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Maybelline New York Lash Sensational Luscious Mascara

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Maybelline New York Lash Sensational Luscious Mascara is a volumising mascara enriched with a blend of rose fruit, safflower seed and argan oils to lengthen and plump lashes while leaving them nourished from root to tip.


Maybelline New York Lash Sensational Luscious Mascara


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This product has both pros and cons. It is quite wet to apply and I found that it had a tendency to clump, but on the other hand it provides great length and volume. The brush works well and I found that the mascara didn't flake or transfer. I normally use one mascara to lengthen my lashes and a second to add volume, and I found that this mascara worked best after I had used a lengthening mascara first. Despite its flaws, I found that this mascara really added impact, so I will definitely consider repurchasing it (although I think there are other Maybelline mascaras out there that might suit the average person better).
I received this mascara free with a magazine that I brought and boy, did I score! This mascara is excellent. It doesn’t clump, run or get flaky. It stays on all day and keeps a curl. When I first opened it, I thought the brush looked alot like a drill bit, but it did the job well even though I was in a rush when applying it. The only slight negative that I could say about this mascara is because of the staying power, it took me two goes with a foaming cleanser to get it off. I had to double check that it wasn’t a waterproof one that I had, but it wasn’t. I would recommend this mascara to someone that wants their mascara to stay put all day, maybe someone that finds that their mascara transfers a lot.
I am struggling a bit to write this review, because this mascara had good sides but negatives might outweigh them. To start with, it really gave me full and luscious lashes. After only one coat, my lashes were pitch black dark and long and so much fuller. BUT This mascara is so sticky and wet, at first I gave it couple of minutes to dry, but it never does. So this meant that I had to always check how smudged my eyelids were. And the second bad thing is that it leaves lashes too clumpy, so I don't think that this wand is the best. Only after purchasing additional lash primer and then applying mascara on top of, was I able to use this product.
This mascara does deliver the things mentioned. After applying, it does lengthen and curls my lashes with volume. The shape of the applicator and the size of the bristles can reach out to every single lash. The quality of the product is good for the price. However, it is a little hard to remove so I highly recommend to use oil based remover/ cleanser for a thorough clean.
This mascara's thick, very black formula lengthens and curls lashes well. The many thin bristles on the brush separate lashes so you don't end up with clumps. It's also fairly build-able so you can go as dramatic as you want. As someone with very straight eyelashes, after using a curler followed by this mascara, my lashes hold their curl for as long as I've ever worn it! The only thing I dislike about the product is that it is very difficult to get off completely, and when using make-up remover it comes off in little flakes which stick to my face. I found using coconut oil is the only thing that completely removed the product. Affordable.
This is the best value for money mascara I've tried. This does everything. It lengthens, volumizes and just makes my eyes pop! The colour is super black and the formula feels very wet when applied but it sure adds drama to my little lashes. The combs on the brush reach all the lashes, even the tiny corner ones and adds length and volume. It doesn't flake and stays put for hours. I consider myself a bit of a mascara aficionado and i've tried high end and pharmacy brand and this sits right up there in my top 5. The only con i can find with it is it takes a little effort to remove (even with makeup remover/wipes) and takes a little time to dry but other than that this mascara is perfection.
I love maybelline mascaras and am a long time fan of maybelline great lash. i picked this up at priceline to try and loved the results. I love that this mascara is infused with oils to leave my lashes nourished and i found because of these oils the product did not dry out as quick as others and delivered a luxurious finish. My lashes looked long and lush and I loved the brush as it separated lashes really well. This was a great volumising mascara that did a great job considering the price, it does not go gluggy and does not flake which is lovely, it has a slight sheen which i loved and is a really dark  black for a dramatic effect and it coats beautifully and dries well. There was no irritation and it feels light to wear. A great product I would recommend and will buy again
Another mascara from Maybelline, I bought this one on my latest trip to Priceline. I am on a constant quest to find the best mascara that does what it promises at a realistic price. Some of Maybellines mascara 's have cult followings and they are leaders in the mascara stakes. I immediately liked the matt black and metallic pink tube it looks on trend, is a great shape and is very tactical.  This mascara promises Luscious waterproof lashes giving a full fan effect.The brush is the secret here as it applies the product and decides where the product is distributed. This brush is firm with loads of tiny spikes to guide your lashes and ensure a generous covering of product .The product itself is a lovely dark black with a shine to it. It coated my lashes beautifully and kept them seperate and glug free.  I liked the look but found the product took quite a while to dry and that bothers me as I blinked and it left splodges. The actual scent was also irritating a real chemical smell which did dissipate but wasn't pleasant while applying. The mascara overall, stayed on all day till I removed it with specific waterproof make up remover.  There were no irritation issues for my sensitive eyes and I thought it was a good mascara for the price.  I will however continue on my perfect mascara quest.
This mascara does everything it promises, it does create beautiful luscious lashes and provides the full fan effect. However, only one one condition.... that we take the excess product from the wand. Otherwise we are going to end up with one, if lucky two eyelashes per eye. I like the matte black packaging with metallic pale pink writings. The silicone type, tear shaped brush looks like it is made of rows of tiny combs. It works well, but only when we wipe some of the product away. There is something unfortunate with the packaging as it really picks up a lot of product, and if we don't get rid of it the results will be far from desired. But when we do, this mascara works extremely well, it elongates the lashes, adds volume, it has a beautiful really black colour, it is long lasting, doesn't flake off. Really, but for this unfortunate product distribution this would be a great mascara. It does require a bit of time to be removed. I would recommend this product for those who are patient and have a lot of time when applying make up and do not mind the waste ( we do have to wipe quite a lot of the product before the brush works like a dream).