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Maybelline New York Lemonade Craze Eyeshadow Palette

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Maybelline New York Lemonade Craze Eyeshadow Palette is a 12-shade eyeshadow palette that contains a mix of pink, peach, neutral, yellow and gold hues in matte and shimmer finishes. The eyeshadows are highly pigmented and citrus scented.

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Maybelline New York Lemonade Craze Eyeshadow Palette


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faviourte palette

I brought this product when I saw there it was on sale for an incredible price at the local chemist , this was around the time of my end of year dance recital when I needed practically bright colors and this product defiantly didn't disappoint. I still use it to this day when I'm mucking around with bright colors after seeing influences on my tiktok for you page doing big looks. Even after getting the James Charles pallet for Christmas. I still came back to the lemonade craze pallet. The only thing I wished was that there were some more colors like a few oranges and reds the packaging is amazing and even gives you a few looks to try out with the palette. I have tried a lot of eyeshadows in my dance career and they have a lot of fall out and dont stay on as long as i need them to but this product is the complete opposite
This palette is everything you eill need this summer. It wears well during the day, even if the weather gets a little warm! The palette mixes both matt and shimmer, so you have a highlighting palate, cheek and eye palette in one! the palette is extremely compact, perfect to throw in your bag and you are ready to go. The shadows are quite small in size. You would be best, like any palette, to use your own brushes, as the ones included are very standard.. At the end of the day, for the price and the number of shades on offer,it is good value for money. No mirror, but you can always used the bathrooms or your car mirror to apply!
I'm in love with the Lemonade Craze Eyeshadow Palette. This palette has all my favourite colours and I'm able to create different eye looks without spending too much time. Some colours are more pigmented than others in the palette but the quality of powder is amazing. Very fine, smooth and extremely blendable.
I don't even know where to start with this review... This palette is simply fantastic!! The tones are amazing and they blend perfectly to give a chic look. For someone with green eyes like me, the Ice Pop will make your eye color pop and the sparkly shades will finish up your make up with glam! Buy it, you won't regret it!
I’m am in love with this palette the colours are super gorgeous they are a little bit light but that doesn’t bother me this is my first palette from Maybelline and I’m super shook how gorgeous the shades are very nice shades that would suit any skin tone super pigmented and very versatile I am a big fan of this palette way too go also filmed a look on my YouTube channel under georgia jenkinson.
Well,well,well....FINALLY a palette that comes from a chain store that i actually got excited for. This is a palette that i can honestly say, is amazing for the sheer colour variants that it holds,and the colour payoff it gave. I gave this a roadtest during a recent holiday to The Whitsundays,and it felt like my look was as tropical as i felt...all glowy pink, peach, yellow and gold,with a touch of (faux) tan highlighting shimmer (but offset by the beautiful mattes in here),this was a summer makeup dream come true...but how did it wear ? Well,as it was 40+ degrees and humid as a sauna,it coped not to bad really (lasted a few hours,and that was with sunscreen to deal with as well),and the colour payoff was quite good (not great mind you,but with a primer,i have hopes for this). Now for the colours.With a healthy mix of both matte (my preferred) and shimmers (not so much,but for a summery look,i will allow it),this palette is easy to get a pretty,sunset eye look with ("Coral Punch","Lemonade Craze" and "Pink Lemonade" make a gorgeous combo),and the centre four hues make for some stunning browbone accents,BUT,they don't last the day,the shimmers have some fallout issues,and the mattes CAN be a little "chalky"  in texture...making blending a challenge,BUT with the hues available,it still makes for a "not too bad" collection to try out the whole "brighter pop shades with a neutral or two thrown in" trend before you go get an exxy version.The compact is very much just that...compact,so this is perfect to throw in your bag / luggage to travel with,but a big letdown is the size of the shadows...they are TINY,making using a brush really quite hard without mixing other shades in by accident.I suggest using a stiffer,more tapered brush to apply to avoid this,and to get a little more pigment up.Lastly,what about the scent ?...hmmm,not really noticeable (not like the Too Faced palettes),but if you reeeeally get close,a faint hint of lemon is detectable,so worry not about smelling like an old fashioned lemonade stall,and it only lasts a second. All in all,for the price (under $30,but often under $20),and the number of shades on offer (12),this isn't a bad option if playing with colous is something you want to explore,and a gorgeous looking palette (this is not...rather a cheap,flimsy plastic thing with no mirror or brush) isn't high on your list of  "must haves". TIP:Try some of the shades as a blush ("Icepop" and "Coral Punch"),highlighter ("Main Squeeze" or "Citrus") and a lip colour (oh "Icepop",i'm looking at you).
