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Maybelline New York Master Camo Colour-Correcting Pens

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Maybelline New York Master Camo Colour-Correcting Pens are skin tone-perfecting pens that even out and brighten the skin, while concealing imperfections. The pen is available in five colour correcting shades: green to reduce redness, yellow to brighten and combat dullness, blue to reduce sallowness in lighter skin tones, apricot to combat dark circles in light to medium skin tones, and red to tackle dark circles for those with darker skin. Apply to targeted areas before foundation and concealer.

Available in five shades.


Maybelline New York Master Camo Colour-Correcting Pens


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Maybelline has a wonderful range of Master Camo Colour Correcting Pens to address a range of skin problems. Having Rosacea I was keen to try out the green pen which is used to combat redness and I have found that it is very effective with little application required. To use simply twist the bottom of the pen until the product is visible on the sponge, this could take quite a few twists so don’t think the product is faulty. Then apply by tapping the tip applicator onto the area required and blend in gently. You can then apply your concealer or foundation on top.  I found that it blends in quite evenly and smoothly and doesn’t feel heavy under your foundation. I have also used the pink pen which makes a great highlighter and a healthy glow which lasts all day long. Please note this is better used for lighter skin tones, otherwise use the yellow pen. In addition there are a number of other colours, a blue pen to neutralise sallowness and ones to neutralise dark circles (apricot pen for lighter skin tones and red pen for darker skin tones). All in all it is very easy to apply and has a creamy light feel to it. It is very inexpensive and can be purchased from Priceline and even Chemist Warehouse and I have found that you don’t require much product to get the desired effect so it lasts quite awhile. Especially if you suffer from Rosacea like me, I would definitely recommend the green pen as a product to make your beauty routine and life much easier.
I was really looking forward to trying these camo colour correcting pens as I love maybelline products and these pens sounded so interesting. Straight away I can say I loved the green, it removed all traces of redness and evened out my skin tone beautifully, great under my foundation for a flawless finish. really simple to use, though it took a little bit of blending, the pens are not thick or cakey and are really high quality. Simply twist and apply with the applicator, be patient when twisting as it takes a moment. I blended this with my fingers but a sponge works well too, the pigment is a little heavy and you must be sure to blend well for a great result. The packaging is quite nice, not luxe but modern and simple and the product lasts really well. Overall quite a good result and I would recommend this product
Love Love Love! Out of all the shades, my favourite correcting pen would be the green shade.  I get alot of redness around my cheeks, it really covered the redness and sat so perfectly underneath my foundation, blended very well.  Maybelline’s correcting pens are very easy to open and easy to apply. Would definitely purchase again.
After receiving these pens in the mail, I couldn't wait to see how the different colours would work on my skin tone/address my problem areas. I found each correcter pen really easy to use and apply. I particularly loved the green pen, which covered the redness from my rosacea on my cheeks beautifully. The red pen, probably wasn't the best for my skin, as I am quite fair and it comes up quite dark. Overall, I will definitely re-purchase!
I was really excited to try the these, and they didn’t disappoint! The best colour out of them all for me was the green, it really helped with some of my redness.  The consistency of the product itself is fairly thick, so it does take a bit of blending to get right. The pens themselves take a bit of time to get going, it takes a lot of twists to get the product out. They’re also quite pigmented, so you need a fairness bit of foundation to cover.  Overall though, this is a useable, affordable product that’s fun to play around with, and I’ll definitely keep using mine in the future! 
I am very excited to try these corrector pens from Maybeline, so far I like them very much, it covers really well for my redness around my nose, it ‘s a bit thick when it comes out but you can blend it with your beauty bender which I prefer than the applicator. I would buy it again if it ran out and I would recommend for everyone have medium skin tone.
I had a bad experience with colour correctors in the past so was keen to see if this would change my opinion. It took me a bit to get the right amount and to blend it well but when I did I was sold. I used the green the most out of the colours as I have troubles with some red patches on my face. It's super easy to use and I can see myself buying this again.
Was excited to trial maybelline New York  master camo pens but I’m not a fan.  •Yellow- like it as a highlighter and it’s a good colour lift. Really nice and definitely my favourite out of the set. •Green and the •Blue/purple- chalky colour I had difficulty covering and would need a pretty solid foundation on top.  •Apricot- too dark a pigment, did not combat my dark circles at all. •Red- way to dark for my skin but love the colour as a lip stain under gloss. Easy to blend love the applicator on the pen. Took a whole lot of turns to get the product to come out actually thought mine might be broken at the start but once it got going it was very easy to use.  Love the packaging very modern and practical. Slight tacky feeling to the product. Probably a hit and miss for this product. Would prefer if the containers were see through so I could see how much product it goes through each application. 
