want.  I use the light in my tear-trough, the outer corners of my eyes, between my brows and on top of my cheek bones.  Then I use a light application of the medium shade over the top under the eyes to help blend and down the bridge of my nose, followed by a light dusting of finishing powder.  It does not dry out or become cakey under the eyes nor does it settle into fine lines like so many other concealers.   The sponge applicator on the top isn't really that useful though and I would think it is a bit cumbersome and anti-hygenic - I twist the tube only once per application and use a small concealer brush to pick the product up from the sponge for a more precise application.  I have also completely removed the sponge before and just used a brush which works too.  I've been using this product so long now I have it down to a fine art! WINS: - Smooth, highly pigmented and creamy liquid - Does not settle into fine lines and wrinkles - Effectively covers darkness and eye-bag shadows - Doubles up as an eyeshadow primer that covers darkness/veins on eyelids FAILS: - The sponge applicator is not great but can be removed and/or the product applied with a brush. - The product continues to seep out for a while after you twist the tube so it can be messy Overall this is definitely a holy-grail concealing and highlighting product at an excellent price point that I recommend for ageing, combination skin.  
This is the best concealer I have tried! I have really bad under eyes and most all other concealers crease at some point during the day, but this is the only I have tried that does not do this. The formula is really easy to blend out and sits really well on top of my foundation. The only negative is the applicator that really is not very hygienic, but this is one of my drugstore holy grails!
I purchased the Maybelline Age Rewind concealer based on the rave reviews but was surprisingly disappointed. It promises to instantly erase dark circles and fine lines and infused with goji berry (for its anti-oxidant properties?). I have a love-hate relationship with the packaging. It's packaged in a clear tube with quite a large sponge-tip applicator which is not very hygienic. The sponge tip is so large it is difficult to apply small spot applications. The liquid is also very thin and I found it very difficult to build up coverage so I would end up using more than usual. This is very easy to see through it's transparent tube. The best part of the package is that it is an airless pump so that each twist of the applicator head wipes down the side of the tube completely and eliminates waste. On the first use, you need to twist the collar of the applicator so many times to release the concealer, I honestly thought I had a faulty product. On each use, it is difficult to tell how much concealer you are releasing into the sponge tip too so this must also contribute to the wastage. It does a good job of evening out discolouration under the eyes but does not provide sufficient coverage for blemishes.
This is my favourite drug store concealer I've ever tried! I used to use this concealer all the time a couple of years ago but I hadn't tried it in a while until I recently bought it again in the shade Fair and I am again reminded why there was such a big hype about this product, it really is an amazing concealer. It has good coverage, and it looks and feels great on the skin. it blends really well with a beauty blender and it also works really well when baking under the eye as it doesn't get dry and cakey. I highly recommend this concealer as it is just such a good and affordable product.
Im late to the party in reviewing this but I guess thats a good thing. I can see by the previous review sates that it has been a favourite for a couple of years and since I am reviewing this now, it still keeps its rating. This formula is incredible. It blends seamlessly, can be applied under or over foundation without no irritation. This concealer has been a game changer for me, I have chosen not to wear foundation anymore, I just hide any imperfections with this product. I wear #fair under my eyes everyday and blend with my beauty sponge - and touch up any blemishes that happen to be appearing on my face at the time. Now I dont wear foundation on my face during the week which means my skin is able to breath and I can love the skin I have .... with covering those dark mummy undereyes! If I were to change the product in any way, I would change the sponge applicator to a pump or stick. And, I think there should be more shades available since the formula is one of a kind.
I have always used more expensive concealers but decided to give this one a try when it was on sale recently. It certainly has lived up to the hype, I absolutely love it! Great, natural looking coverage and it doesn't crease or budge throughout the day. For the price point, I am very pleasantly surprised by the quality and effects of this concealer and will absolutely be buying it again.
Excellent light concealer. I feel that its has a light to medium coverage, but is very creamy so its easy to build that coverage up. Very easy to apply with the sponge in top - but this applicator wouldn't work for a makeup artist using it in they're kit. I feel that there needs to be more colours, light is way too light for my skin tone but medium matches my skin tone too much and can't be used to highlight.