Love the colour Palette, my favourite defo is icepop and old-fashioned... lemonade craze says it all, warm summery colours, good pigmentation worth the price tag... blends in well , using your finger to apply it works better especially for the metalic colours. Mainsqueeze makes a good highlighter too. Very cute. I would recommend the product , something nice without breaking the bank.
This palette was okay. It was definitely one of the best drugstore eyeshadow products I have tried. I loved the range of colours, and the shimmery colours were really great. However, I found the matte colours to be quite chalky and they lacked pigmentation. I also found that I had quite a lot of fallout for both the shimmers and the mattes. It also looks like there is not much product in the pan. I would recommend it if you are looking for an affordable palette that has bright summery colours.
This is one of the most beautiful palettes I’ve seen available in a “drugstore” in Australia. The colours are both bold and classic –there’s great variety. Some shades in particular are very well pigmented but like other reviewers I found the mattes and some of the lighter shades to come out chalkier or with less difference between colours once applied – the only reason I’m deducting a star. However you can mitigate this to an extent with an eyeshadow primer underneath. Overall I think it’s an excellent option that caters for a variety of looks and occasions. The size is great, the colours are wearable and the price point is just right. 
The colours in this palette are gorgeous and very striking - great summer combos! The shades blended together really nicely and the shadows have a really great pigment that stayed on during a night out. I found that the shimmers didn't show up as well. The packaging is very lightweight with no mirror and felt a little cheap however would be a great travel companion. I would recommend this product!
A lovely palette! I loved the shades as there was a mix of matte and shimmery summery colours. The pigmentation was good and I found it easy to blend. The size of the palette was a little small but it makes it easy to be able to carry with you or when you travel. I would definitely recommend this palette and would buy it again.
This pallette is excellent!! The colours are bright & vibrant which is excellent for summer! They are highly pigments and go on easily! The eyeshadow blens perfectly to create a beautiful end product & the shimmer colours are beautiful!  Would definitely recommend this product & would definitely repurchase this! It is a great eyeshadow pallette
This product provided a pretty range of colours as well as neutral tones. There were shimmer and matte shades. There is a slight citrus smell if you bring the palette to your nose which was quite nice. Unfortunately, it didn’t quite reach my expectations in regards to pigment and the palette itself looks as though there is limited product.
Super cute palette, really loved the bright colours. I found the lighter colours needed a few coats applied for the shade to apply to my skin. The sparkly shades spice up the options of styles you can create with this one palette, making it very versatile. Makes a great addition to your makeup essentials
For a drugstore palette sold in Australia.. in particular Priceline, this is bomb. It's so rare to see such a range of colours at the drugstore that this palette is refreshing! The shimmers were my favourite and paired with a good base, last all day. Some of the matte colours aren't as vibrant/pigmented, I still would buy this palette cause when paired with a good base you can really make the colours pop. This palette has versatility from everyday wear to a night time look and being so compact it's perfect to keep in your bag and for travelling. I would 100% recommend this to anyone!
This is a really nice little palette. I like the mix of colours and I found them to be nicely pigmented. The shades were easy to build to increase the colour depth. The mattes applied nicely with a brush but i proffered to apply the shimmers with my finger. The shades citrus and strawberry lemonade are very similar which is a shame, but overall I enjoy the palette.
Because I'm an honest ass chick - I've gotta keep it real. This palette was better than I expected it to be. There are beautiful shadows here and can create so many looks with it. But the shadows werent6as pigmented as I'd hope and it is a bit pricey.
Overall, this is a good palette. There is a good variety of shadows - summery brights and more neutral tones, as well as a shade to help with blending which I really liked. However, not all shadows are highly pigmented as stated - the shade Sugar Coated is the best out of the bunch in terms of pigment. There was no real citrus sent, which I'm grateful for as I'm not really a fan of scented products. If you're looking to dabble in bright colours, this palette is a good one to branch out with. Even as a neutral girl, I can see myself using the bright pink or orange shades with my fave neutral shades for a pop of colour!
This palette is exceptional for everyday natural looks and also to spice things up on the weekend! The shadows are pigmented and don't budge at all! I also loved the packaging of the palette...very compact and easy to fit in any make up bag. I would definitely recommend this to people with various skin tones as the colors are very versatile.
I must admit, I was very hesitant when I received thisproduct. I am very loyal to a high end brand when it comes to the eyeshadow. I reallywas pleasantly surprised, the colour options were amazing and really workedwell together, very pigmented and lasted all day. The colour palette is very ontrend at the moment and I feel like it’s something that I will continue to use everyday in the future. A girl can never have too many eyeshadows and this palettehas such a lovely variety of colours that I can take from day to night veryeasily.