I have one word for these pens - SENSATIONAL!  Maybelline New York Master Camo Colour-Correcting Pens are an incredibly easy application tool that was a simple one-step addition to my makeup routine and will definitely be staying for the long haul!  What you need to know?  1.  The concealer glides on easily and only requires a small amount so no wastage - I expect these to last for a reasonable amount of time  2.  The foam tip is a definite winner in my eyes as it blended in beautifully.  It also saved me the trouble of having to add a concealer brush to my collection or using my finger to massage in which of course leads to smudges on clothing (my signature look in these instances usually). 3. Most importantly, the concealer wasn't visible underneath my foundation and didn't make application of it difficult.  It simply boosted my look overall - I was one happy lady!  4. In terms of practicality, the pens were an easy addition to my makeup bag - they didn't take up much space and even better, they felt comfortable in my hand during application  All in all I was super impressed with this product and would recommend it for the ladies out there looking to cover up those circles or red pigmentation spots - they will brighten up your look and have you glowing!  *Please note:  I have been part of the Beauty Crew Review group for this product, but my thoughts are my own and an honest reflection of my awesome experience. 
The concept of these products is fantastic - using different colours like filters for different problems. However the execution was poor. The concealer was much too thick to enable the product to be effectively blended. Some of the correctors are much to pigmented to ever be invisible under makeup let alone create a flawless complexion. Given that to achieve the desired complexion results you would need to purchase a minimum of 3 pens, I would recommend just buying a good quality concealer that can achieve everything and more these pens can.
When i got selected to trial Maybelline's mastercamo colour correcting pens i was so excited!The biggest problem i frequently face are my dark circles that ive fought endlessly to eradicate. Ive tried many other similar products, concealers, baking techniques and creams to combat this problem but I'm always in the market to try new things and find something that works even better than my current regime. Enter the apricot mastercamo pen! I'm very fair with pink undertones so i was hopeful that the apricot would tame my circles. I also have slight redness and acne spots at the moment so i was also keen to try the green pen which is designed to combat redness. The other pens included a red for darker skin tones and dark circles, yellow for dullness and blue for sallowness. Any complexion issue, Maybelline has you covered. The pens are very clearly labelled for what they are designed to be used for but being a solid colour corresponding to the product inside, you are not able to see how much product is used inside. The first time i used these, i followed the instructions which said to turn the end until product appears in a certain amount of clicks- 10 or 20 i think from memory- and i found i needed to turn it more than advised and when product did appear, it gushed out. A little of this stuff goes a long way so i did have a decent bit of product wastage. I found the in built applicator soft but somewhat difficult to use in spreading the product and blending well so i found myself reaching for my beauty blender to diffuse the product. After a lot of blending, i found that i could still see the product under my makeup and so i had to apply more foundation than normal over the top. The results did last quite well after i set it. Im not sure if Maybelline are intending to sell these as a kit of 5 for $17.95 or just individually (which would seem a bit expensive based on these factors) but as i don't have any of the other complexion concerns, i wouldn't like to buy all 5 unless i was a professional make up artist and would get full use from all 5. Overall, I've had better and worse but i look forward to playing with these some more and hopefully getting better at applying them over time.
These pens were super easy to use. I gravitated towards the yellow and green pens as they suited my skin tone better (light to medium). However, the twist pens do waste a lot of product as they are super pigmented products. In order for it to look natural I used my finger or beauty blender to blend the product in. A little definitely goes a long way!
I was excited to trial the suite of colour correcting pens as I have often looked at similar products with curiosity. I have some redness and scarring from teenage acne, and have occasional dark circles under my eyes. I found the product easy to apply as the cushion applicator made this a breeze...blending the product into my foundation however was not so easy. I found that the colour of the colour correcting pens (green/red/yellow) showed through my concealer and foundation no matter how much I attempted to blend the product. If you are a fan of thick, cream, full coverage concealer and foundations this product may be perfect for you! However if you prefer a lighter coverage foundation, perhaps this is not the product for you.
I have never really used colour correction sticks or palettes before so I was actually excited to try these correcting pens. I first started with the peach colour to correct my dark circles, however I found that this colour was too much for me as it was showing through my foundation and concealer. I tried again, this time blending even more but I still feel like it was too much for my skin. So I moved to the yellow pen for dark circles - this one was much better! It lightened up my under eyes and wasn't as noticeable as my concealers and foundations blended well with this colour.  I used the green pens a little around the mouth area for redness and uneven skin tones. Again, you really need to blend this!! It was actually too light after I applied foundation. I don't have a lot of redness though so this could have been why. I didn't use the red as it wasn't applicable for me.The blueI tried a few times around my cheek/nose area for sallowness but I could't notice a difference. Overall, my pick would be the yellow corrector pen! It's worth a try. I love the applicator! It's the perfect shape to get into the corners of the eyes. I will continue to use it. And less is more! So this should last for a while.