The formula is very creamy, lightweight, longwearing and the shade is good for my skin tone (but I also feel there could be a more lighter shade). I picked up the lightest shade which is “Fair”. I’ve heard mixed reviews about the applicator but to be honest I think I prefer it then the normal doefoot applicator most concealers come with. Especially because you don’t have to keep dipping in and out to get more product. You simply twist the collar of the product in the direction of the arrows and you can see the sponge fill up with product. I use this under my eyes, on my forehead, on my smile lines and on any blemishes I may have. It covers up my blemishes nicely without making them look obvious and I swear my forehead wrinkles don’t look as deep as they normally do! (I have a lot of wrinkles for a 26 year old!) . I love the hydrating and radiant finish that it leaves on my skin after being applied and blended out. This will be a concealer I will always have apart of my collection in the future!
This Maybelline concealer is one of the best, inexpensive drugstore brand concealers I have ever used. I have very visible dark circles and some puffiness and this concealer really does a great job minimising the appearance of both my circles and puffiness. It has a very easy to use sponge tip applicator that dispenses the product evenly. You simply need to turn the dial underneath the sponge tip applicator to dispense the product. It applies easily however I find it much better to blend this concealer with my fingertips or a beauty blender to achieve a natural result and great coverage.  I find it provides full coverage but doesn’t look unnatural or heavy, and most importantly doesn’t settle or crease in my lines and wrinkles. It’s also non drying, which is a bonus as some concealers are very drying and look cakey. I am always very pleased with how much brighter this instantly makes my entire eye area look and makes me look well rested and awake every morning.  I have used some very expensive concealers in the past in order to cover my dark circles, however I am most impressed with this one from Maybelline. I find this one looks most natural yet covers my imperfections pretty well too.  I will definitely be repurchasing this concealer and recommend it to anyone who wants a great concealer at a great price!
Maybelline New York Instant Age Rewind Eye Eraser Concealer is a great and amazing product that for me actually works! I suffer from slightly dark circles from time to time and puffiness in my eyes so some days I need to cover and blend into the rest of my skin- to reverse the ageing affect! It comes in a good range of colours that match most peoples tones. The applicator is unique and delivers the product with a oversized round sponge- top- you twist the product up and it dispenses it into the sponge. The unique, oversize rounded sponge-top applicator is tricky, because once you've twisted the product up so it can be dispensed onto the sponge, it's difficult to tell exactly how much concealer is being applied—and with a product this concentrated, you don't need a lot before it starts looking too heavy. That said, it's easy to buff and use small amounts quickly. I like how this is easy to blend, covers my dark circles and dries to a semi-matte finish. The coverage is very full. The sponge also allows for a buffing effect delivered by the microfibre applicator, so you can buff and blend into the skin quickly before it dries. This formula also provides a good blend of antioxidants and amino acids and vitamin c so a bit of an extra boost to skin care. I also find on my combination oily skin this product lasts all day and I never need to re apply. I dont think this does anything for my puffiness or fine lines though. The down side is I believe that tends to crease into fine lines and dry out the undereye area. At the end of the day I do find that this has sunk into the fine lines a-little bit more so- mainly due to the semi-matte finish. It doesnt bother me too much as my lines are fine- but it is a element. Overall this product does provide a brightening and lightening effect on my dark circles and under eye issues- I think its a really good budget product for those concerned over these things.
I use this concealer on days when I am wearing a minimal or light coverage base. The concealer itself is quite low coverage, and I like it mostly for its brightening quality and it acts as a highlighter to the under eye area. If I am just wearing bb cream and mascara, adding in this product makes me feel more put together. I wouldn't wear this on days where I am wearing medium to full coverage days, as I have other concealers that suit that look better and this wouldn't offer me enough coverage. Those who have dark under eye circles may not find this product very effective and may need to use it in conjunction with other concealers. I use one of the 3 shades in the line, 'Light Pale' which has a bit of a pink undertone and depending on the lighting makes my skin look a bit ashy.But otherwise its a good match for my complexion as I'm quite pale. It doesn't emphasise any lines around my eyes which is great, and is quite creamy so doesn't dry the area out. Because of it's creaminess it can start to settle into the creases undereyes, but you can set it with powder to help combat this or I will just press my fingers under my eyes to blend the creasing out throughout the day. The sponge tip applicator sounds like a great idea, but it's really only good for setting down the product. You twist the top of the tube below the sponge, and it brings the concealer up into the sponge. You cannot blend the concealer out with it, there is always residue product in there so it's just going to keep applying more concealer rather than blend it into the rest of your base. I use a beauty blender or my fingers to blend it in instead. It has got a very feint cosmetic like scent, but I didn't notice it before I wrote this review - when I gave it a good sniff. Overall, it's a pretty decent concealer but I will only use it for those minimal makeup days, it is not one I can use for all purposes unfortunately.