I was t expecting much from these corrector pens but was pleasantly surprised. The pens were easy to use and the formula was nice and creamy. I found that the applicator was okay for applying the product to my face but it didn’t do much for actually blending the product so I found that my fingers worked best when blending the product. This product worked well to hide redness and circles around my eyes and I really liked the brightness the yellow pen gave me. It made my eye area look quite smooth and youthful and looked great. I wore the product under full coverage foundation and worked great but I’m not sure how it’s go wearing under a light foundation or powder as the colours can be quite dark.  The packaging was quite average and I found it difficult removing the plastic wrap from the product before use.  All-in-all, this is a great product if you cannot afford one of the high end corrector products.
I really liked the consistency of this product. The formula blends well and is so easy to smooth out when using a buffing brush after the pen applicator. Unfortunately because I am quite fair-skinned, many of the colours were a little too bold and pigmented for me, and showed up underneath my light foundation. When I tried them with a heavier foundation, the under colours weren't so noticeable but I don't want to have to wear full coverage foundation every day. My more tanned friend also tried the products and found the colours better suited to her skin type, especially the orange for her dark circles, which had been way too dark for me.  My favourite was the green, which did a great job of hiding red post-acne scarring and redness around my nose. Great product if you have the right skin colour. 
I received as part of the Review Crew and I was super surprised with these colour correcting pens! They are really pigmented and I quite like the twist pen/cushion tip design. The green is my favourite, I apply it on red spots under foundation and it works so well. The yellow is really good at hiding dark circles, and can even be used without foundation over the top. They are creamy in consistency and as they are so pigmented, you don't need much at all. I haven't played with colour correction pens before so I had a lot of fun trying them all out, and would definitely re-purchase the green/yellow.
I have never used colour correctors before, so I was excited and nervous to try the Maybelline pens.  Overal my favourite and most used are the green, as I have a lot of redness in my skin - both from acne scarring and general redness, and the apricot as I have under eye circles that are genetic and therefore nothing I can do to remove them!   I like the applicator, although found with smaller spots I needed to apply a tiny bit and blend out.  The applicator worked well under the eye, once I worked out the idea number of 'twists' I needed to do to get the right amount of product.  The apricot worked better than anything I have used before to counteract my dark circles.  My foundation sat well on top, I just needed to be a bit more careful to ensure the colour was covered, which was fairly easy.  The apricot and green pens make it a lot easier to have a flawless base. The blue and yellow were good for brightening different areas, and work quite differently to trying to brighten the face after foundation with highlighter etc.  I didn't use these colours as much as I was focussing on correcting my stand out problems (redness and dark circles). Overall I really liked the pens and will repurchase. They are great value and allow you to buy just the ones you need, rather than a whole colour correcting pallette.
I was very keen to try out these colour correcting pens, especially as they were from such an affordable brand such as Maybelline. Overall, I enjoyed using these pens and I did think they each served there purpose well. But the best thing about these colour correcting pens were that they were so easy to use! I found the click stick much easier to use than other colour correcting products I've used before- which tend to be drier cream-concealer type products in pots. I found the pigmentation of the products just perfect- enough so that it performed its purpose (i.e. green to disguise redness) while not being too pigmented so you could still place a concealer/foundation over the top and not see the colour underneath. I found the pens blended very easily. However, I do have quite dry skin and I found that when using the product (the apricot colour for dark circles) under my eyes, that the product was a little patchy and harder to blend out. Although, I found the products much easier to work with when blended out on my face with a nice, moisturised base underneath. I would also recommend using a sponge as I found this helped the bendability of this particular product. Also, starting with less product rather than more so that you do not deposit too much colour onto the skin. I also would recommend this product to those who wear slightly more makeup and prefer more of a medium to full coverage. As this product is quite a bright colour you need a fair amount of concealer/foundation to hide the initial colour you place down. Thus, if you wear very light makeup it can  look quite unnatural say to have a low coverage base and then a ton of product underneath the eye were you have placed multiple layers of product. I mainly use this product when I'm going out at night as that is when I want my makeup to look more flawless. Lastly, I also find this product wears well and lasts on the skin throughout the day.
I was wrapt to see I got to try all of the colour correcting pens even though I didn’t need them. The pens definitely took way more than 20 clicks to get started but once the product came out it came out heaps which I ended up finding a little bit hard to blend in well and then our foundation over the top. The colour was quite prominent, maybe I just need to learn to blend better. I definitely would try these products again though, it was super handy having them in little easy to go pens with a brush on the end for quick fixes.