This product is great for light to medium coverage. But I seem to have a lot more cons to this compared to the majority of other reviews. I have tan skin and I wish this came in a wider variety of shades. I definitely cannot use this under my eyes. It makes my under eye area look ashy and even with colour correcting it doesn't cover it up. It works well over the general area of my face. I usually use it to fix up lipstick. It might be the applicator, but the product seems to be used up way quicker than my other concealers - and I use my other ones way more often. I've found better and cheaper concealers on the market.
This product is great for under the eye dark circles! There are many beauty influencers and youtubers who rave about this product and I can definitely see why. It has a sponge tip, which makes application very handy. I love the amount of product it contains as it lasts ages. It's a pretty good concealer for dark pigmentation or scars too. It's very affordable which is always a plus. It did not break me out I do have dry skin so I like to put a fairly moisturising base cream before putting this on in case it flakes, but it's not too drying and I think it can be used on all skin types. Great product and will definitely repurchase.
I saw this product being reviewed by a blogger and felt so intrigued that i went and got myself 2 different shades. A darker shade for contouring, and a lighter shade for highlighting. It works really well! The product is contained within a slim bottle with a sponge applicator on top. Before using, you will have to twist the top to get the product into the sponge, if that makes sense. The formula is more like a thick liquid foundation unlike usual concealer which is thicker and more cakey. I must say despite the slightly runnier consistency compared to usual concealer, its coverage is pretty good. I like the fact that it blends in really well on top of your usual foundation. The formula also feels quite hydrating and doesn't dry out the skin. It does leave a slight shine after application which i like since i prefer a dewy finish. However, if you prefer a matte finish, this is easily fixed with some finishing powder at the end. Using it daily, this concealer lasts me for more than 3 months. I will certainly recommend this product :)
Out of all of my concealers in my makeup collection I find myself reaching for the same maybelline age rewind almost on a daily basis. This concealer was made specifically for targeting undereye circles and so this separates it from a lot of other ones. The product itself is very lightweight and so is perfect for layering on top of foundation or B.B.//C.C creams without looking excessively cakey- in fact it does just the opposite of that. It somehow provides a decent amount of coverage whilst still looking like "your" skin. I use this concealer in the shade 'brightening" and place around 2 clicks of it using the sponge tip applicator under my eyes, on the center of my forehead, on the bridge of my nose, Cupid's bow and my chin - typically places where light is captured on our faces. I then use a damp beauty blender to blend it out and then set it with a regular pressed powder. The sponge top applicator is great as it ensures that there is no excessive pulling on the delicate skin around your eyes. The wear of this product is really nice as it tends not to crease too much throughout the day if set properly and does not look oily - a feat by any means with my oily prone skin.only cons I can think of for it is probably the fact that I find the shades to be quite pinky toned, but it's not something that's put me off from it all together. Additionally,  the price of this product is quite high or a drug store brand but I absolutely love it and have repurchased it for full price before due to not being about to live without it despite stores such as Priceline and Chemist Warehouse constantly having 40% off sales on their cosmetics. So, if you're looking for a really great drugstore concealer that can be layered and used for both everyday wear and glam I would definitely recfomend picking up this little gem! Truly would be lost without it and am glad I gave into all the hype surrounding it as it is certainly worth it!!
Goodbye dark circles and under-eye bags! As a mum of a young child, I find this to be one of THE most essential products in my makeup kit. Gone are the days where I could spend an hour applying makeup every life has been replaced with interrupted sleep, vomit-soaked clothes, and the ability to get ready in 10 minutes or less. This concealer is an absolute must for me every day and it is probably the best concealer I have ever used. It is perfectly light, goes on so smooth, and does wonders for hiding my "yes I have a small child and no I haven't had more than 4hrs continous sleep for months" eyes.  Just some moisturiser, a dab of this concealer, some mascara, and I'm out the door faster than you can say  "baby poop" :) Such an amazing product for such a great price.